Beta’s Sex

Billy gently thrusted into Pam, her legs loosely open, Billy’s pelvis slowly pumping softly into her soft pussy – her fingers gently caressing his arms as he looks down at her, the look of concentration on his face – the look expressing how hard he’s trying not to cum. She looks up at him, admiring his look, and his effort, she waits until Billy opens his eyes to check on her, which he does ever few moments, then she lets out a soft low moan, while she closes her eyes and reenacts former unconscious and uncontrolled moans. Billy get’s too excited at the one or two all too brief signs that he’s doing a good job.

Billy: You’re so hot

Billy keeps pumping a little erratically, he’s heard he needs to mix up his rhythm when having sex, but he’s finding it difficult, he doesn’t want to go to hard, she’s so nice and sweet, and he doesn’t want to hurt her – he knows girls don’t like when you just pump them as hard as you can – she’s so hot he wants to satisfy her in every way. He goes fast, but never fully in deep – he goes slow – he see’s her reaction – she’s squirming, he get’s really turned on. She must be enjoying it.

Pam: Ughh fuuuuuccckkkk mmmmmeeeeee

Billy: I am baby, oh man you’re so hot

Billy, starts to get excited so he pumps a little faster, Pam is now eyes closed, desperately trying to recall past orgasms – she bites her lip, Billy takes this as a job well done. He slows his rhythm down, and then speeds it up. Pam’s body starts to tweak, her legs are starting to wave, her hands are pulling Billy in, she looks directly at Billy with an intensity of a 1000 suns.


Billy blows his load with one final thrust. He throws his head down in post ejaculatory glee.

Billy: Damn that was so hot.

Billy lays on top of Pam while he rests, Pam lies motionless, giving him a barely registering caressing of his head, her body, barely moved, not broken a sweat, and on the brink of just getting ready for sex, has to now wind down. Billy meanwhile slides out of her and slides up to her, putting his head directly beside hers, and he looks in her eyes after kissing her.

Billy: How was that?

Pam: It was good.

Her words are meaningless, she’s a girl, she can’t be cruel to him, he tried so hard. Billy looks in her eyes, and even though he’s in his post coitus bliss, and feeling like he rocked his world, he see’s her eyes move to the side – he can see something else in her eyes – he senses her recalling previous passionate ravaging from the past – and the corner of her mouth curls up as she gasps and turns her head to the ceiling. Billy deep down knows she isn’t satisfied, he can sense her desire somewhere in the dark area’s of his heart – a place he leaves alone, afraid of it. He kisses Pam’s cheek.

Billy: Are you sure it was good, I can do better.

Pam: It was fine.

It was fine. Those words pierced Billy’s soul, and bounced around his heart cavity – it would slice a wound in him that could never heal. The secret desires of Pam were so far beyond him, he felt inferior, inferior to all the men she had before him, and emasculated for not pleasuring her. He wanted to escape, but he just cuddled up to her and held her tight.

8 thoughts on “Beta’s Sex

  1. fk pam nobody gives a crap what she thinks. Why even ask for approval seriously just “splat” roll over and go to sleep, her emotions don’t matter.

  2. Well captured. The problem with “Billy” is he spent the whole experience worrying about Pam and her pleasure.

    Guys really need to go through a stage of being completely selfish in bed. That doesn’t mean focusing on just getting the nut… rather focusing on exploring sex and all of its various pleasures without worrying how it feels for the girl. Pounding her good and hard because it feels fantastic for himself. Pinning her down on the bed because her arms are getting in his way. Watching his dick sliding in and out because he loves the view.

  3. I am a woman and though I can’t speak for all girls out there I definitely enjoy being fucked mercilessly by an alpha. the thought of being pinned down by a big and strong man and fucked roughly for his pleasure is itself orgasmic. Beta sex with a guy is sweet only if he is a virgin but I certainly won’t let him cum inside of me…dont know why though..just feels wrong.

  4. This is a really great post. Taps into a primal, emotional truth. Also brings back some bad memories.

    Although I will say that even after a couple years in the Game, I still have my off nights once in a while. It’s funny to see how girls extrapolate and judge you based on one performance. But we all know that is women’s nature. I just kind of laugh now thinking about the other girls who think I’m a sex god; plus I never get upset about disappointing a girl or “failing” with her. That is one way Game makes a big difference in this area.

  5. The alpha I’m dating pounds me real hard. I mean real heavy sustained brutal poundings. I’m talking about being rammed so hard and and continuously for such a long period of time I’m on the verge of passing out!
    I luv it. What also makes it really hot is we set up a camcorder connected to a tv and I can watch him on the monitor drilling me like an animal from behind!
    ;) the best sex ever in every way you can imagine. he is just so good.

    Seriously does anyone even gets turned on by beta sex!?

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