Feedback Tuesday, Sept 27th Ed.

First off, thanks for the comments from last Tuesday, it’s great to see the feedback and what area’s you would like to see tackled in the future, based on your weak area’s in game. I shall do my best to tackle each one. Transitioning to closing seems to constantly be a position of struggle for aspiring players, and really, it’s surprising how little focus game blogs have on closing. Seems like the PUA world got stuck in that vernacular and it was all about the number close, and not about the f close. I heard a story from the girl I’m seeing now, over the weekend, she regaled me with one of her beta friends who’s trying to pick up, and how he bragged about a number close. Oh and he used that term too. While it’s important to remain positive, especially in the dating world, I know it can be littered with atomic land mines, but getting a number isn’t anything to be proud of. For one, you have to make sure it’s a real number, or her real number, before you start bragging. If you try calling it, and some stranger picks up, you’re little number close was actually a ‘take off creep.’.

Transitioning from flirting to having a girl wanting to unquestionably jump your bones, as one commenter said, is a sticking point with guys – not wanting to come off creepy, was another comment, and one that struck a chord in me, that I think is the inherent problem, was the one that mentioned the perfect transition. The last comment on this was wise, there is no perfect transition. Seduction is an intuitive technique, this is why you heard the terms PUA in game blogs for so long, and only some used the words seduction, because seducing a girl requires a lot of intuition and finesse. It is not a set of techniques you can learn, and there’s a lot less routines you can run to test it out. Seduction, or final seduction, or closing the deal, relies on your physical state, your body language, the slow deliberate movements you make, the confidence, the aura, the sexual vibe, and the enchanting her that all make up for banging her later. Of course there are the girls that just want to bang and make it obvious, but I’m gathering that’s easy enough for most guys to figure out – it seems it’s more about, a guy flirts with girl, he wants to have sex, but he doesn’t know what to do next. That’s a difficult question to answer. There are a lot of variables to consider, SMV of both parties for one, receptiveness to new cock by her part, as another.

There are a few techniques and/or sign posts that you can use to determine whether a girl is wanting to spread her legs for you. One technique you can use on a date is venue changing – many game guys think this is only to give you a high value vibe, or exciting vibe, or to make sure she see’s you as interesting and in control – and although this may be a successful outcome of this maneuver, the real reason you should be doing a venue change, is to determine her moisture level between her legs. If she does not want to go somewhere else with you after a few drinks and your game routine, she’s not gonna want to go back to your place, or hers, with you either. I don’t actually do a lot of venue changing, I do that more on insta dates, or day gaming, but I  have used it when I was unable to gauge her sexual receptivity completely. When you leave the venue, is there any touching, holding your hand while you walk her up the street, grabbing your arm, engagement of any kind? If yes, you’re doing well, if not, not so well.

Another sign a girl is ready for you to move into final seduction, or wanting you to bang her, is her eyes will go glassy, she’ll look like she’s starting or has drifted into a dream state, she looks like she’s floating, and she get’s a little more quiet if not shy, but also smiles a lot and looks down quite a bit. If you see these signs, escalate, touch her hand, look into her eyes, watch her avert her gaze down playfully, feel the sexual tension, kiss her ears or neck, and get the hell out of there and bang her. You have to really enjoy getting a girl into this state in order to be good at it. Some guys get their thrills from getting attention from a girl, the flirting and the teasing, but talk to any player with more than 50 notches, and he’ll cock a slight smile when you mention the final seduction. For me, nothing is more enjoyable than turning a girl into mush, and get that dreamy look in her eyes when she stares at me – it’s a big green light guiding into her wet pussy… from there you can enjoy the more advanced game of learning to delay the bang for enhanced pleasure, and you get to tease her from holding back sex, signalling her your alpha cred – any man strong enough to delay earth shattering sex while a girl is in seduced dream state, is going to be completely open to multiple rounds of orgasmic sex – and she will orgasm a lot.

So, in getting feedback, I shall do my best to both tackle this topic more thoroughly, as well as the topic brought up about rapport/and breaking rapport with girls. As readers, you must realize that I forget what most men struggle with, as I get lost in my own seducing prowess.

On that note, this weeks feedback Tuesday will be asking you this:

What is you’re goal for learning game? i.e. to bang as many chicks as you can, or for LTR strategies, or is it a blend?


4 thoughts on “Feedback Tuesday, Sept 27th Ed.

  1. Play fighting is one way to start the escalation to the f-close. Putting your girl in a headlock is counterintuitive because it’s non-sensual, but it’s close physical contact. Headlock leads to wrestling, which leads to tickling, which leads to massaging, which leads to making out, which leads to nudity, which leads to fucking. Try the escalation in that order and you’re probably going to get pretty far. If she puts up lsr then punish her: eject for two minutes then start again.

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