Look Behind The Curtain

Most men grow through their lives not giving much thought to attraction of the opposite sex, or more accurately, don’t give much thought as to why girls are attracted to them. Of course they’ll spend heaps of time whining and wallowing in self pity and confusion when they spend time thinking about why a certain girl wasn’t attracted to them, but they simply don’t ever think about what it is that girls are really attracted to, what triggers this attraction, and what is it about men that are attractive to them. Most men walk through life thinking girls are just softer, nicer, sweeter, fairer, versions of us, the other differences are those minor differences like personality quirks that are illustrated countless times in sit coms and rom coms, that girls are crazy and somewhat controlling always living disappointed in us men’s simplistic lives. Growing up in this culture, and being a man that doesn’t stop and think about things, asks himself questions, and doesn’t seek the truth, is caught in this trap of thinking, hey it’s just the way it is, for some mysterious reasons girls are attracted to men, probably has something to do with biology or something because well because it’s supposed to be that way, but women… who can explain them?

This of course leaves men defenseless when going out an looking for girls – the mindset of ‘the right one will come along’ is both naive and foolish. Most of these men don’t choose the women they end up with, if they end up with one at all, they let the woman choose them, by the sheer nature of waiting around wishing it would happen someday… hey some of them even talk to girls, and still wait around for her to send smoke signals or a bright neon sign pointing to her vagina. They miss countless opportunities and then seem to end up with girls that are controlling, or needed to step up and make the moves, and be the leader in the relationship or seduction, ending up with a starting point of a dam full of resentment… only to later down the line have the girl cheat on him, break up with him, leave him for another man, or rape him in a divorce – which of course leads these men back to the same predicament that got them into the mess in the first place. Bewilderment on what makes women tick.

How many times out in your daily lives have you heard this: “Women? Who can understand them, it’s better not to try.” or “just agree with them, it’s easier that way.” – I’m guessing you’ve heard it a lot. They’ll also sometimes say, man has been trying to figure out women for centuries, it’s not gonna happen. However, my faithful readers know otherwise. Women are not some strange elusive magical fairy creature that acts completely without a set pattern of behaviours and biology. They’re actually quite easy to understand, and where you begin to understand them, is by learning why they are attracted to men in the first place. Without this critical knowledge you are left out for cold in the wilderness with no one to hear you scream for help. With this knowledge, you begin to demystify women, and begin to become what it is they want, what they all want, and that is a man, and being masculine.

This culture has blurred the lines of gender so far that people are walking around out there like a bunch of robotic bumping cars, banging into things hoping that something good will come out of it, and are left perplexed when it doesn’t, and lucky when it does. Like everything else in life, you don’t get anywhere relying on luck alone. Embracing gender differences is the only way for both sexes to seek a balance and proper fulfillment, and any feminist that tells you otherwise is herself unsatisfied, resentful, and unable to have meaningful proper interactions with both  her own sex, and the opposite sex. There is no battle between the sexes, the battle is against the pretty little lies that exist about each sex. Smashing through them is imperative unless you want to continue down the path of a series of random events, devoid of your free will and desire and action. Leave it up to the fates if you will, I prefer to have some control over my life, my happiness, and my passions.

Learning game isn’t just about how to pick up chicks, it’s so much more than that.

5 thoughts on “Look Behind The Curtain

  1. Can you do a follow up on what characteristics a man requires to be manly and masculine. a general view.

    One of the greatest tragedy of this so called modern era is the decline of Man.

  2. Following Daimon’s lead, would it be possible to also explain what characteristics a girl requires to be a feminine girl in an alpha’s eyes?

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