A crux to any man who wants pussy is his logistics in getting said pussy. Ideally for a player to gather and slay as much pussy as he can, he should remain single, have a job that doesn’t take too much of his time and energy, yet gives him enough finances to go out often, as often as his sexual libido dictates – I’m a firm believer that a man needs to follow his libido, going out when you’re sexual urges are waning to the verge of uninterest, going out is probably not a good idea – unless you’re learning game, and in the throes of building up your lay count to get more experience, it’s best to do something else when you’re in a low libido phase – the player should also have his own place, preferably with out roommates (its a bonus if you have lots of room, or your roommates can boost your social value, otherwise it can often be bad logistics), he should also be close enough to a downtown environment, or a main street with bars frequented by girls often, so needing to cab it, drive it, or any other logistical obstacle can interfere with your quick poon gathering.

Bad logistics is the perfect excuse for men who don’t want to put in the hard work it can take to bang women, bad logistics, and starting off your night, or if your basic life is a setting of bad logistics where you know you can’t just bring a girl over any night of the week to your own place can plant an insidious destructive seed in your vibe and subconscious. You don’t want to be stumbling at the end of the night trying to figure out how you’re gonna get her home, or where you’re gonna bang her. You need to have that in your mind before you go out, yet remain flexible enough to go where you need to go in order to get the bang.

I’ve seen perfectly good men who could pick up a plethora of pussy not pull women because of a bad logistical set up with his life, things have to go a certain way, she has to be willing to be talked into going to her place, hoping she doesn’t have roommates. hoping you didn’t spend all your cash on drinks that you can’t afford a cab ride to either place, of being in a relationship and having only one night you can go out to bang a girl.

Now obviously all of these can be worked around, but for the tightest game possible, you should maximise your lifestyle to fit with pussy getting, and remove all the major and constant logistical issues as possible. It’s bad enough to have to deal with women’s poor behaviours and dealing with your own game, to throw in the added weaseling maneuvers of when, where, and how you are going to get her alone. Of course, if you are a wise master, you can always just do it in the bathroom or the alley.

3 thoughts on “Logistics…

  1. Why should your libido have anything to do with going out? Is the only reason you go out is to meet chicks? i go out just to have a good time. Meeting some bar skank is usually not on my mind, that part can take care of itself without much effort.

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