How To Fight Feminism

A lot of the MRM will probably reject this concept because, well because they’ve put so much effort and ranting about feminism, and taking it head on – usually with the same results – some more popular rag or blog followed by the legions of feminazi’s and ugly fat broads with no social skills and femininity or understanding of their own feminine ways take it and inundate the pro men’s rights blog or statements with man hating misandrist shrills, shaming and mocking all the while giggling in between shoving bon bon’s in their mouths and screaming, power to the word slut! Or they inundate our blog’s with terrible arguments and hate, and shaming tactics trying to pull us reasonable people into an argument that is doomed to fail, because you’re one, talking to someone who isn’t rational by nature, and two, talking to someone who only wants to attack you for your beliefs, not involve themselves in a discussion. I know we all want a world where we can have sane adult discussions about the positives and negatives of certain viewpoints and laws have on the population, both male and female; but that’s still living in the matrix, where you believe in the fantasy of what you’ve been told is reality. We however, actually live in reality.

No the best way to fight this curse, is to treat them as any strong man of the past would have, how you should treat women in general, lest they act appropriately, nice, tender, sweet, joyful, happy, basically a nice person that you want around – that is, if they aren’t the type of girl you want to be around or talk to or sleep with, ignore them. Yes I know, not what the MRM wants to hear. To beat feminism, you must ignore it. Every time you hear someone say something pro feminist, or some feminist argument, or shaming tactic, or attack against our rights, or attacks in general – anything feminist. Ignore it. This is the key to destroying the dragon.

All women have certain traits in common, and feminists still have these two important traits in common with actual feminine girls. These two traits are, that women love attention, and all women want social acceptance/power. We’ve talked about why they all want this many times, I won’t get into that here because I’d rather focus on the only way to beat this feminist draconian law that has been unleashed on us. Ignore it. Women’s emotions are like a fire, you try to add things to it, it just grows larger. If you take out the oxygen, the fire goes out. Feminism exists and flourishes on the friction created by reactions from men and women that don’t agree with them, there arsenal is strong, and their armies of white knighters numerous – if you keep fighting them on their terms they will win. Ignoring them will suck the oxygen out of the air.

Some say game is just there for players to exploit women for sex, but it can be so much more than that if you can get your head out of the mass media and information matrix and see reality. In order to show power over women in seduction terms, ignoring her at certain times, which in female terms is punishment, due to her desire for attention and validation, and is the most powerful tool in a man’s arsenal. Reducing her to something below you is your strongest weapon, and every girl will feel inferior to a man who has emotional mastery over himself and women. Partaking in an argument with a feminist only gives her what she wants, attention and thus validation. If only I could have told men this 30 years ago, we probably wouldn’t be in as much of a mess we are in.

See nature abhors a vacuum. Femininity cannot be quenched. If women keep acting more masculine, men will act more feminine. Nature cannot exist with out the duality. What we are seeing is men acting like women, ie mangina’s, white knighters, hippies, etc. The only way to restore balance is for us as men is to ignore women when they act like we don’t want. Ignore them. Am I saying don’t sleep with women or date them or anything like that? Of course not. I love women. I’m talking about bitchy delusional feminists. They do not deserve real men’s attention, and I will no longer give it to them. They will feel the vacuum of our attention, and will eventually seek it in proper behaviour. Men reprogram women, as much as women dictate the sexual market in men. They are the choosers in the sexual market place initially, but we are the one’s that select which ones to keep around. Girls are followers, and if you keep feeding the monster, it only gets bigger and fatter and angrier, so stop feeding it, and lead them by ignoring them like you would when a girl starts talking about what her co-worker said to her that got her so mad. Men and men’s rights movement types need to band together to ignore the shit out of any woman who disgusts us, be her fat and gross, or angry bitter feminist. If you must, pump and dump only.

I know that all the MRM’s that read this will start to yell about all the laws that are in the favor of women and hurting us, but again there are simple solutions to this in the interim. Don’t get married. Don’t go out with manipulative bitches that will falsely accuse you of rape, i.e. learn game, and don’t impregnate a girl. Eventually, women, even feminists will get the hint, and require attention, and seeing that no one is paying attention to them anymore, will abandon this garbage, while at the same time, men, acting like men again, and ignoring this nonsense will get together and start moving forward again in society, without regarding women, and start creating new things again, create and become powerful, and impress the true feminine girls out there that appreciate themselves and men.

10 thoughts on “How To Fight Feminism

  1. Great post, simple yet effective! Maybe it should have been called How To Defeat Feminism since you are advocating to not ‘fight’ it directly.

    The thing is though, bloggers like yourself and MRMs will have to walk a fine line between continuing to raise awareness whilst not fueling the fire.

  2. Excellent post. There is Roman sensibility here. Treat all feminism and female clamoring as so much noise, wave it away with an imperious gesture, and watch them deflate or consume themselves in smoldering resentment.

    And add ten more volumes of deconstructionist “sociology” to their university library shelves.

  3. “The only way to restore balance is for us as men is to ignore women when they act like we don’t want.”

    Yes. The behavior of women can be conditioned—same way as you train a pet. Reward behavior that you find desirable and ignore or disincentivize behavior that you dislike.

    This is an especially essential tool for any man in a relationship.

  4. Great points and I find myself agreeing with this article completely.

    Though I find this form of ignoring difficult to do in the military. I’m in the navy, I serve on a ship, and I see a loose form of “feminism” very often on ships and elsewhere in the services.

    How do you explain to combat this…in the military or even the workforce?

  5. However when the forms of feminism come to you unavoidably (passed up for job promotion in favour of women quota’s, men’s sports teams on U.S campuses disbanded as they are seen as sexist), then what?
    I’m afraid I feel something more needs to be done about this. Over the long term at least. I see this coming to the fore if a very prominent figure in society publically addresses this (hard to do as almost certainly your be out of office once this has happened), but once this does happen it will raise awareness and wake people up out of a deep sleep.
    Either that or society itself becomes somewhat defunct (already happening in social and economic spheres – with a welfare system feminists love that is bleeding the government dry) and it will revolutionise in some form or another.

    One of the two forms of change anyway, I can’t predict which, there’s much reason for both of them.

  6. Couldn’t agree more to your thoughts. Women in any form good or bad, mother or wife need attention, bad ones more, good ones less.

  7. This whole article is so ridiculous. What mess exactly? Not being our slave masters anymore? Having competition at work? Women being able to have her own mind, money, property and influence in society?
    Training women as pets to feel inferior is exactly why women do no want to date american men anymore. How far down history do you think women would have been kept like playdolls, really how far? I am not american but in my homecountry men are not whining about feminism. They see women as human beings with free will and don’t need pathetic little courses to talk to one of us. Fu ck you and your outdated abuser views!

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