It’s A Buyers Market

Ever go on job interviews when there are a ton of jobs out there? Employers are more eager to hire you, and you can sense their eagerness and impression of you at the time of the interview – also knowing there’s tons of other jobs relaxes you and you don’t care about the outcome of one particular interview – sure you may prefer one over the other but this knowledge of the market in your favor makes you act differently than you would in the reverse. In this market you may even find yourself being courted by many companies for your skills, you may even look down at some companies for their lack of effort or be suspicious of one that’s too desperate for your services. You will reject more offers till the one you like comes along, you may be nice about it, but you might even flake on some interviews, and not call them to cancel. Your perks will be way higher in an employee market than an employer.

Now throw it in reverse, it is an employers market, now the employer can demand what ever it wants and not be forced to take the first thing that comes it’s way. They can spend less and give less perks upon hiring you, they can basically treat you like shit, because, well because you will put up with it because of limited options. You of course will take the first job that is available while hoping the market will improve, or you hold onto the one you have until the same.

Does any of this sound familiar in regards to gender differences in regards to dating? It should, because it’s been a buyers market for girls for at least 10-15 years now, but even more so in the past couple years. If you really want to understand girls you need to understand the sexual market place you are heading out into. It works similar to the strength if the job market and it all revolves around competition or perception of competition.

(too many applicants for one job)
Girls can afford to be choosey and test the market repeatedly, and even fire and rehire at their whim. Why? Because they know there are loads if men lined up at the door. So they can behave as they want – they will throw away 100’s of resumes until one strikes their desires. Even then, she gets people dropping off resumes with desperation in their eyes and a too eager frame – the poor guys just need it too much.

For a guy, this current market place is stacked against you, it almost seems like the men to women ratio is skewed to 10 men to every 1 women. That’s the perception of the marketplace. A girl can act and will act accordingly. However, if the marketplace flips, then you will see a reverse. Sometimes some differences aren’t uniquely male or female, but which gender is in the market for buying, rather than selling. Men right now are selling, and beta’s out there are offering an everything must go sale bonanza – they’re slashing prices left in right hoping the girls visit their shop. Girls that are doing even slightly well won’t bite, they can buy the top of the line, easily, because the supply of men is so high, they can do what they do best – shop and demand.

Our current marketplace has men as gender in a reduced status, it raises the highest status men to the buyer market based on perceived value in relation to the lower ranking commodities. In this market only the men with the most qualifications and skills (game) will be able to garnish enough interest from girls for them to seek out and pursue – however even still, the perks are not as great as if the girls are in a sellers market. This is the nature of the current marketplace, if you don’t master your game and come confident and aloof as if it the market were reversed, you can watch your life tick by while you collect food stamps.

Note: there are some cities and countries out there that have a fewer men to women ratio, where the market is reversed, they are like little oasis’s that require less game. Poland may be one of these places, Roosh seems to be enjoying his time there.

6 thoughts on “It’s A Buyers Market

  1. I like the analogy and find it to be very true.

    I have a question however; While the market is skewed in favor of women and guys hit on girls all the time, she still doesn’t meet many alpha males, she probably can go long time before she meets even one. I guess the question is does the sexual market situation really affect an alpha male in a big way (I know it makes things harder for him as well) ?

  2. It affects it in a big way, we are the only ones having all the sex. It’s boon time for the alpha’s. The only major obstacle is her exposure to alpha’s – you are only competing with other alpha’s, so you gotta bring game as you’re competing with the creme of the crop. This is why I think most beta’s don’t want to accept game, they don’t want to compete with the big boys.

  3. great thoughts I was thinking about this from a historical medieval period type of setting where a shortage of availability drives people into re-evaluating their worth.

    Don I think there are two realities on competition. One you actually have to be able to do it and perform (which most have hurdles to do at least at start). The Second is the ego where the though goes into if I am competing for something I want why doesn’t what I want compete for me in return? I know its tautological but still. In some sense it creates a feeling of anger due to the underlying situation and perhaps the nature of the market.

  4. Great post donlak. Another factor could also be the ages of the men & women involved. Women in their 20s are absolutely enjoying a buyers’ market, but it can & does shift eventually (thank God). Another blogger put it better than me:

    Marriage Zone

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