Lines Drawn In The Sand? Feedback Tuesday Oct 25 2011

Recently Frost posted this article at his site in response to Paul Elam’s seeming swipe at game, and even the mighty Chateau (Roissy, Heartiste) – read Frost’s post where he asks Elam for an engagement on the topic, a topic I find at least interesting enough to ask my readers what they think.

If you’ve read the articles or not, the issue is this: there are two opposing forces trying to battle feminism, or at the very least, point out how damaging it has been on our society – those two forces are game blogs like this one, and Men’s Rights Issues blogs. Elam’s stance is not new with the MRA crowd, quite often discounting game, for whatever reason, while game bloggers usually appreciate what MRA’s are saying against feminism. But there is a divide, and on the surface it seems like there shouldn’t be, but human’s are complex.

My honest opinion, one group wants pussy and one doesn’t, or doesn’t want to play the game that has gone on since human’s stood upright, in order to get pussy. It would seem they are taking too hard line of a stance, much like feminism, and is only it’s polar opposite, which would do just as much damage as feminism would. Our time can be defined as polarizing.

So I’m asking you, what do you think? Is this battle lines drawn in the sand, where the two groups have to take their stance on, or is there common ground? Will the MRA’s ever accept game? Do you think one side has more of a chance to succeed than the other or do we need to join forces? Do you even care?

I leave it up to you.

7 thoughts on “Lines Drawn In The Sand? Feedback Tuesday Oct 25 2011

  1. A lot of PUA material is hokey bullshit designed to sell a product, so I can see taking issue with guys like that. However, I don’t understand the game hate. Game is a tool to understand and take control of male/female interactions. I read Elam’s article and all I could think was “WTF? Same team, dude.”

  2. Speaking personally, I evolved from loser niceguy, to gentle womanizer, to celibate MGTOW and MRA. On the surface, I don’t think there should be a huge conflict. I do not begrudge any man for wanting to pick up women. Knock yourself out.

    The problem that a lot of MRAs have with PUAs is that 1. many PUAs reward bitchy female behavior in the style of operant conditioning. Which makes them even worse human beings than they already are. 2. There are tons of PUAs who talk about how wonderful Feminism is. 3. You have PUAs actively shaming guys who aren’t getting any. Like how many pussies a man has occupied has anything to do with one’s value as a human being. 4. you have PUAs teaching guys that only “betas” have stuff happen to them like false rape accusations, false domestic violence accusations, sexual harassment charges, and oops pregnancies. Meanwhile, they belittle MRAs for actually trying to do something about these things.

    That’s why MRAs get pissed at PUAs. Paul, specifically, needs to understand that he has a better understanding of women than most men, so he can preach anti-game and it makes sense to him. But it may not to others.

  3. I think the fundamental problem is that most MRAs are bitchy gammas and below, and like a certain Biblical jackass their hand is against everyone, and everyone’s against them. They tend to be extremely butthurt about things… justifiably so, but still butthurt.

    Not a formula for a successful movement, but there ya go.

    That said I have no problem with the above commenter, who seems to be a rare example of a balanced MRA.

  4. For the record, I frequent both variety of blogs and find them to be both useful and illuminating. The feeling I get from MRA’s that denigrate game is that they’re in the midst of trying to rally a massive force, a collective of men who overall see the truth. There is strength in numbers, and it frustrates them that PUAs who they feel know what’s up would rather exploit the truth for themselves to get a nut off instead of joining the MRA army to wipe out the evil scourge of feminism and its outliers.

  5. I think a while back Roosh said something to the effect that MRAs actively seek to change society while the guys with game manipulate it for their own hedonistic gain. Guys who have embraced game and have slept with their fair share of women can see through the hypocrisy of modern feminism and as a result are inclined to agree with the MRAs on a number of issues. I agree with you Donlak that it seems one group wants pussy and the other doesn’t. Game has existed from the beginning of time and it has adapted to the parameters societies have offered. I agree in theory with a lot of things MRAs are saying but to be honest, I prefer blogs like this one because, well, I like fucking girls. While I agree in principle with most things MRAs have to say for the time being I prefer operating in the background and taking advantage of the fruits our fucked up society has to offer to Lotharios. As fucked up as our society may be and as much as I may despise feminism the reality is that guys with game have it pretty good and maybe we need to ask ourselves if we really want all that much to change.

  6. And if commitment is really what a guy is looking for, it’s way easier (and more rewarding) to travel regularly and marry a woman from outside North America or Western Europe. I’ve travelled, lived and worked abroad pretty extensively, specifically in Latin America and the dynamic between men and women is totally different. Sure we could try to change society, link up with the MRAs but at the end of the day how many of us really want to be unhappy martyrs? I know I don’t.

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