The Girl That You Don’t Feel The Need To Game: Diamonds In the Rough

I’ve spoken about the type of girls that men like, and what we as men should strive to select – only the most young, fertile, prettiest, sweetest, and most feminine girl you can get – one who looks up to you, is swooned by your masculinity and alpha nature, one who looks at you like you’re an Adonis – one who can cook, and cook well, and who loves to cook for you – one that fits into your hotness scale and sexual depravity in bed – one who submits to you freely. We talk about these girls, and some say in this decaying cesspool of the west and feminist culture that these girls are like unicorns – mythical creatures that don’t exist. But that is wrong, they do exist. And they can really sideswipe a man who has embraced game as to deal with his adversaries – which are girls.

It is a common misperception that the necessity of game arouse out of the modern behaviour of feminist girls – that because we are dealing with entitled princesses, career girls, masculinized girls, attention whores, gold diggers, and status whores; we needed game in order to combat this new onslaught. It may have led to the popularity of game, and it could be the rise of the formal game that most men on this site and others like them now come to know and practise, but it the actual necessity of game is that men have always needed game in order to get the women he desires, mold her, and keep her. Even cavemen had game. In the past, before feminism, it had been standard practice, given to you from your society and family, the traits you need in order to game women, now, because of feminism, you have to ignore all those things because it has twisted into a lie. But there were always guys who got more women, and understood the true nature of women, and used this for his own insatiable desire for fresh and new pussy.

But when you find one of these girls, the girls that succumb to your game, and meet most of all your wish list in a woman, add on some bonus traits like a smart mind, and social awareness – and it’s easy for a man to possibly lose his feeling of necessity to keep gaming this girl. Every man who dates one of these precious gems knows that his alpha traits naturally soften and you’re affection goes up, as opposed to the girls that keep testing abrasively and adversarially where you know you have to keep gaming her, to keep her in place. A girl who naturally accepts her place, and you have successfully wooed into that state, who feels at home being feminine with you because you allow her to run free in her fantasies and true nature, that she admires you and does as you wish, and treats you like a king – seems less necessary to game, on the surface. This is the case where contentment can lead to backsliding into a beta, eventually leading to her levels of admiration giving way for her stronger resentment for you, had you been a beta all along. The alpha that slips into too beta in a relationship is worse than her selecting a beta provider. You have a longer way to fall than a beta.

Now the beginning of these relationships seem easy. You just act like you’re awesome self, and if you’re alpha with strong inner game, it will run smoothly, and she’ll love every minute of it. You do as you want, and you are free to show her the affection she deserves, because she earns it. The girl that acts in a way that deserves no punishment, can be the hardest to resist turning into a beta praising her and adorning her with sentiments and gifts. She can actually make men melt – and these girls only like you because you don’t melt like all the other men she meets due to her beauty – you are looked up to, because you don’t make her your world.

If you don’t believe in any of the things I tell you about the roles of different genders, you will slide into your lame ass beta ways – if you don’t believe that women are happier with strong alpha men who don’t bow to their wishes, don’t elevate them to anything higher than the girl you are allowing her to spend time with you and adorn you with flattery and gifts and affection – then you will lose the happiness of that woman. When you are faced with the amazing sweetness and affection from such a girl, from a girl that is genuinely the most pleasant thing to be around, you must maintain your strong frame and male roles – only softening it a little. You must keep in check how much you give to her, and not lose yourself in the endorphin rush of her splendour and pleasant and beautiful demeanour. And playfully tease her often.

You must game always, but you need to learn the difference in levels and types of games that is required for different girls. Honestly most of the game strategies and advice out there are garnered to the more hostile of targets – but as men who really know women will tell you, the ones most likely to trick you out of your game, are the girls you actually want. Remember, just because she appears to be your selfless and pleasant sex toy that gives you everything you need, if you let your guard down for a minute, she will rip your heart out.

7 thoughts on “The Girl That You Don’t Feel The Need To Game: Diamonds In the Rough

  1. So true, those are the ones that lull out of your game-frame as you start easing into blissfull betaness and then she dumps you for an alpha stud …

  2. These are the ones that love you for your alpha studness. Lose it and you lose the girl. Constant reminders are needed for men that aren’t natural cavlar alpha’s.

  3. Very true. Its really interesting. I can feel the slip into betaness. I’ve been experiencing this very thing lately. Its interesting to actually see myself slipping and giving too much. When I was a beta chump I never perceived it, I blamed the girl for whatever, as sad as that is to say, but things have changed, my perception is different now. Really interesting. Either way I can’t give too much. I’ll get run over. Fuck that.

  4. Can you give more clear guidelines on what the boundaries are in gaming a truly feminine sweet girl?

    Traditional game that works for me on other trashy girls would probably make my girl cry, or feel like she’s done something wrong. She requires little correction, so at times my ‘natural’ game feels like I’m hurting her when she doesn’t deserve it.

    I’ve been trying to soften the edges of my game with her but when she behaves perfectly, I find myself almost punishing her when she doesn’t deserve it: withholding affection when she has earned it, teasing her when I WANT to cuddle her instead.

    Is that over-gaming? It’s hard to find a balance.

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