Am I Secretly Hypergaming Women?

Yes and no. We tend to bash women for this socio-biological behavior but do men do this as well? Of course, the difference lays in the association of status between the two sexes. Men value youth, beauty, femininity and fertility – where as women value social status, power, wealth, stabibility and dominance. Nothing new here, obviously, but what about players who land perfectly acceptable girls that fit into the biological and psychological spectrum of what they deem attractive and desirable? Does the imbalance in marital laws and the eventual and likely betafication keep players away from sticking with a girl for a longer term than they are other wise doing banging away in the field? Or is it simply they haven’t found one worthy of sticking around with? Or possibly is it the boredom factor – no matter how great she is, you will get bored of her and desire new poon?

I of course fall into the latter, I know I get bored hella easy and after at most 6 months of beating up the pussy as much and often as I can, eventually I will become bored of just one girl. It is a fate that many other men are doomed to repeat – wear it out, get a new one, or have a bunch of new ones, into a cycle of never ending pussy seeking. I wonder myself will it ever stop? I’ve had the long term relationship, marriage type commitment, as begrudgingly as I went into it, I really did if for easy access to daily pussy. In one sense it’s a gold mine. But that always dissipates into boredom. The more time I spend early on in a relationship with a girl, and the more of a routine it is to see her, the faster and more intense the boredom. I look at it as almost a curse. At my weakest moments I look at my married friends and I think to myself, ‘will I ever be able to do that again?’ – even upon meeting great youthful beautiful girls that give me everything my hearts desire – I will still want something different. If she’s petite, I want tall and slender, if she’s tall and slender I want petite, if she’s white I want asian, if she’s asian I want white, ad infinitum.

There is however two different sides of my story here, and one of them is basically male hypergamy. I’m not gonna get into anything serious with any girl unless she meets some basic hotness, sweetness, and playfulness, and easy goingness that I have in my head. I keep playing the field until something that meets the irresistible quota that I know I will forgo other pussy for at least 6 months without even really thinking about other girls. When I go out with a girl these days I’m still thinking, ‘can’t I do better?’ – and sometimes I wonder if it’s taking away some of my enjoyment. When I’m 100% on my game, I don’t even think about that stuff – it’s only when other crap in my life gets a little stale or repetitive or uninteresting that I start to gravitate towards a daily infusion of the same quality girl.

See there’s something wrong here in my brain, because what I preach girls to be, is only allowing me to get all the cake and eat it too from the ones who give me this – and in all honesty they really shouldn’t be giving a guy like me this feminine and sweet and sexual attention, they should be giving it to nice guys who will marry them and take care of them. So something keeps feeding me a little guilt every time I let one of these beautiful soft creatures fly away. I should be keeping them. Obviously in a perfect world I would be able to keep them all as long as I want in a ever growing harem – but reality must always creep in at some point. As I get older, this will be harder and harder to do with the ones I actually want. Shouldn’t I be content with taking a 21 year old and staying with that until she at least hits 31 or even 35 at my then older self? Shouldn’t I?

The paradigm of course is that success breeds success and I can’t help but try and ride this wonderful pussy train to the end – but there is also no shame in sticking to one or two for a while. I mean I’ve lived a good sex life till now, will it ever end? Is this a fear of it ending or not using my youth wisely by not banging all the potential bangs I can get in my relative youth? Am I really addicted to new poon this much?

I see no issues with players tossing aside girlfriends for the seeking of new pussy – I of course believe that you should have new pussy on the side or waiting for you before you do, but that’s not always possible – And I also have no issues with players finding an actual high quality babe to spend a significant amount of time with. But I’m not really sure where I stand right now… part of me wants to spend more time on the rest of my life rather than getting new poon, but I will be honest, I don’t spend that much time searching for new poon, I don’t need to.

There is benefits on both sides of the coin, and also negatives – and one thing most of all dictates my decisions: I don’t ever want to become stale.



5 thoughts on “Am I Secretly Hypergaming Women?

  1. I hear ya on this. In every ltr I’ve had, after about six months to a year, the same girl doesn’t excite me the same way as she once did. In most cases, I stayed around longer than that until her personality started changing. Or the inevitable betafication. Luckily, I’ve seen it coming and always ended it first, returning to the player lifestyle for a few more years until a new one qualifies as ltr material.

    Its like a drug to which we become tolerant. Its a cycle and a damn fun one.

  2. I’m a woman and I have to admit that biologically men are probably cut out to have multiple female partners, at least as far as sex is concerned. Even putting other things aside, there are times in the month when a woman cannot be available to serve the man’s need, at least not fully. And when a woman gets pregnant the husband’s needs are not attended to for months!

    I personally feel bad if I cannot satisfy my man. If he goes out to seek other girls because I was not good enough in bed or because I was unable to fulfill his needs I think it is me who should be apologizing. The bottom-line is men were created to go out in the world and do great things, they should not have to wait around for a woman to be ready. Women were created to serve men and we should happily do so. It doesn’t bother me if my man has sex with other girls as long as he remains a protector for us.

    If a man thinks that I am not doing a good job to satisfy him, it is fair that he finds another woman to spread his seeds. I believe in the survival of the fittest. So if your man is strong, chances are he will want more than one woman to spread his seeds and as a woman I would be thankful that at least I got to be one of the lucky ones to be his woman and serve his manly needs.

    P.S. Donlak, you sound like a very sexy alpha male by the way :P

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