Tuesday Feedback Day

I may start creating a regular Tuesday edition of this type of short post, discussion generators. I’m also interested in what constitutes my own audience here, in order for me to hit some of the hot topics on my readers mind, I’m gonna ask you to comment on this post about this weeks topic.

This week, as you stand right now, what area/aspect of game is your weakest, and/or areas you may need improvement on? Elaborate as you see fit.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Feedback Day

  1. If I’m buzzed, or even drunk, I can clean up with ladies (even sober ones). When I’m sober, I think too much and I’m too shy. I need to learn to let go. Is there any way to do this without drinking? I’d rather not show up drunk to class, but there are tons of girls on campus I’d love to hit on.

  2. I have trouble transitioning from flirting into sealing the deal. I can open well and get the interest going, but I find it difficult to make her wanting to jump my bones a no brainer. Thanks Donlak. Your the last PUA I even follow cuz u keep it real. I like your shit.

  3. I think what thurmstarz mentioned is a real sticking point for a lot of guys, myself included. Nobody wants to come off like a creep by escalating too early, and we all want to make a ‘perfect’ transition. But I’m not sure there is one, it may just be a matter of going for it, consequences be damned. But any additional insights would be appreciated, Donlak.

  4. I hope Donlak won’t mind me jumping in here, but it’s been a few days. I’d recommend just giving it a try with a girl on campus. Maybe start with a girl that’s alone so you won’t have to deal with her friends and any added sense of pressure you might feel when sober. There’s a rush of endorphins that hits you when you’re talking to a girl you’re really attracted to and that can make you nervous. I think the main thing is to do it and eventually after enough times of just starting a normal conversation you’ll realize that she’s just a girl, and it’s not a big deal. Past that, I think it comes down to how bad you feel a need for it. The greater need you feel the more likely you’ll come off as desperate. Most of all, Don’t Panic. I have a post about not panicking on my blog. I think you just have to learn to feel the rush and deal with it. When you’re drunk, you’re somewhat shielded from those physiological responses. When you can deal with them sober, you’ll have less anxiety about talking to them. It probably won’t be easy at first. It’s just something you have to get used to doing with practice.

    Donlak: I have a big ego, but it doesn’t bruise easily. You are welcome to post comments here at your want. It will probably be the following Tuesday that I respond to this post.

  5. You’re right about there being no perfect transition because there are subtle differences that you’ll need to adjust for. Just go for it. Everyone has a different comfort level so learn to sense signs of incresed anxiety or unease which tell you you have just become Creepy guy. If the conversation goes from flowing to stunted for example you might want to back off.

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