Game Vs Girl Game

It has been said before, by many, and it rings true because, well it is true; women are the ultimate players. They attempt to play all men, their game is so tight, practiced over and over with 100’s of beta orbiters, alpha cock carouselling, dating for sport, dealing with female friends, getting hit on from older men, younger men, every where they go. It would seem that no man can actually compete with a girl in her game, however, when a man with game does override her game, the ultimate power aphrodisiac is released into her blood stream, leaving her into a fluttering mess of lust and crushing adoration, and admiration. The player who can over-ride her game and play her, is the king in a woman’s world, a gem worth grabbing and holding onto for dear life – she’ll clutch at him, the player understands a woman like no other man can, for she see’s him as better at the game than she is…. even the most cunning woman who spit’s the tightest game is looking for that guy that game’s better than them.

You’re level of game required to game a girl will be dependant on her level of game she’s running. Much of your first interactions with a girl should both be DHV’ing and at the same time, probing statements or questions on her behaviour and character (how much game is she running or has). In fact by masking your probing questions and comments, you are displaying higher value. In my experience, the less you try to display higher value, the more you do – I always have an ulterior motive for asking the questions I do, or make certain jokes, vague double entendre’s, sexual metaphors, etc. I need to see her reaction to me in order to game her appropriately. You can pick out attention whores, sluts, career girls, party girls, etc. all within a 5 minute window, leaving you with options: Do I game her, now that I know what I need to do, or do I leave, knowing what I have to do is not worth the pussy that I’d be given access to?

It’s all about how she fits into your mentality – what game is she playing to keep you from her vagina, and/or heart – how do I over ride it – but most importantly when I find out how, is said pussy getting out weighed by effort put forth to counteract her game?

Girls, when they fall head over heels in love drop their game, it is the only time they feel safe, and stop playing… it’s when they feel protected and the need to game you is completely vanished – it is the conquered woman who submits to her alpha man at his every whim – some of you may have seen this type of girl with this type of man, a girl who behaves immaculately, seems to do things for him beta’s only dream of, and her behaviour requires little to no correcting. It is because the man has shown her that his game is far superior to hers, and his frame cannot be broken. Only then will a woman completely submit to you. If your game or state begins to crack, her game will start to turn from smoldering embers to a low flame, if  you keep showing cracks it will launch into a full blaze of girl game. Game is not something you do to just get women, it needs to be in your very being. You need to accept the fact that all women run game, and you need to have better game than all the women you want to have sex with, and if you’re a man, that means every hot woman on the planet.

The more experience you have with multiple girls gives you the knowledge and tools to battle with other girls in the game olympics that is dating. Knowing this key fact, that you are needing to display tighter and more effective game than she has, is the one determining fact that will get you laid, then you will learn how to seduce a lot of women. It’s what girls mean when they say the want a challenge. They mean, they want a guy that can out game them. It makes them giddy and aroused. Those are the men that are sleeping with all the girls.

This is why you can’t take what girls say seriously or to heart, because they’re all just gaming you, until you have broken them down, and they’re submitting to you. Until then, realize that anything she says to you is just game, and treat it as such. Ignore it, make fun of it, tease her, play with her, and don’t take her serious. The man that takes a girl seriously fails right away, a man that doesn’t realize she’s gaming him is the most repulsive man on the planet, no matter how good looking he is.

3 thoughts on “Game Vs Girl Game

  1. “Until then, realize that anything she says to you is just game, and treat it as such. Ignore it, make fun of it, tease her, play with her, and don’t take her serious.”

    This is just bad ass. You got me pumped. Hell yeah, slap down that girl game and go get yours!

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