To Keep Her, Or Not To Keep Her

You have a steady girl, steady lay, or LTR with a girl, and you want to be a player, are a player, or trying to get new pussy – and the question comes to you, do I keep this girl around to do everything I want sexually with her? Or should I break up with her. Willy Wonka recently had been questioning this very thing lately with his girl. To give up easy poon or to not.

The common misperception players have, when they get caught up in game and notch counts, is that keeping a girl around is in itself a beta trait – or keeping her around because you don’t want to lose the access to pussy you are getting. This to me is where game fails us. The beta labelling begins to make us do things that may actually be detrimental to our game. The concept of not fearing to lose the pussy begins to come into action on, lose this pussy to prove that you aren’t afraid to lose the pussy. This of course is action more beta than keeping the girl around in your harem.

To me there is only a few reasons why you should throw away perfectly good pussy that you like enough to keep around in your harem or in a relationship. One, you are completely bored of her and not attracted to her anymore; 2, she wants further commitment from you and you want to still bang more girls or don’t want commitment; 3, she catches you cheating, and breaks up with you; 4, she realizes on her own that you won’t offer anything more than you are giving so she dumps you; 4, you land a hotter, younger, more feminine pussy.

Any other reason I think is only damaging to your game. You can bang other girls, you can get pussy, you can use her to hone your game. I suppose the sense of breaking up with a girl is that you get comfortable in relationships, but if you’ve been reading this blog you know that you never can stop gaming – so being in a relationship is gaming, and can benefit new poon. Plus having pussy can allow you to attract new pussy. If you’re hearts desire is on new pussy, use your current pussy to get new pussy.

I think when learning game, it can be an issue of letting things get in our heads – before game it might just be insecurity and confusion – after game, you can pin point more accurately, but you can still make mistakes. I find when you’re off your game, you make decisions that further hurt your game. When you’re on your game you can do no wrong. I think even thinking of breaking up with a chick for anything but the reasons I stated above, then you’re off your game and your in your own head. If this is happening to you, I’d say get your game back, then make the decision.

With that being said, sometimes change is necessary and needed to shake one up to get back on their game. And if you reach this point, like Willy did, it’s probably best to break up with her – mainly just because its now occupying your thoughts so much… should I, shouldn’t I. Once you start that thinking, you’re in your own head and you need to excrete that at all costs.

But, my advice is don’t get there in the first place. A girl is supposed to be your play toy, not a burden and not something preventing you from playing with others. You call the shots.

4 thoughts on “To Keep Her, Or Not To Keep Her

  1. I agree, it seems a waste to throw a good thing out unnecessarily. The only condition I might add would be if the girl gets crazy or stalker-ish on you after you hit it better than she’s ever had. Some girls fall hard for you in this instance and when you back away they lose it. Some girls are chill when you do your own thing or when you establish the boundaries, that you’re not going to be exclusive and so on. Some go ballistic. And some girls are so nuts that they like having you as a side fuck on their boyfriend but get insanely jealous when you bang other girls. Nuts. Gotta kick the crazies to the curb for sure when they bring the drama. The sad thing is some of these crazies are the wildest and most uninhibited in bed. Oh well.

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