How To Tell You’re On A Date With A Feminist

Let’s take the obvious out of the equation right off the bat, all professional feminists are ugly, masculine and undatable, so none of you should or would be on a date with one of these shrews. However in the western world a pretty face and body can be deceiving in determining whether you are going on a date with a feminist status whore, or just a pretty girl who likes to dress up or look pretty. If for some reason you haven’t pre-screened these girls during pick up or introductions, you can use this handy guide on knowing whether to proceed with the date in order to pump and dump, or just eject out right.

She talks about her job/career. If a girl brings up her job at all, unless a passing small talk bit about having a tough day, or something funny or frustrating that happened at her said job, then she’s a status whoring feminist. No guy interested in sleeping with a girl gives a rats ass about what she does, especially on a first date. I’m honestly kind of at a loss on why girls think this is appropriate at all, other than projecting what she wants in a male and thinking this is what a  ‘modern’ man should and would be interested in as well. We aren’t. First dates are about flirting and seeking a sexual and emotional connection with someone, seeing if you get along and are attracted to one another, not to see if 3 years down the road you are compatible for marriage. Any woman who brings up her job is in a subtle way demanding that you be attracted to her for her accomplishments, and refuses to accept normal biological gender differences. She is no good as a woman, and if she’s hot enough, perhaps a pump and dump if you can distract her off her self righteous perch long enough to turn her on.

She states that she’s feminine. Another flabbergasting comment that spews from modern western women. Especially a feminist status whore if it comes out of nowhere, meaning you were saying nothing in your conversation what would lead her to a defensive posture where she needs to defend her femininity. This behaviour is a clear indicator of her hamster working overdrive to convince herself that she hasn’t left behind her natural femininity and power and happiness by trying to reinforce it with faux empowering verbage, much like a Stewart Smalley would. Pump and dump or eject from this date. She doesn’t know a thing about being feminine. Her idea of being feminine is that she carries an over size purse and plucks her eyebrows, and nothing about being sweet, genuine, and nurturing and adorable.

She talks about her condo. Any girl who even mentions her condo is falling under the assumption that her having a huge debt over her head that she’ll need to spend the rest of her life paying off just to appear successful has any bearing on whether a guy wants to rip her clothes off and throw her over the table and ravage her. It doesn’t, and she’s displaying how little else is going on in her life other than working, and building up her social appearances. Going on any more dates with this girl will be filled with fancier restaurants and shopping for a tribal mask at some kitschy designer store in the yuppie district, where you can find similar trinkets thrown in the garbage in a normal district for being tacky. Also you will be required to co-host boring dinner parties at her condo that she wants to show off to everyone she can to make herself feel important and worth while, because her lacking femininity is creating a deep void in her soul – you will be required to sip wine slowly, make inane small talk with mundane people about their cars, their jobs, their dogs, their mortgages and the different types of wine they like, oh and of course their pretentious trip to wine country – afterwards you will be expected to help her clean up and you may be able to have missionary sex with her after she spends 45 minutes getting ready for bed and enters the bedroom with a cucumber mask on and wearing girly pj’s. If this sounds appealing to you, by all means stay on that date.

She drives three blocks to work while living downtown. I included this because a recent girl actually said this to me, and I had forgotten that girls still do this blatantly lazy and ridiculous concept. One, in this city, like most cities, if you live within the downtown or city proper, you don’t need a car at all, and  in most cases costs you more in parking and gas and headaches than buying the car and insurance combined. Any girl that drives a few blocks to her job is not only irresponsible but bat shit crazy and brutally lazy. She is a status whore and a feminist because she’d rather keep fit by spending a few hours at a gym playing her part then leaving the car at home and walking to work and save her an extra hour a day at the gym. But of course where would she show off her cute new work out uniform then? I love girls that take care of themselves and go to the gym, but these types don’t do it just to stay healthy and hot, but to fit her idealized status. If they could roid it up and become a man and keep this status they would.

These are just a few, but if you find yourself on a date with a girl and you’ve been trying to tease her and she won’t bite on your playful and charming hooks, listen for some of these comments and topics, you probably got duped into being on a date with a feminist and/or status whore. Pump and dump or eject.

2 thoughts on “How To Tell You’re On A Date With A Feminist

  1. A woman should keep quiet about her career and independence and let the man find out later on from people she knows. Real men still want good girls who act like real ladies, not man-eating bitches and slutty female pick up artists.

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