Bill Maher’s Strange Sudden Feminist Outcry Against Jackie O

I had just watched friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, and I was kind of stunned that a sudden seemingly un-Maher like comment about women and feminism popped out of his mouth. For all his faults, I usually enjoy him, because he likes to tell us he lives in a place called reality, a place I also like to dwell, but people in the western world would rather not live in. He randomly brought up this Jackie Kennedy quote from the tapes that were revealed, instead of focusing on the myriad of topics one could do on a political show, he focused on one quote.

“I get all my opinions from my husband… How could I have any political opinions, you know? His were going to be the best,” she said.

I was thus expecting some intelligent or at least funny remark on this, yet what he said was like the Feminazi’s had slapped him with a toe the line or else warning, and he caved. I’m not sure if his publicist or the HBO heads told him to tone down the anti-feminist vitriol he usually normally naturally has, because he’s usually pretty steady on the anti-bullshit, and I know that HBO usually doesn’t tell their show makers what to say and how to say it, mainly due to its lack of advertising on the site. So maybe it was his publicist, or he’s been getting hate mail from feminists. Either way, it seemed like an overt attempt to sooth the frothing mouths of the shrilly bitches.

He went on to say how he always thought that Jackie Kennedy was a strong role model for women, and that this comment was shocking. “She wasn’t allowed to have an opinion?” What the hell is that all about? He was shocked, shocked that a woman who went to college would not have an opinion about politics in any of her marriages.

The comments made me cringe, because it’s clear that this was a blue pill thinking mantra. The initial thought that it must be Jack that beat that kind of free thinking attitude out of her. I was quite happy that the panel didn’t bite on this, they all smelled bullshit out of Maher and knew there was nothing there in this strange out of no where attack. For one, there is nothing wrong with someone deferring to someone’s expertise, which is what she was doing, the man was the president of the united states, she was smart because she didn’t offer or bulldoze him with her opinions. For example, if in some fantasy world, I had a wife, and she was a brain surgeon, I am going to willingly defer any opinions on brain surgery that I have to her, as she’s an expert. This wasn’t necessarily a wife submit to husband because of social pressure, like the host would like us to believe. A second thing, the question asked was never shown on air.

Where Maher gets his thinking wrong, is that Jackie is a strong role model for women, because if more women had this type of thinking, everyone would have a happier life. She goes on to display doe eyed gaga meter at level high, because she’s with the most alpha of the alpha’s – watch some of the tapes and listen to her put down all the other alpha’s the president knew, no one could compare to her husband, it is only natural for her to submit to him, because she desired it, not because of her social expectations.

Her marriage, she explained, was “Victorian or Asiatic,” meaning that she did not expect independence. Her role was to create “a climate of affection and comfort and detente when he came home.

“I think a woman always adapts, and especially if you’re very young when you get married. You know, you really become the kind of wife you can see that your husband wants,” she sad.

This line of thinking only comes of course from an alpha husband. Her willingness to submit, is because she wants to make him happy, that it makes her happy, that it feels in her nature to do such a thing. This is not a social constraint, this is an intelligent woman who understood how to make her marriage as happy as could be, and herself as happy as she could be as well.

In the 8 hours of tapes she never mentions Jack’s many infidelities, and is still always glowing and in love with the man who was her husband, as we should all know by now, women like men who other women want, and they secretly want you to cheat on them. just look at this quote and try to tell me she didn’t act in a feminine and doting wife because she was in the loving presence of an alpha male.

He was “the most unselfconscious person I’ve ever seen,” she says

Her wonder and amazement of someone with authority, and confidence, was the alpha-ness she craved, and wanted. She was safe to be her natural feminine self, in the presence of such an emotional rock, a mast she could lean on, and let the wind blow through her hair.

No Bill, you’re wrong, she was a strong influence on women, they just got the wrong message, just as you did, apparently.

5 thoughts on “Bill Maher’s Strange Sudden Feminist Outcry Against Jackie O

  1. Jackie Kennedy was a perfect wife. Classy, attractive, cultured and respectful of her husband. That is why she was chosen as a wife by 2 of the most powerful men in the world. She is a great role model for women who want to marry successful powerful men. I was not surprised Bill Maher was making those points. He is a baby boomer, the most feminist brainwashed generation.

  2. When Jackie’s daughter Caroline Kennedy was in the news for her abortive Senate bid, it struck me, and annoyed me, that she said “you know” about every three sentences.

    It looks like she pickied up this demonic habit from her mother, which is surprising, because I would’ve guessed that this ubiquitous tic was a curse given to Caroline Kennedy and the rest of us by 70s and 80s “Valley Girls.”

  3. Knowing how anti-feminazi he is, I wouldn’t overthink it.

    You might be reading too much into it, or you might be right. I’d just wait it out and see if it’s a pattern that he forms from now on.

  4. I meant, knowing how anti-nazi Maher is, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume overnight mangioniosity. This is one guy who doesn’t give a crap, and doesn’t easily buckle under pressure.

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