Do, Or Do Not. There Is No Try

How do you teach charisma to a person that does not know charisma? How do you teach game to someone that doesn’t know charisma? How do teach men that it’s not routines and tricks and manipulation that gets girls to sleep with you but making her feel sexual, feminine, pretty, entertained, and caught up in a fantasy? How do you teach someone that reads that and thinks it’s completely abstract? How do you teach one that doesn’t know what you’re talking about?

I honestly don’t know. Some guys can hang out with a man who has game, charm, a never say die attitude, aloof, uncaring, completely unfazed by approach anxiety, social and charismatic and pick up nothing – mainly due to a lack of self confidence that he too can become this, he too can do the things the man he’s with is doing with just as much ease with practice and application. Some guys can hang around a mentor and pick up nothing. He also can reject certain behaviours because it doesn’t fit in with his programming of what he things a man should mean to a woman and how he should behave. It is quite shocking to me that with all the game blogs out there that men still think the way they do about what attracts women and what turns them on about it. But I feel, it still reverts back to fear. The fear of losing oneself by becoming what he really needs to do – the ‘safe’ belief in the fantasy. For some men, the fantasy and illusion are more sacred than actual women.

For all the haters out there, this is for you:

Reality Check 21: No man that is good with women (multiple women) hates women. You cannot hate women and be good with them. You have to completely love women in order to be a Don Juan. Some may not respect them, but as men, we can love things we don’t respect (think children and pets) – some may think women are inferior to men – but one thing rings true for all players – their world is made better with women in it. We all love women.

There is nothing as splendid as falling into the abyss with a soft young beautiful feminine and sweet natured girl – a girl that envelopes you in her sexuality and reaches heightened orgasmic pleasure from pleasing you sexually. I can get lost for days upon days, years, in her presence, in her very essence – she is by far the most seductive and pleasing thing on the planet. Nothing can compare to a girl like that. Nothing.

But teaching a man how to be able to appreciate a women like this is complex. Most men that say they respect women, don’t respect them at all – they are unwilling to give women what they truly want. Every mangina and white knight out there has no concept of what really makes women tick – really understand her true inner being, her sexuality and how her emotional well being is tied into it. She is a mysterious being that doesn’t seem to want anything to do with them, no matter how hard they try to be nice, chivalrous and polite to them. They just can’t fathom why they won’t respond to them. They don’t know the inner workings of women and their true deepest desires – and why would they? For the greatest awareness a man can have about women, is that they need to keep this secret – and if you seemingly instinctually pick up on this secret desire of hers, and display that you are in tune with it, with out her giving it away to it – creates this mysterious wunderlust aura around you – you are the prince charming – you are the man she dreams of and you have bonded with her in a way that few if any other man could, or would.

When you can accomplish this feat, then you can unravel a women, and see her true nature – a girl who will do anything for the man that gets her – that gets her deepest darkest secrets with out revealing them – who understands her – it has nothing to do with being chivalrous and respectful – and has everything to do with knowing what she wants and giving it to her. No woman can resist this.

This is of course what game is. Creating this for a girl, and giving her this connection. This is how girls relinquish control and allow themselves to be taken sexually and emotionally. The masculine power flushes them out, and they become enthralled by your very presence with every confident and seductive word making her moist, quiver, and making her fall deeper into her fantasy. But how can you really teach this?

For a man to learn this, he needs to be open to learn this about women – he needs his preconceived idea’s to be dismissed – he needs to be curious and attentive to her body language, the look in her eyes, and her subtle cues – he needs to love women and want to explore her. Game teaches you everything you need to get to the point of being a master seducer – one thing game doesn’t teach you, is how to ultimately become the person that can do this.

The only way you can do this is to get experience and be open to it. Face rejection, and be strong enough to get through the countless rejections and learning experiences along the way. No one said it was going to be easy, the path of the Lothario is littered with bodies that failed to make it to the pearly gates of wisdom. The truth lies in reality. And the truth is, don’t try to sleep with women, just learn how to sleep with women.

Do, or do not, there is no try.


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