The Anti-Game Fallacy And Why It’s Faulty

There has been a lot of criticism of game, spanning from feminists, mangina’s, white knighters, and even men’s rights activists, that all proclaim that game is just teaching men to jump through women’s hoops in order to get them to sleep with them. The argument is that we are ‘selling’ you the reader, an icebox to your arctic igloo. Somehow we’ve convinced you to buy into game by telling you to take the pussy off the pedestal by learning game, and in the process of wanting to get pussy, we’ve placed it onto a higher pedestal, making pussy the end all game to all men everywhere and in doing so, we are jumping through women’s hoops and play by girls rules. This is their argument. It’s easy to make blanket statements on things without properly understanding them, we see this all the time in politics and media, just make a blanket statement without understanding the issue that is being discussed. It’s sadly a very effective strategy, mainly because our day to day lives leaves us little time to dissect everything we see, read, or hear – we simply take somethings at face value. This is one tragic downfall of our society through the breaking of ethics in news reporting, and the get the story that leads mentality that has derived news into a show of circus clowns seeing how many clowns you can fit into a car.

Their argument is faulty for a few very simple truths, and here at The Shift we live in reality, so we’ll point this out to them, not that it will get through their thick skulls enough to do any good.

Simple truth #1: Men want pussy. Most cases we want lots of pussy. We are biologically programmed to do this, mainly to keep the species going, and because nature wants to ensure that species want to keep going, it makes things like sex pleasurable. Show me a man who doesn’t want or enjoy sex, and I’ll show you a man who’s soulless and void of enjoying one of life’s many pleasures, it’s finest pleasure… banging chicks. To me, and the vast majority of men, we spend most of our lives craving pussy and banging as much pussy as possible. Game exists and grows in popularity, not because it hates feminism, but because it adheres to the simple basic fundamental trait that 99% of heterosexual men share, wanting to get pussy, and as efficiently as possible. If you like ice cream a lot, is it jumping through hoops to go to the market and buy some… god man have some self respect, that ice cream should come to you.

Simple truth #2: Women are the gatekeepers to sex. Talk around in circles all you want about this fact, but it’s been the truth since the beginning of time. As a male, you need to insert something into a female in order to have sex and or impregnate the female. Thus by nature, she is the gatekeeper, she makes either the conscious decision, or biological decision to receive your sperm. They make the choices in the dating market, game exists because this is widely accepted as sociologically and biologically as truth, and it’s come up with ways to exploit both the social aspects and biological aspects to make the key go into the slot easier. I’m not sure what people that criticize game are saying here with this argument, should we go back to a time where we just brutally bash girls in the head and drag them into the cave and force them to have sex with us? Very few men in history have been in the position of the chooser of any woman he wants. For the 99% of hetero men, they aren’t the chooser, game switches this around somewhat, to appear to be the chooser, but lets be real, girls are still the chooser. Game teaches you how to be the guy their pussy is choosing. The other reason for this, is that men choose many many many women, it’s not a choice, you throw a hot babe in front of me and I will fuck her if I can. If you are a man, you are not a chooser, you are a fat man at a buffet, game is your plate.

As the chooser, they will always have certain criteria that you need to meet in order to have sex with them. This of course is the true craw in the MRA’s detraction of game, that game teaches you to jump through her hoops, that you’re relying on females to make the rules… but like stated above, they are the chooser, they make the rules – game however, is not jumping through hoops, it’s creating the illusion of her jumping through hoops. The idea of just sitting back and letting women come to you is ridiculous and absurd. To a certain high status rock stars this will be all you need to do maybe, but at some point, even for them, talking to women is still going to be required to fuck them.

Simple truth #3: Wanting something and going after it does not make you it’s slave. This concept has been infused in our society, and it’s based off some deteriorated buddhist philosophy that gets misused all the time, just like karma. Look Karma up, read the actual meaning behind it, and tell me if what you thought it was is actually how Buddhists and Indians used it as. Same thing as this thinking. In fact game is actually very buddhist in this sense. Buddha didn’t mean lose all your desires, that’s impossible, we’re human beings with built in desires from nature, to survive and procreate in our simplest desires. What he was preaching is don’t become attached to the outcomes of these desires, meaning (in game terms) don’t get oneitis, don’t put pussy on a pedestal, lose your outcome dependency, don’t give a fuck. These are all the same basic precepts. But the derivative version is that if you want something you’re a slave to it, it’s just a fallacy that was created in people’s initial fears of misunderstanding what not being attached actually means.

For example, some people read that the game advice of ‘don’t give a fuck’ means hate women, or don’t care about girls at all, just fuck ‘em. This attitude can work, of course, but it’s still a bit of a wrong interpretation, it simply means don’t put any extra meaning into them, don’t put them up on the pedestal, don’t be affected by their behaviour and actions towards you. Don’t give a fuck is just losing your outcome dependency, not, I don’t like women. I love women, I love them a lot, I write a blog about them, I’m infatuated with their bodies, their femininity and fucking them, but one’s rejection of me and ones acceptance of me takes on no bigger reaction than the other. I’m not on cloud nine when I fuck one, and i’m not in the dumpster if one isn’t interested. I don’t care. But I do love women. You see the subtle difference?

Simple truth #4: Seduction is a dance, not hoop jumping. Girls simply are not just turned on too much by you as a man and your presence. She may look over at you and you’re all clean and smelling nice, and she might think your hot, but that’s not seduction Joe. To seduce her you have to pluck her little horny strings in just the right order for her to submit herself to you, and if you sit there and don’t say anything to them, it isn’t gonna have them jumping on your cock. It is not jumping through hoops to fuck girls by running game on them, it is dancing with them in the age old seduction ritual – and girls do the same thing, they hit your chords by being feminine, pretty, sexy, submissive, and flirty, it’s a dance, both sides are doing things. Game teaches you how to maneuver properly, but if you ain’t doing anything but smelling nice and being clean, you aren’t gonna get shit. This fallacy of thinking that game teaches men to jump through hoops is one that actually places females in a false higher regard then they are. It’s an assumption that women have so much power now that to engage them in this act is contributing to their power mongering. No. It’s about fucking them. And I’m sorry, yes our society has been degraded by feminism and it’s become feminized too much, but any man that believes women are actually more powerful or hold more power than men, haven’t slept with very many women recently. Once you know game, you see they’re not very powerful at all.

The intensity of feminism and it’s constant barage of propaganda is because women are insecure and they know they aren’t as powerful as men are and can be. They know if they stop, things will fall back into the natural order, just like that.



5 thoughts on “The Anti-Game Fallacy And Why It’s Faulty

  1. Excellent man. I particularly like, “you are a fat man at a buffet, game is your plate”, though I might say that game is the fork and knife. And I think you’ve put the subtle difference between wanting and needing pretty well.

    Also, I think the thing about Paul’s comment about being clean and ignoring them is very instructive of the divide and semantic difficulties. Being clean, and ignoring them is important, but it’s the first step only, and you have to engage them and start the dance. Notice them briefly, then ignore them, ignore their beauty (as you’ve said before.) They’re nothing special. But you do eventually engage them. Maybe it’s a particular look, or you talk to them. Sometimes they come to you, or at least put themselves in your vicinity because they really WANT to talk to you, even if they’re scared of rejection. So the irony is, this is game of a sort. So Paul is using it, in part at least, even if he doesn’t quite understand it, or calls it something different. Frame. Being a self-respecting man that understands how to navigate and respond with women. We can call it a million different things.

    And this is key: “but one’s rejection of me and ones acceptance of me takes on no bigger reaction than the other. I’m not on cloud nine when I fuck one, and i’m not in the dumpster if one isn’t interested. I don’t care. But I do love women. You see the subtle difference?”

    Right on man.

  2. And here I got back from work ready to add on to the rebuttals today, only to see that you have left nothing more to say.

    You bastard.

    Kidding, excellent stuff.

  3. Female here…

    You’re good. You have us pegged, you know who you are, and that is incredibly sexy!

    Nothing is more exciting to a woman than meeting a man who knows who he is and just what he wants. I’ve enjoyed your writings and will keep you on my favs to read up on your latest lessons to the rest of the men out there.

    So…I have a question. As a selfish heartless, self serving woman, I have lost the tingle for my mate of 25 years and have recently been in contact with a very serious old flame who I had at one time planned on marrying. I didn’t marry him, because he was stuck in a rut, that he wouldn’t pull himself out of, and I didn’t want to stay there with him. He has since been married 3 times and is still with his 3rd wife, but he is calling me regularly, and I’ve got to admit, I can’t stop thinking about him. We are forever connected. I still love him deeply, and even though we haven’t talked through it all, I know that he does too.

    I love my mate, but I love the other as well. I have grown children with my mate, and he has a grown child as well.

    I don’t want to be a home wrecker, but I believe we were truly meant to be together, he is my man, and so is my husband. It’s times like this that I understand polygamy or polyamory. In my heart of hearts I know how hard it would be for my husband and kids, and I also know that neither of us will be truly happy until we are together again. I don’t want to destroy these lives and have resigned myself to simply wait until his wife passes or my husband passes and we will simply just live with memories of what was, and pray that one day we can be together even if just one more time.

    Well self assured Man, What say you?

  4. Excellent fisking Donlak.

    If some men remain unconvinced that Elam and AlekNovy are talking complete crap on the subject of Game, I suggest they go out into the field clean, well dressed, smelling nice and wait for a woman to approach them and then just “be themselves”.


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