There’s a little thing left out in our culture and it’s called ethics – the inherent problem with our world is the abscence of ethics – sluts should feel proud? Why? Is it ethical of them to sleep around? Is it ethical to hypergame? Cuckhold?
Yes some will ask if it’s ethical for men to sleep with a ton of women – it’s probably not – though it is a bit different.

Business ethics have completely vanished over the ‘right’ to turn as high a profit as a company can regardless of how many jobs they cut and any damage to their home country.

Ethics is the glue that holds society together – it is often unregulated and not legally set or often verbally stated – yet there’s an unwritten code of ethics humans have between one another in order to keep society running and have basic trust in the society and with their fellow man.

You can see feminism, a completely unethical hate mongering and isidiously power hungry movement, that doesn’t care about its consequences as long as females get power.

Ethics is of course a male concept. Any boy who played sports understands ethics enough to carry him through life, you learn not to be too selfish, not to cry and whine, not to do something stupid to hurt your team and you also learn to help lesser talented players grow. Women who play sports don’t really get this concept – they may play the sport, copy men – but they do not form a comradmanship as deep and as easy as men do. For the most part during sports, men will have to always hold something back, so not to kill someone, and this subconscious and non vocal understanding permeates all our actions on the field/court/ice. Girls of course would need to exhert a hurculean effort to kill someone physically – thus they don’t require the same ethics and don’t learn the same lessons. Girls playing sports, just seems like trying to be like boys. It just doesn’t seem valid.

Girls know of ethics only through social commanding and direct commands from authority. It is not something they have within their natures – they will do whatever they can to get what they want and go undetected as best they can. Men fear death, women fear social shame.

You are now living in a world void of any real code of ethics. Society is barely staying together. Without ethics we are heading towards anarchy, and its bad for all of us (except the player), but women have the most to lose, think they’ll be entitled princesses in a mad max world?

9 thoughts on “Ethics…

  1. Wow, I totally agree with you about the lack of comradmanship in women’s sports!

    I have felt it myself always. At school we had boys and girls teams and our girls team was always constantly fighting or bitching about one another. Even before major competitions we just couldn’t be one good team. This continued in college, the women’s team was always full of fights over boyfriends, looks, jealousy etc. At first I thought this was normal, but then I got to know the guys from the men’s team. And was I in for a surprise! They were like brothers! On top of that their standard was so much higher, of course men are stronger, but also probably because they weren’t spending all the time fighting over stupid things and were actually training!
    This made me realize that men’s sports was really at a completely different and higher level. Guys are more professional and serious about team work. The quality was higher and also the team spirit is something women find it extremely difficult to cultivate.

    I wonder if it is possible to make women learn this aspect from men? And can feminism help make women stick together more and form better teams?

  2. “I wonder if it is possible to make women learn this aspect from men? And can feminism help make women stick together more and form better teams?”



  3. Morality is a choice. Men and women are bound by their rational self-interest . . . . hopefully.

    Women by necessity, men by honor.

    Do not begrudge them for their selfish ways, because within them belies their gratuitous affections worthy of thy paradox. . . . .

    Like charlie sheen said . . . “I don’t pay them to show up . . . I pay them to leave”.

    I would never look at a cat and expect it to bark.

  4. This is a great post man. Ethics (and our lack thereof) is something I think about a lot but you really put it down wonderfully. Clear, concise, unflinching. It’s definitely going to be up to men to restore ethics if it happens at all.

  5. it’s impossible to be objective 100%. So it needs to be subjective, but ethics that fit the majority of the people’s subjective agreements. Ethics is just a code of behavior we all agree to.

  6. Cool. I’m trying to get a barometer on what the consensus is in the blogosphere.

    As an aside, do you think there is such a thing as absolute truth?

  7. With all this about the truth about women, I wonder if any of you all have manned up to call out and confront the women you are with regarding it when they act up. Im doubting it, due to the focus on sex here. Because that is honest v “gaming”. You can’t help it if they deny it, but if the woman is honest with herself, she’ll respect that. Which is a big if. It always takes character to admit your wrongs.

    But having been called out myself, I can tell you that’s when I first started to like and respect the guy. I said i was mad at him for acting like he could do whatever he wanted and then he got mad and told me I did the same thing, which was true. I think everyone, men and women, want to be saved from themselves because we are all selfish, not nice people – sinners, otherwise known in the secular world as imperfect people.

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