Basic Game Concept

To understand what game is really all about and why you require game, for all you white knights out there, you need to understand the basic core concept of the dance that goes on between the sexes when you are doing the sexualized tango with the ladies. That concept is this:

Women are constantly trying to gain upper hand over men, especially in romantic setting or seduction, ultimately because they lack the inherent power that men have. They seek out power by gaining a power over a man and thus feel powerful for it. However, once she has gotten this hand over a man, this power, she no longer respects him, and feels no attraction for him, and seeks to do it with a stronger man.

If you do not understand this basic trait of women, that it is hard wired in her dna, that every biological instinct is to seek power and that the seduction is a stand off between power over each other, then you don’t really understand how to seduce women. And you don’t understand women. One aspect of this is commonly attributed to women, is her trying to gain upper hand, because she wants to test you to see if you are man enough for her, that you can handle her shit, and not relinquish your power to her easily. And this is true, but it’s a bit too conscious to be the full meaning. There is another key concept that is left out, and that is, women love to challenge for that power. A woman in complete power over every man on the earth will be a scornful unfulfilled woman, unable to feel attraction or happiness, counter that with the opposite of men, who would be on cloud nine if he had control over every woman on the planet.

Game gives you the tools to play with this concept and bring men into reality of what women want, and they do not want a man who bows to their every whim – they want a challenge and they want to constantly push for more power. If she isn’t getting this from you, she will seek it elsewhere. But if you have no power for her to seek power over you, then she will not be attracted to you.

This is the adversarial nature of seduction or dating. A girl is trying to get hand on you, and you are trying to maintain hand over her. This is essentially game. All the tools and tricks and strategies are to enhance your effective hand over all women, leaving them powerless to gain any upper hand, whether it be through cruelty of rejection and insults, or from their beauty and sweetness. It allows you to be a stalwart against any and all female assaults and allows her to be the seeker of power and the challenger of your throne. There have even been recent studies of feminist admitting that even though they’re powerful in the work force, they resent their beta husbands for not being dominant at home and in bed. She cannot rewire her dna. She needs to have someone more powerful to seek that power – because, power her turns her on. Pure masculine power is the biggest aphrodisiac to all women, be they feminist war pigs or actual women, they all cannot re-wire their brains to get turned on by anything else, not like they do with a powerful man.

She strikes, you parry, she strikes again, you parry and riposte, she strikes, you parry, she relents briefly, you strike – the continuation of this battle dance goes on until death or the end of the relationship. It is the constant error of men who relinquish their power in a relationship that are doomed to either lose her out right, or be caught in a demanding shrilly cunt who emasculate you constantly – this is her outright disgust for you, she is punishing you for being weaker than she is. Any girl that acts like that has no respect for you, and you lost the game. Do not go past go, and do not collect $200 dollars.

Once you understand this concept, you cannot deny the validity of game. If you deny this concept, forever will you be destined for loneliness or the prisoner of some bitchy shrew who keeps you shackled like a neutered dog chained to a fence outside, all but forgotten about until she feels the need to kick the dog to feel anything towards it, the disgust will overwhelm her.


2 thoughts on “Basic Game Concept

  1. I think this is the first step.

    Next is to realise that there is no need for parrying and ripostes.

    You are a rock, she is the waves.

    Does a rock need to parry the waves?

    No, it doesn’t have to do anything.

    It’s just there and allows the waves to break on it.

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