Halloween, A Players Paradise

Halloween used to be the pagan ritual to celebrate the end of the harvest season, it’s new modern day equivalent is to celebrate the end of the slut season. As Halloween draws close, this weekend will be filled with more girls dressed sluttier than a weekend at the playboy mansion. Strip clubs must see a steady decline during Halloween. all you need to do to feast your eyes this weekend on scantily clad fetish like whores is go to a club or a party.

What sucks is when you go to a party and a couple of chicks wear un-slutty costumes, fully covered, wtf is with that?

This weekend is the easiest weekend of the year to get your freak on with girls dressed up like this:

And the best is, they totally embrace this slutty behaviour. it’s like Christmas for sluts – even nice girls get to live out their slut fantasies. It’s the final weekend of the slutty summer they’ve had, where after this final slut night, they’ll gear into nesting vibes, getting a boyfriend and staying in all winter. I would love to have the numbers of chicks having crazy sex on Halloween weekends, I’m confident this is the easiest time to get laid, unless you’re still a beta of course.

Other guys have gone on to give you tips on what type of costume to wear out on Halloween, and yeah I realize this post is probably too late to give advice as slut-o-ween is this weekend, but I’ll give you some any ways.

You’re costume should of course be masculine, many suggest the standard firemen and policemen, those are good, but you’re bound to see a bunch of the same – pick some manly historical figure or movie character, simpler the better. I advise against anything elaborate – – crazy get ups with clunky cardboard or large clumsy add ons might get you numbers, but why do you want numbers on the greatest same night lay weekend of the year? Wear something you can easily bang a chick in. Do not make your costume a logistic issue.

3 thoughts on “Halloween, A Players Paradise

  1. I love halloween. My favorite time of the year. Football, baseball playoffs, cool weather, and sluts dressed like sluts.

    My modus operandi was to always always go with an ornate and over the top masculine or historical manly costume: I was a pirate for 3 years in a row and got laid every time I wore that bad boy. It was unreal.

  2. Halloween is great. And it’s also great when you’re dating a sexy, open minded, giving woman who loves getting dressed up in crazy costumes no matter day of the year it is. Best way of going about that is getting out and meeting more women every day, especially on those days when they’re dressed conservatively. Anyway, good luck enjoying this Halloween. Cheers.

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