The 3 Date Rule

There is little to gain from waiting for more than three dates to have sex with a girl. Girls who make you wait for sex will turn you beta, no, more accurately you will be beta if you wait. Let’s say your with a girl and you’re bold enough to keep going for the fuck close, but she resists. After three dates and she still wants to go out, you only have two options

Option A, you respect her wishes and stop making a move. Now she still expects you to make a move when she wants it, but since you will never know when that is unless she tells you, killing the entire sexual interplay, you are no longer really making a move, you are submitting to her.

Option B, you keep making moves, and she keeps making you feel like a pervert for always wanting sex. At some point you may even start to believe it. When she finally submits, you will have earth shattering sex, but afterwards, you may still feel like she thinks your perverted. She’ll probably tell her friends this too.

Neither of these situations will put you in the right frame for her to fall for you, and both options, leave you basically submitting to her frame. She’ll resent you for both actions. The only win is option B, because you got to beat up her pussy. But it’s never fully gratifying, and both options leave you fighting for power in the relationship.

Letting women control the output of sex, is a losers gambit. If she doesn’t want to have sex with you by date 3, you’re wasting your time. She’s either playing you while she bangs/or is interested in someone else, or she’s a control freak.

There’s absolutely no reason for a girl these days to hold out on a guy she likes. Either you make your move early, and she gets ravaged, or you move on.

If you happen to be in this situation, and the girl gives you so much wood you can’t control it, remember this, if she’s even remotely interested in you, girls of equal or better looks will be too. Drop the bitch and get your dick wet in some willing participant.

4 thoughts on “The 3 Date Rule

  1. Thanks, I needed to read this. I’ve been gaming this korean english student girl for FOUR freaking dates, and she’s yet to put out a kiss. Well, backtrack that – on date2 we were drunk enough and I got a light makeout in the car. But date3 and 4 I tried to jump on her and pin her down and she kept using the culture card (‘In korea we only kiss if we’re serious with someone’). I keep chasing because she keeps coming out, so she must have some attraction or it’d be a waste of both our times, but one reason why, is because she’s pretty hot above my usual closes, and I guess I’ve been telling myself I’m getting used to behaving around hot women, so I’ll push it till wherever I can. Bad thing is, I’m usually paying for the dates, so I’m well aware of it, but as long as I keep bringing her to my room and trying to escalate, then my conscience won’t be too guilty over looking like a beta.

  2. The culture card with these Asian girls (something I have also dealt with) is very effective because it is so believable. But I think ultimately it is BS.

  3. That’s a terrible “rule” and I won’t get involved with a guy who believes in it.

    Trust can not truly be developed over such a short period of time, and some of us have our hearts attached to our vaginas. We don’t just hand those over on a silver platter.

    I have a rule: before we have sex, we both get tested together and you better be clean. I know I am, I’d get tested anyway because it’s only fair and less humiliating for him, and if I respect a guy enough to do that he’ll reap the benefits.

    All night long.

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