State Of The Game

Game. When it’s brought up in the modern lexicon, it conjures up images of PUA’s and seduction guru’s, or of course if your Omega, video games – but in order to stay on course, most socially aware people these days, at least people participating in the dating market will know doubt have heard something about game or read something about it. Like anything else it comes with stigma’s that people on the outside don’t understand – like any other social dynamic or group popularization, the people looking in, who choose not to either understand it and learn it, or to look past the stereotypes and illusions cast upon it by its detractors and morons that assign the misogynist label on anything that doesn’t prop up or gush about our pc and feminist culture – simply misjudge it.

Again, like anything else that’s misunderstood, you could explain it in black in white  to a hater, a non believer, or a layman, and all you get back will be negation, disbelief, accusations and shaming tactics of just man up, and stop being peter pans, etc. I’ve been struggling with this for the past few days, meditating on it (not sitting cross legged and humming type of meditation, but letting it ruminate in my head before it became coherent and I could get as close as one can to an objective truth) – the question for me became, as a writer, there is a part of me that wants to influence, if not change outright, the world into a better place, and I honestly see game as a necessary process, both for men and women; men to practice it, and both to benefit from it. But because I, as a reasonable and logical man, living in reality, cannot delude myself from the fact that a certain portion of society will never understand or listen or even want to do either. And thus comes the friction and dilemma.

Although I get a few messages here and there from gents out there that I’m helping, or have awakened them to the truth, I can’t get past the point that I have come to in this stage of writing here at The Shift, and that is, has Game reached it’s maximum potential as it currently stands? I’m sure I’m not the only one in the manosphere, be it game, or MRA’s, that must feel that everything we’re writing is either repetition, or that we’re only constantly reaching the same audience that has already accepted and taken the red pill, thus, everything written as it would be intended for blue pill poppers, will come off repetitive or redundant to those that already are my audience, and manosphere audience alike. Now, obviously, with feminism, this isn’t a dilemma, because, well because women lavish in regurgitated material that says the same thing over and over again solidifying the lies that their movement has told them. As women, as followers, they’ll lap it up over and over, just like gossip – girls can sit around and tell so called ‘juicy’ tidbits of other people’s lives ad nauseum, and any man listening to it, may get sucked in for a brief moment, but as soon as he realizes this is just some circular rotation, he moves away uninterested. Men forge, women weave.

I don’t want to see the manosphere turn into a large circle jerk for all of us red pill poppers, while the rest of the world marches on into its demise, like lemmings off a cliff. I think there’s valuable lessons in what we are all saying, and important issues that need to see the light of day inside the matrix. At some point, there needs to be a break through into the mainstream, there needs to be something that produces change. Banging chicks is great, and I will never stop writing on my favorite topic, girls, and pussy, and getting pussy, and keeping pussy, just like I doubt that I will stop pointing out ludicrous behaviours in people and most likely will not stop attacking feminism.

This post was originally going to be the greater merits of game, but it’s turned into something else, I write in streamed consciousness and spontaneous prose, so sometimes my posts start out as saying something, but things that are on my mind spew out through my fingers, I cannot change this anymore than I can replace all my blood. I don’t even claim to have the answers, but I wanted to write this post because I thought it would be important. Where do we go from here? If there’s one thing that game has revealed through me, for all my experiences with women, and game, is that you need to adjust constantly, otherwise you risk being redundant. Redundancy to an artist is worse than death.

There is still a lot of people to be reached, still a lot of people who don’t understand what game is, or what its inherent message is, and what importance it has, besides being able to seduce women. And I know, there isn’t a whole lot more to life than banging chicks, but switching a few people over from the matrix at a time, isn’t going to help grow the movements or is it going to gain any validity. Which comes to my greater dilemma.

I love being a dirty little secret. I think game works mainly as being a dirty little secret, because there’s nothing that turns women on more than dirty little secrets. Game and it’s counterculture, like all counterculture’s, really only has a legitimate soul when it hasn’t hit the masses. And yet, again, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it would be nice to reap the financial and extra easy pussy rewards of being accepted into the mainstreams.

Oh the dilemma’s.

10 thoughts on “State Of The Game

  1. Interesting post. This has been a topic of my recent contemplation as well. This is a conversation worth continuing.

    A few thoughts:

    1. Game hasn’t really hit its stride with large groups of people yet. It’s still too politically incorrect in the current social milieu. Perhaps when people get really sick of PC bullshit and begin to seek real, authentic discourse, it may change. This may occur when the economy really tanks in the next few years.

    2. A larger number of people may begin to see & understand the benefits, especially when the science-based philosophical underpinnings are emphasized, along with the practical and pragmatic benefits for both individuals (men and women both), and society as well.

    3. The buy-in of women will never be extremely large, but it may be larger IF we can demonstrate that in some way women benefit from men learning charismatic arts. As of now, most women see the dating game as a combative, zero-sum situation. Meaning, if men are ‘winning’ more, women are losing.

    4.The interaction of feminism is interesting. On one hand, gamesmen ought to be celebrating feminism, because it made the current sociosexual marketplace what it is, i.e., one in which game thrives. On the other hand, feminist-leaning women are concerned with holding onto the ‘gains’ they made in society, and they want to consolidate and increase them, so the feminasties see game as a threat, and come out against it. There will never be a resolution here, for the essential tension between men and women is necessary for seduction, romance, love, and procreation. It’s a predictable irony that feminists often go for the biggest assholes.

    Yet this game vs. feminism dynamic may provide some sort of mass movement one way or the other might catalyse a wider following of men to game. Combined with socioeconomic conditions, the clash between gamesmen & feminism may be exactly the spark needed to attract a wider audience. In ancient Rome, there was at some point in the decline of empire, a full-on marriage strike. It appears that some segments of society are headed in that direction.

    5. Game still only appeals to a somewhat limited number of men. In my observation, the demographic tends to be very smart, cerebral, driven men, though not driven in the traditional sense. These men tend to be either atheistic or agnostic, and somewhat.. or strongly Macchiavellian in their outlook. There are some more conservative elements, and some that retain a traditionalistic, mildly Christian ideology. This is an influential group, but not a huge segment of male demographics in and of itself.

    Game won’t really advance until someone can bring it together with a more spiritual, even SWPL ethic, make it both hip, trendy, and a bit safer (yes, it will be defanged game, and by definition it will have elements of white-knightism in it, but that will be the price for larger following, if it is to be.) David Deida has moved the ball in this direction, but even he was slammed for even being associated in the slightest with PUAs by the SWPL spiritualist liberal community that is his audience.

    In summary, I think it’s likely for a variety of reasons that game will advance to a more mainstream audience in a toned-down, defanged version, but even that will likely have to wait for certain socioeconomic forces to align. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on what I’ve presented.

  2. I believe that the game is always changing. Where it is going from here I am not sure.

    I also think that game will never be ‘mainstream’. For a lot of guys, admitting to putting conscious effort into getting women seems out of their reality.

    Just like getting rich and getting in shape, only a minority of people achieve their goals because they are willing to put in the work required.

    Also, I had thoughts of two blogs. One for the red-pill and one for the blue pills.

  3. What you’re doing is a great service to men AND women alike. Although you may not be reaching a wider audiences, the men you are reaching (like myself) are gaining immensely from it. The massive increase of one beta into a full alpha male will be much greater to society than turning twenty betas a little less beta. The possibilities for an unattached, confident, strong man are endless. We are the earthquakes of society, causing large tsunami’s of influence.

    What you have written already is a great body of work. In fact I regularly read certain posts, in order to absorb the necessary mind sets which I feel are important for me at this time in my development, relaxing, getting women to talk more and nuclear escalations at this point. As a good looking guy, it was a massive shift realizing that I was gaming far too much, way too try hard. Your posts have also been helping me identify when girls are at different parts of seduction, and what is needed next.u

    It is also clear to see your own development within seduction and as a writer. Your posts have grown more eloquent. I feel it is not only helping my interactions with women but also expanding my vocabulary and the ability to express myself.

    I have come to love the term “Young Lothario.” This is exactly what I am and I shake with pride and anticipation realizing my future ahead of me. Being only 22, already as knowledgeable and experienced as I am, my sexual market value will only be increasing for the next 10 years. The only thing I am coming to terms with now is the eventual, and non avoidable ,river of heartbreak that will be released if I am to truly experience all women.

    Loyal Soldier

  4. PU hasn’t changed at all since about 2002.

    Sure, everyone knows Mystery and now they hate him and dislike his style. There were daygamers like Shark or MrNYC and others back then. It is all pretty much repitiition now.

    The golden rule was that only certain men would be able to learn about PU. The number of real, on the ground PUAs is still right around 10,000 so there’s not that many. The big fashion today is to say forget the past! I have the truth, it’s new and exciting! Just change some names and repackage.

    Funny thing though….what do you think happened to the old masters from 1995-2002? Did they disappear? Sail into the sunset? How did “Game” as we now call it work out? Are they still doing it? These are important questions for modern PUAs and we shouldn’t hide the uncomfortable truths about PU.

  5. Ryu, projecting much? If anything is stale and hasn’t changed since 2002, perhaps your mindset needs an examination.

    Things have changed massively since then. If you can’t see it, then no amount elucidating will be enough to drill it through your dense skull. For anyone else reading: Changes since 2002: For one, the emphasis on internal game is hugely different than it was then. Two, the move away from routines and memorized lines has been significant. Three, the contribution of evolutionary psychobiology has yielded many valuable truths. The latter, by far has been the largest influence since then.

  6. Just to finish my thoughts, in the article that I posted here the author predicts that feminism as we know it will essentially collapse by 2020 because society in general will come to realize what a social catastrophe it has been. It is really well researched and written. I would encourage you all to read it.

    While I agree with most of his points on the article I posted the question is where do we go from there? And that relates to what Donlak is saying here because the question is how does game become mainstream? I think it is a tough question to answer because in so many ways game is a counter measure against certain societal attitudes and systems which exist. Even if feminism as we know goes the way of the dodo, then what do we do? Change divorce laws, fire every radical feminist professor polluting young minds in our universities? I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to see this but as Donlak says, game is sort of a dirty little secret and one point made in the article I posted which I agree with is the author’s assertion that maybe only 20% of men have the mental capacity and personal fortitude to learn game, swallow the red pill and jump from the sinking beta ship they and the rest of western society are going down in. And if only 20% have that capacity an even smaller amount will choose to exercise it. Gmac had a post recently about trying to help a beta friend see the light and embrace game and the guy completely rejected it. I think most readers here who have embraced game probably have a similar story of trying to help a friend or acquaintance with their girl problems and to their shock, have had them reject such counsel outright.

    The thing about the manosphere and sites like this one is that they arm us with the tools to maximize our potential with girls in any situation. For instance, I was the one who e-mailed Donlak the other week about inner frame and transitioning to a relationship which inspired his “Oh no, I’m starting to like her” post. I have always had pretty decent ONS game but had largely stayed away from relationships so I sent him an e-mail, followed his advice and like four days later the girl was practically begging me to commit to her right after I fucked her brains out. The manosphere isn’t just about helping guys get quick sex but to maximize their potential and just become better people. Look at the society around us. Most people are fat, lazy and too cowardly or stupid to be able to make the necessary changes to improve their lot in life and retreat to a life of porn, fast food and misery. One common thread i’ve noticed here is most guys seem interested in things like working out, learning languages, travelling, writing and just generally improving themselves. And game is obviously something that adds to that and we congregate on sites like this to share our opinions and insights on feminist society and girls. We choose to see things for the way they are and benefit from them and this is just something most people simply cannot or will not do. This is why i have serious doubts about game ever really breaking through and becoming mainstream. And I get Donlak’s point about wanting to genuinely help people but in reality people like us are the ones winning here and if the majority of our free falling society choose to ignore or scorn game, then so be it.

    One thing is for sure, you won’t see me in any fucking divorce court forking over 70% of my hard earned money to come cunt who decided I wasn’t cutting it anymore. And this is because i’ve swallowed the red pill. Let the rest of society ignore it at their peril while we continue to bang the hot girls, have the most fruitful relationships and generally lead the happiest lives.

  7. I’ve read it, very good piece and important for all men to read. As to where game goes, if it ever goes mainstream or if feminism is abolished, it will do what everything does, adapt. There will and has always been game, it’s just been different incarnations. Seduction has been the same since the beginning of time – modern game blogs are really just telling you how men did it before, and continue to do it – ie. chicks like manly men, masculinity and alpha males. Feminism hasn’t changed this, it’s only made it a catastrophe for beta males in the sexual market place. Most attacks on feminism is their inherent bs they spew about wanting a nice man, and where are all the good men, crap – they want an alpha just like the rest, and they ignore beta men – which is essentially attacking the majority of men.
    If it goes, beta’s won’t need game, but to continue to be a player you will – but it will be more, banging chicks without getting caught game like it used to be.

  8. What you presented is probably bang on – we’ve already seen The Game gain some mainstream notoriety, and there has been some lame attempts in hollywood to portray PUA’s in movies and tv, although it’s been an obvious ploy to shame PUA’s and discredit them. A thought that has occured to me recently is that the reason it isn’t attacked more or brought into mainstream is probably the fear of the powers that be to get it more exposure, knowing both that it’s seductive, contrary to feminism, and most importantly, that it works. They want to keep it a secret as much as us players do, of course this is consistent with their wanting to make life miserable for every beta out there while they jump the alpha cock carousel.

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