The Decline Of Men And Women

Some people that are very influential and of course have all the time in the world to lobby, bitch, whine, moan, and harass our culture, lawyers, governments, media and every other avenue of influence – hate you because they don’t have what you have, or don’t want you to enjoy yourself as a basic human being in either sex you may happen to be born in. In this feminist PC bullshit culture, is championed by unattractive, gender generic, unpopular, impersonal, asperger social skills, and a lot of anger because they can’t get what they want, so they’ll ruin it for everyone, type of people.

What I find funny, is that even in this individualist society, with the break down of mass watched tv shows, or cultural manifestations, due to the popularity of the internet and the freedom to watch what you want, when you want it, and all the seemingly different choices we have at out disposal, that people on a whole are still sheep to societies pressures. Peer pressure works, even though it was taught to you not to give into peer pressure during the war on drugs – they must have known this isn’t going to work, since this is a form of social pressure that has been put on us our whole lives. Society needs the populace to behave in certain ways in order for it to work – but if you really are an individual you won’t actually buy into everything you hear. Hipsters are an example of what I’m saying, they’re ‘counter culture’ apparently due to their retarded musical tastes and bizarre sense of style, yet their social peer pressure is still mainly about pop culture within their own hipster group and are still under the influence of modern pc society. Ever seen the alpha in a hipster group, it’s down right hilarious, usually sporting some chode mustache, walking around with an air of indifference, but all relying on his hipster cred… put him in a situation with a room full of suits and you know his head would implode.

Daimon says:

Can you do a follow up on what characteristics a man requires to be manly and masculine. a general view.

One of the greatest tragedy of this so called modern era is the decline of Man.

Ironically Roosh posted on this today, you can use his post as a good guide, there’s some good stuff in there, but Daimon is right, it is a tragedy what this era has done to men. The fact that putting out a post defining masculine characteristics is even needed, has to be the most tragic and obvious canary in the mine we have. We’re in a heap load of trouble in this world. How do you explain masculinity, really? Recently, the girl I’ve been seeing showed a picture of me she had to a female co-worker, her words were this: “Oh he looks so masculine.” – I was proud, but is it anything about my looks? What about my looks? It’s most likely a contrast to what you see in Vancouver, pretty boys or jersey shore types. Having muscles doesn’t make you masculine in itself.

Did you ever have a really masculine father, uncle, grandfather, or been around someone that was seeping with testosterone? You’re initial childlike feeling was both an uncomfortable and yet at the same time a feeling of being for lack of better words, under this aura’s protection? The guys from my childhood were never the biggest guys, they weren’t small by any means, but never really big – and it’s something that’s perceptible through subconscious communication methods. It’s everything about a man, and why it turns girls on is because they tingle for this dichotomy of feelings… the danger and the protection wrapped into one package. It’s completely different from the vibe and energy that even the most feminist or butchy female gives off. The threat of power and strength and danger does not come from a woman, I’ve never felt afraid around a woman in the traditional sense, because it’s not the vibe they give off, they’re simply not threatening.

Being masculine is all about subtly displaying your power – it’s not puffing out your chest when ever someone’s around, it’s the calm cool in control, emotions mastered, and exuding confidence from your aloof pours. It’s difficult to describe, so many magazines and advice givers want to tell you that it’s all in how you dress, if you can do man things like fix a car, and such, or wear a beard or mustache, or whatever… but it’s really just a grasping at straws. why does a man know how to fix a car? Because it may be something that would benefit him, and would like to be in control of an automobile breaking down or not, not just because that’s what men do. It’s about being in control of your environment, and I can tell you, knowing how to fix a car isn’t going to help you control your environment in a club with hot babes, or a board room of executives. To be masculine means to be in charge, commanding, not barking orders like a retard, but having a commanding presence, rarely deferring to others, and forging your path forward regardless of what you are doing.

What would I suggest a masculine traits that you should have, is being completely confident in who you are, and comfortable about it. Being in command of your life, meaning no one will step into your life and disrespect you or anything that’s in your life. A man who looks for a fight is insecure, and man willing to fight at anytime for a reason, to protect his world, is being masculine. Body posture of being exuding power, even latent power, is essential, it’s how you carry yourself. Confidence isn’t just something you think about, it’s something you need to convey, with out trying. Looking people in the eye, hands out of pockets, head up on a swivel, chest out, cock out.

I saw this fairly hot babe sitting at a table interviewing a job prospect, she was slim, wearing black fuck me pumps, and a tight pants, however, she was leaning forward, and her arms were resting on her wide open legs, like how men sit. It was a distasteful display of projecting try hard masculine like traits, it seemed ridiculous and I couldn’t help laugh at it. She no doubt consciously thinks this makes her more powerful, but it’s ridiculous because of this one reason, and one reason alone. A girl sitting with her legs open is not a powerful stance but a submissive stance, it means fuck my vagina. Her vagina is not in danger of damage due to being exposed. A man who sits with his balls exposed is risking something, it’s why it’s a masculine portrayal of power, it  sub-communicates that as a man, he is not threatened by a person(s) presence, even with his most prized possession exposed. A woman that sits like this just looks wrong, and retarded. It’s like a child trying to mimic you, it’s silly and cute maybe, but unnecessary.

Masculine traits are many, there are so many things I could list, but it comes down to the basics. Not being afraid, not being weak, not being a follower. Do the opposite. Unfortunately this society has done the same to nice well meaning girls as well.

Sandwich says:

Following Daimon’s lead, would it be possible to also explain what characteristics a girl requires to be a feminine girl in an alpha’s eyes?

Again, tragic that someone even has to ask a question like this. It’s much easier for a girl to act feminine, it’s being her natural self. A girl doesn’t need the burden of always being in control and displaying power, in fact that’s the blessing of being a girl, in the presence of an alpha, she is free to live her life in bliss, running through the fields of fantasy that the alpha allows her too. What make her feminine in the alpha’s presence is graciousness at him doing the protecting, and power, and emotional rock. She seeks to return the favor by trying to please a man, sexually and emotionally, since the alpha is making her happy by being in control of every situation, she maintains all the things in this world.

Feminine traits are being sweet, playful, being pretty, meaning wear skirts, heels, take care of your hair, don’t cut your hair short, show appreciation of the alpha you’re with, caring, warm, and tender…. allow yourself to be the fairer of the sex, and allow yourself to live in the world he has provided you safe access to. Swoon over the brief moments of vulnerability, and lust after him constantly. Defer to him, and submit to him, if he’s a worthy alpha, and do whatever makes you feel good to do for him.

Somewhere things got skewed, somewhere along the lines girls lost this natural tendencies to take care of a man, and he taking care of her – with the blurring of genders, feminists and pc’ers thought these differences would occur in both sexes and it would be balanced, but as we can all see, this is not happening, they are merely reversing the polarities of the sexes. Brainless moron’s will take this as me saying a man should demand things from a girl or expect things from a girl, like commanding her to do the dishes, etc. Or they will think I’m telling girls to get in the kitchen. They would be missing the point. What I’m saying is embrace what it is you actually want, and your natural instincts to be male or female will kick in. A man commands power not with verbal abusive dictatorship, but with his presence, just as a female commands attention and affection from her presence – when done right, there’s a balance for both sexes, when done wrong, well, you get what we have in our society today.

10 thoughts on “The Decline Of Men And Women

  1. “A girl sitting with her legs open is not a powerful stance but a submissive stance, it means fuck my vagina.”

    Is this really what men feel when we sit with our legs open? I work with a lot of men and sometimes I do it because I want the guys to think of me as one of them. But your explanation really makes sense and now I feel maybe I was coming across as a cheap slut….?

    How can a girl make other guys think of us as equals? or do you think instead we girls should just act naturally and be more feminine and girlish with the men around us even at work?

  2. Most likely they noticed it, and it came across as unattractive or awkward. Stop trying to be a man, not sure how denying what you are is attaining equality?

  3. I need to thank you, man. I found your blog last year right when I needed it.

    I’ve been with one of the two most feminine people I know for a couple of years now. She is sweet, and kind, and never misbehaves.

    But I know I couldn’t have kept my girl if I hadn’t started following your advice. I’ve always had what you call ‘natural game.’ After a few years, I was frustrated that when her eyes glazed over, it wasn’t out of lust anymore but out of boredom. I was confused. I hadn’t changed from when we met… but that was the problem. I strove for nothing, because I had what I wanted – or so I thought. She missed my ambition, she missed me being independent, and she was afraid she was the only reason I was happy. That was a huge ringing bell of warning in my head.

    Gaming The Feminine Sweetheart – not something that I ever thought I’d have to do, and perhaps the most elevated state of game that exists. It’s not that I was not good enough, it’s just that she saw what I couldn’t, that I am happier when I am ambitious, and happier when I have a semblance of a life apart from her. Supporting me and urging me to be the best version of myself, without causing me grief: THAT is the power of femininity, something most women in Vancouver will never understand.

    These 2 women are gems, but I have a renewed focus on myself as a man, and we are both happier because of it. You are the voice of reason in a lot of today’s confusion. Keep it up.

  4. Chaos, that’s what he have. Humans are so hell bent on fucking with Mother Nature due to the arrogant belief that we as a race are superior to everything else that exists on this planet. Whoever thought of gender role equality is a psychopath. The chaos they’ve brought about is destroying our race. If you have a level of understanding regarding the consequences of equality amongst gender roles then you can see the signs and it won’t be too difficult for you to clearly picture future generations living in a reality not too different from the one depicted in the film “Battle Royale”.

    That’s a long conversation. We’ll have it some other time.

    You are right. It is tragic that we have to talk about the essence of what it means to be a man or woman. If a word more powerful than tragic came to mind I would use it because “tragic” just doesn’t cover it. The fact that we don’t know how to be what we “Are” is crazy, but I guess that’s what it means to be civilised (Blind, deaf & dumb).
    There is no denying that things have changed. Now a days if you want to know what it means to be a “Man” instead of hanging around with your dad, uncles, men from your neighbourhood or even movie action heroes (If things were that bad) in these tragic times you have to spend quality time digging through history or finding like minded individuals on the other side of the world via the internet.

    A man with no purpose is no man at all. That is the understanding that I have come to.

    A man’s character is forged by his experiences on the road to his quest. He is guided by his belief and conviction and deals with anything along the way by consulting his principles. His principles are either passed down as wise wisdom through the generations or are self made. Being masculine is not a cluster of body languages, words, or actions. It’s a being. It’s a state of being you achieve once you take the difficult path of being a “Man”. Taking your destiny into your own hands. Then you become a hunter. A man as nature intended him to be. Look into the fiery eyes of a lion, tiger or eagle in the wild and recognise your equal.
    You could carry on or make the conscious decision to be an “adult male”. A life devoid of purpose, experiences and achievements worthy of recognition. A life blighted by illness, laziness, confusion, lack of self worth, depression, etc. One thing is guaranteed and that is comfort. Your life will be comfortable like your comfortably furnished house. As comfortable as the bed you sleep in to drown your sorrows and kill time (Hunters don’t sleep they rest). As comfortable as the feeling alcohol or whatever gets you off makes you feel, however, you will never be able to escape the horrible feeling that crashes on you like a pile of bricks when you awake back into your reality. You’ll either succumb to depression, surrender or take on the costly habit of drowning out your reality (whatever makes you feel better).

    Your existence is not that of your choosing. It’s a mirror of society (blind, deaf and dumb). Your destiny. You don’t have one. You will go through the motions like millions of others. Doing what you can to make yourself feel better along the way whilst hoping for a miracle, a miracle that even if it came you wouldn’t know what to do with it.
    Look into the dull subdued eyes of a caged lion, tiger or eagle and recognise your equal.

    The beautiful thing is you have a choice. Decide.

    A few interesting links

    (Expect an earthquake. Our ancestors are turning in their grave)

    (What do you know Mother Nature has the answers)

  5. I’ve had some time to reflect on what you said and I’ve decided to start behaving more feminine from now on! I’ve made it my plan to grow out my hair again, I’m wearing skirts more often and no more sitting with my legs open! Now I always make sure I close my legs when I sit down, especially in the presence of men. Being more feminine has made me feel more sexy and attractive too. I think I can now see a different way of working with these masculine men at work. Thank you for your blog, you’re not just teaching other men to be strong men, but also teaching us girls how to behave like proper ladies, for this I’m grateful to you! Thanks <3

  6. excellent article. Looking back during high school I started apologizing for my masculinity – always smiling, being friendly, co-operative, following blindly, pedestalizing girls for no particular reason etc. Reverting back to being normal is a daily task. I’m carefully being self aware and correcting myself whenever I revert to being a submissive castrated man.

    Great advice as always I especially like ‘Feminine traits are being sweet, playful, being pretty, meaning wear skirts, heels, take care of your hair, don’t cut your hair short, show appreciation of the alpha you’re with, caring, warm, and tender…. allow yourself to be the fairer of the sex, and allow yourself to live in the world he has provided you safe access to. Swoon over the brief moments of vulnerability, and lust after him constantly. Defer to him, and submit to him, if he’s a worthy alpha, and do whatever makes you feel good to do for him.’

  7. The consequence of decades of Post-modern thought infused into our culture by philosophers such as Kant, Hume, Heiddegger, Derrida and Faucault, is a so called ‘gender neutral’ society.

    An intention to deconstruct and subvert the male dominate patriarchal paradigm and to spawn its children . . . feminism, multiculturalism and environmentalism.

    Ideas base on victimization and repression. Which no doubt is a part of human history, but as a remedy . . .

    Arguments base on emotion rather that facts and context. Unsustainable ideas that are contrary to human nature and demand coercion for their implementation.

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