Relationship Longevity, Keeping Her Adoration

You must determine what it is that the girl respects about you. It is that power that attracts her to you, it’s what makes her fall into your world. You must identify it, and then gaurd it with all your forces – put in a secret vault and put legions of soldiers around it and never ever lose it or waver from it. For if you do, you will see her attraction unfold infront of you.

You may show vulnerability and insecurity even, as long as it has nothing to do with the core reason she respects you. This core should never be touched – you can only grow it, never diminish it.

Too many men make the mistake of letting their women into their inner insecurities because girls request and need to feel that you have feelings or are human, she needs to feel you have some vulnerability. But the mistake most men make is by allowing her to see it over their most passionate treasure – a treasure that cannot be varnished if you hope to keep her, and keep her admiring you and adoring you.

When you are embarking into a burgeoning relationship with a girl, it is easy to get caught up in the waves and currents of this new love and excitement, and easy to overlook things and not acknowledge things. You need to be keenly aware of what it is that she’s attracted to. Some girls even tell you, and gush about it. When a girl says, this is what I like about you. That is the treasure that needs to remain forever shiny. Lock it up, and secure her desires for you. But do not ever, I repeat ever, ask her why she likes you.

Asking a girl why she likes you is not only cringe worthy for most men who over hear this weak neediness, it also makes the woman you’re with cringe. She won’t respect you, and she’ll have free moral reign to act as she wishes. Only a woman in the presence of a man she admires will act morally true to him. Lose this admiration and you might as well grab some popcorn and watch her get bent over your sofa by each and every man she finds attractive.

No you must, if she doesn’t tell you why she admires you, and you aren’t aware of it, do some instigative work. Notice when she’s silent and watching or listening to you with focus, where not even the shiniest object in the world can distract her from you – however you are acting and talking about is the treasure – and its usually the thing you’re most passionate about. Never ever, give up on your mission when you get in a relationship, no matter what.

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