Chipping Away

My friend once called long game chipping away at the stone. He was an accomplished ladies man, and one of his tricks of the trade that he told me was that you need to chip away at girls – the theory of this was that you keep giving subtle hints of sexual interest, and show a little bit of awesomeness to her and but don’t over stay your welcome with her. It was kind of a long drawn out push and pull technique. It worked wonders for him, and even with myself it worked quite a bit. Of course there are a couple things needed for this to work. You need fairly consistent causal face time with these girls, and you need to have a fairly big pool of talent to consistently dole out this game strategy. These girls that you are chipping away at, need to be around you in your life, quite frequently, or else the chipping would need to start all over. For example, say it was at a bar that you frequent, and there were a few hired guns that worked there that you wanted to bang, the trick was to be witty, subtly drop sexual hints, and keep the interaction brief at the beginning in order to build interest and warm her up to you, while increasing the intensity and length of each interaction until you get her alone and whammo, you’ve banged her.

This strategy is a devious and effective deviation to what I think most men try to do, but end up doing it to one specific girl, over a long time. This chipping away strategy works best when you have a running harem or constant supply of pussy – also the pond you are fishing from is full of girls, and replenished often. For example, it is less effective if you say are employing this strategy at work, but you only work with 2 good looking babes and they’re the only ones that have been there for a while. Like any other form of game, it boils down to supply and demand. If the girls are outnumbered by guys by a substantial margin, it isn’t going to be successful. Again, many men make the mistake of running long game when they have no pussy, or have one, and they focus on one girl. It’s still oneitis if you have your sights set on one specific girl. You won’t be able to successfully game one specific girl that you are into or focused on, because, as you should all know by now, you need to be aloof and indifferent to a chick in order to bang her.

Chipping away at the stone requires an aloof indifferent persistence, meaning, you don’t care if it actually happens, but you’re gonna put yourself in a position to take the opportunity if and when it presents itself. Again, only effective if you don’t care if it happens or not. This method can work on hot roommates, work mates, class mates, and social group mates, with the latter depending on whether the girl in question knows if you are in a serious relationship or not. A social group girl that is having the chip away method isn’t going to do anything if she’s in a relationship or you are, so you’re relying on the right timing, a hopeful drunken night out together where she lets her guard down, and allows the effects of the booze to over ride her hamster. This of course gets complicated the more she knows about you and your relationship. The air of mystery is one thing that is inherently crucial for the chip away method to work. If she’s got you figured out, she’s categorized you into friend zone territory, and no amount of game can get you out of it.

I only recommend this tactic if all the criteria above is met. You are getting a good stream of pussy from different girls, you see this girl somewhat regularly but not where she considers you a good friend, she doesn’t know or isn’t sure if you are in a serious relationship, you have good escalation and sexual hint dropping game, and you don’t care if it happens or not. If any of the criteria does not fit, you won’t be able to chip away at her. The way this works is long term push and pull, give her glimpses of your game, and move on to other interesting things, keep seeing her, keep generating interest, until it swells into a flood of tingle juice and she is ready to unleash her teased lust all over your magic wand.

File this into subversive harem building techniques.

One thought on “Chipping Away

  1. Definitely. This is a huge component of successful college game- slow roll the chicks in your classes and around campus, strike when you see them out at the bar.

    The mystery angle can never be emphasized enough. Conversations have to stay somewhat brief, sort of a get your game in real quick and head out, leaving her thinking about the meaning of the small interaction all day until she sees you again. Like a slow drip of your addictive essence.

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