Naysayers About Game Be Damned

Following a few blips on the radar of anti-game rhetoric I’ve been reading and hearing lately, I felt it my due diligence to finally express the truth of the matter, both to guys who want to learn game, and guys who have either tried it and it didn’t work, or some that tried certain techniques that didn’t suit them like Frost, or straight up deniers of game. This of course kind of fits in to a follow up of Gmac’s The PUA is Dead which is a good read. It’s a follow up on Gmac’s post, because there’s a lot of confusion out there on the old Mystery Method, Game, and how everything is applied and to who it works for and how successful it really is. I’ve already been in a fun online back and forth with Assanova with the argument that game works or is necessary, we being on similar pages but misunderstanding each other, which of course is the issue I’m dealing with today. Here is a comment from a reader at Frost’s site that says pretty accurately what all game haters and deniers say, albeit with a lot less hate language than most (read Frost’s posts and entire comments for more on this):

Greg said:

LOL, you are getting pretty desperate here, dude. The obvious conclusions is that game does not work, not that it just does not work for handsome guys.

You are deliberately suppressing your logical brain here. Maybe this is a stage you have to go through before you give up game. *Oh wait, something is wrong here, this does not work, wait, it cant possibly be that GAME is bullshit, its gotta be some little quirk we can tweak*. lol

You have also completely misunderstood the purpose of *going in under the radar*. The purpose is that showing too much interest in the chic right away lowers your value, which is supposedly just not attractive to women. It should not matter if a good looking guy does this, it should simply make him more attractive.

The truth is, going in under the radar, *indirect game*, does not work for anyone, because it is essentially wimpy and pathetic, and born from a weak state of mind, like nearly all game tactics. You are talking to a girl in a bar and you dont even have the balls to be direct and upfront about your intentions! Very alpha indeed.

The ugly guy probably wont get very far regardless, but what little chance he has would be infinitely augmented by going in direct and unapologetic.

Lol, this was a funny post.

It’s hard to argue. I mean I simply can’t fathom why Greg failed at game. The fact of the matter is that game does work, but you need to understand what game is first. Everyone reading and learning game needs to learn this:

Everyone runs game. All the time.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, beta or alpha, consciously or unconsciously; you are running game. If you cannot accept this fact, then you need to jump over to and have some fun with the gals. Now if you’re still with me, the game you are running might be just bad game, and more importantly bad game for you. I see the future of game to start being splintered off into different categories of men, guys who are terrible with women, guys who are good looking/bad looking, guys who want to be a cad and have a support group, etc. There is no one standard of game. The basics as I have pointed out here, are game, and charisma. A comment that just hit as I was reading this illustrates both my points.

Aleknovy said:

Good stuff.

The part that saddens me is that you called it “game”. If people have these 3, then they don’t need “game”.

To put it differently:

- If you’re confident
– Indifferent to pussy
– Detached from outcome

You’re already getting more pussy than it’s possible to get. So why overcomplicate it with “game” bullshit?

That is game. Are any of you suggesting that doesn’t work?

The Mystery Method and you

Arguments abound on the validity of the mystery method and the derivatives off of it, and the routines inside’s effectiveness. Some men go to classes and learn routines and basic concepts behind them, even a bit of theory and go out after the lecture with the ‘proven’ teacher and bombard a bar with their students, who clumsily try and pick up women with this new power, it’s kind of like throwing Luke at Vader before he was ready, the dude got his hand chopped off! If that is your experience with game, it’s probably gonna leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Mystery’s routines, and I have never fully read them or endorsed them, but I know enough about them and the theory behind it to understand it, is to try and teach social pariahs how to have charisma. Try explaining to someone what charisma is, that doesn’t have it. Try coaching some of your friends that doesn’t have charisma on how to get charisma. It’s not easy, and yes there are naturals, but there are also people who want to learn charisma and can, although it’s better to learn from a charismatic friend, then from a guy wearing a fuzzy hat, but some people just don’t roll with charismatic guys.

If you are going out, you’re good looking, and get women, why the hell are you even reading game blogs in the first place. The mystery method is not needed in your case. Maybe it’s to pick up tricks from the more advanced game posts, and theory, fair enough, we all understand that complacency is equal to death, so that’s good. But really, if you’re good with women already, you already are running good game, you’re only gonna come off awkward like Frost did in his post, or Assanova suggests. But you are still running game. It’s just game that fits with you, and your persona/status/looks. You should enhance, not reconstruct.

Game is so much more than running routines, look at Roosh and his books, (buy Day Bang btw.) and you will see the plethora of information and different techniques you can use, if you don’t already know how to pick up and seduce women. Again, if you’re banging 9’s and 10’s all the time, those books probably aren’t for you, but that’s not the audience. That being said, every player that is good with women, always wants to be better, and with out Day Bang’s and Bang’s and blogs, it usually comes from your guy friends tips and tricks – it’s really no different – when a guy friend tells you, you instantly know that how he pulled it off, probably won’t work for you. The big difference between a player, and a beta is, the player will think of a nuanced version that he can adjust to incorporate it into his repertoire, and the beta will just say ‘that won’t work for me.’ and forget it.

For people for who say game doesn’t work for me, means to me they just don’t get it. They looked at a set of instructions like game was putting together an Ikea coffee table and went out and followed them verbatim and came off feeling and looking like a tool. Of course you did, you are reading game blogs in black and white. You got to add a little color in there. It’s strange that I can see game guru’s becoming cult leaders, because some guys just look at something and don’t put any of their own idea’s and thoughts into it. When you agree with something, don’t just jump in accept it, you gotta use your noggin guys.

Game is a lifestyle, it’s essentially about teaching men to become men. Mystery Methods strict rules on approaching is to get you out of the fear of approaching women, if you aren’t afraid to approach women, skip to the next stage of game. If you have the basic fundamentals you don’t really need to learn the basics of game, some people say, it’s not game it’s being a man, and I say, exactly. But it’s still game. It’s called life, and either you’re in the game, or your on the sidelines, but if you are the one on the sideline criticizing anyone that’s in the game, well you know where you can shove it.

11 thoughts on “Naysayers About Game Be Damned

  1. I never said game didn’t work for me, just that a certain style of game didn’t, because it had been optimized for men who are not physically attractive. Other relative hawtties like white boy krispy and assanova have written similar things.

    The fact that game is effective is a tautology. If you acknowledge that some behaviours are more effective at making women attracted to you than others, than you logically must accept the idea of game. A naysayer can argue that certain TYPES of game are ineffective – in my case, I argue that goofball indirect openers are ineffective for men who can build attraction before introducing themselves – but the premise of game is sound.



  2. I didn’t mean to make it sound like game didn’t work for you, but merely the routines didn’t. I was using you as an analogy of how different types of men require different applications, it was meant as a positive example of someone applying game properly. Apologies for my rushed prose.

  3. When men say that game doesn’t work, what they mean is they’ve mislearned or misapplied it or they haven’t cured themselves of their anti-game.

    Game made my life. Without it, I’d have been wallowing in self-pity. Instead, I spent 5 years wallowing in pussy. I desperately needed game.

  4. I’ve met a lot of guys, and it’s nearly impossible to teach them game. I find that the guys who end up getting good don’t get good because of the say this and do that aspects of verbal game, but rather, they get good because they change their entire personality.

  5. Well, all of the “best” guys I’ve met went through a learning process. For some of them that was fucking around with Mystery Method or more textbook game methods, for others it was hanging around with and learning from their mates who were better than them.

    None of them just had the knack with women, they all had to learn and that meant going through all the mistakes and hardships.

    You don’t just “be good with women”, that’s ridiculous. You fluff around, try stuff out, make mistakes and slowly pinpoint the things that are most effective. Once you learn what’s most effective, you can put it on autopilot and THAT is when you can get away with that “having no game and being good with women”.

  6. Agreed.

    I don’t care what the anti-game have to say about it.
    The truth is Mystery’s stuff is solid. Out of all the material I’ve ever read and applied. his stuff tops the charts. The Venusian Arts handbook has it’s fundamentals right.

    My life, and the life of my friends have all been improved from learning game..

    But like everything that’s popular, its bound to be attacked.

  7. “Everyone runs game. All the time.”


    Exactly. Your behaviour = your Game. Good, bad or indifferent.

  8. Was just about to chime in defending Mystery but I see Nomad beat me to it.

    When you say Mystery Method, that is actually Mystery’s published book that defined the human mating dance into 9 unique steps, and in my opinion is a brilliant piece of literature.

    Mystery’s seminars and teachings went beyond into the routines, magic tricks and fuzzy hats (which are referenced in the book), but besides the fact that his concepts got overused/overexposed and tried out by a lot of guys with bad social skills and limited understanding, I still think Mystery deserves to be revered as one of the best.

  9. The reason I know game works is from my own experience with women from waaaaayyyyy before I even heard of game.

    Women that I’ve dated where I really didn’t care whether or not they liked me have ended up either falling in love with me or having an almost stalker-like infatuation with me if I decided to keep dating them despite my lack of interest (I do that sometimes). I could be completely relaxed and myself around theses women because I didn’t care about what they think of me or of the outcome.

    Women that I’ve dated where I cared about the outcome, was subtly telegraphing too much interest, etc. have ended up rejecting me, almost every single one. I would always find it hard to relax and be myself around such women, and would usually revert to nice guy, try-to-please-them behavior.

    I’ve even had cases where I’m initially very interested (based on looks) and would get resistance or let’s just be friends but would lose interest after getting to know her personality, only to see her interest in me increase.

    I don’t have much experience/exposure to “formal” game such as Mystery Method, I haven’t even read the book “The Game,” but having read much of this blog, I have really internalized the theoretical side of it and it totally jives with my own observations through my dating experience through the years.

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