Dating Horror Stories

A recent strategy I’ve incorporated into my on a 1st date game when I want to create a quick bond while showing proper social awareness and a bit of a dhv to a girl, is get her talking about her dating horror stories. If you know women at all, you know that this isn’t very difficult at all, some of them have even beaten me to the punch, they’re really not interested in my stories, they really just want to dish all their bad dates and pick up attempts on someone, all the while secretly gauging your reaction (as girls are always doing). Mostly you are just giving her the thing she wants to do most, gossip and make fun of beta dates and how ‘creepy’ her dates were. To most of their credit, usually the creepy part comes out of my mouth, this gets her laughing and shows her that I instantly get it, and I’m not one of those guys.

The strategy is simple, and you can use it early in a date to create instant rapport – and while maybe you don’t like laughing at the pain of others, or listening to other guys cringe worthy moves it gets her talking, which I’m sure some of you are aware of, can be one of the biggest hurdles in gaming her. You need to get her talking in order to gain access to her emotions, and you need her to relax and open up. While not ground breaking, I use this almost on every date, as girls are usually reserved and nervous with me on a first date like most beta’s on a date with a hot babe. Once she opens up to you, she will be more relaxed and you can move off into any direction you seem necessary. The most important aspect of this game is to share at least one horror story of your own, usually mine is referencing a stalker girl, I use this one if the girl I’m with thinks to highly of herself; another one I tell is about awkward first date girl – I use this one if I sense she’s gonna be a tough nut to crack, it’s a  not so subtle instruction to her on how I want her to behave if she wants the date to go well.

It’s important for you to not judge her when she’s telling the stories, and don’t get angered or worked up by anything you hear about the stories she’s telling you – some of these stories might normally be red flags for most men, but remember, girls aren’t like guys, and no girl, no matter how nice she is, ever keeps things a secret, there is no gentlemen code for girls. Not to mention the date will be over if you’re getting annoyed or agitated. The trick is to laugh along with her and show her that you are on a higher social order than the men she’s been with. If you are maintaining a proper alpha frame, this can immediately help her bond with you and relax, from then on you are in the driver seat and get her talking about anything you want, and most likely she’s been giggling when she tells you the story, or shutters when she thinks of it. After that, you really only need to show her that you’re not like those guys, and bam, you are instantly ‘different’ and you don’t have to tell outlandish stories about you got your tribal tattoos by traveling in a small boat around the south pacific in the hunt of a lost treasure. It’s an easy trick for her to instantly view as different, and a guy that gets her.

Also, this is a reminder to all you guys out there dating, you will be a story for her to tell, whether it’s a good or bad one relies on you. Would you rather be the macho alpha that made her wet from the onset, and she couldn’t resist going home with you and taking it like a champ in every hole? Or would you rather be the guy she giggles or shudders about on her other dates? Girls are cruel, you can either sit around hating them or that fact, or you can use it to your advantage.

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