Vent The Beta

I’m an artist, it’s in my bones – because of this lifeblood, this sometimes curse, this birthrite, this holy mark on my forehead, this calling, this destiny, call it what you will, I am tethered to my beta side unable to ever fully cast into the abyss – for I know I would lose an integral part of me that is crucial to my art. My propensity for dramatizing my life, in the process of defining my life and events around me is so second nature, I would need 10 years in Beta Rehab for it to totally disappear – and I don’t really want to see this side of me completely disappear – I find it is the last little vestige of humanity left in my bones – it is the side of me that appreciates the beauty in life – the beauty in the love from an adoring female – the tenderness, the sweetness, the femininity – as much as I crave and lust alpha dominant sex, adding the loving tenderness a woman can bring to the altercation is something I would never want to become numb to.

Okay, now before my loyal readers bottom jaw falls off from disbelief, I’ll reassure you dear reader, that I am not beta, nor want to be beta – but it is a part of me that I don’t wish to eliminate just because it doesn’t attract women – and we all know that a little bit of beta mixed with alpha is the perfect combo for LTR’s if I chose to venture down that path yet again. This blog and others preaches and tries to bash into most beta readers skull on the need to act more like alpha’s – and it’s advice that should be followed – but I know the one thing that switches some guys over to game is the same switch that turns men away from game – they don’t want to lose that part of them that I refer to as Beta, for lack of a better term and for the lack of time and space to elaborate more on the exact state I’m referring to. If you know what the traits of the beta male are, then you should be able to grasp my intention.

As an artist, it is an invaluable part of me that allows me to see the world from one of the viewpoints of a certain sect of the population, and allows me to relate to them – this serves me well in both my art, but also in my social life – for being able to relate to others is a major part of socializing, and the more people you can relate with and display genuine relation with, the more people you will be able to befriend and attract. So it is a part of me that I don’t wish to toss into the waste basket of my life – then again, I know that keeping this beta version of myself front and center is only going to cause me disarray and anguish and gnashing of teeth. So how do I manage to keep the beta inside and active yet maintaining alpha frame?

Every 3-4 months or so I take one day and night and I let my Beta dominate me, I let him front and center, I reverse my polarities – I let every self conscious thought take hold without my natural urge to vanquish it – I reminisce of past loves, trysts and relationships – of failures and successes, and I allow myself to sentimentalize them to my beta hearts content. I will completely let him run over me. I listen to sappy introspective music, I do sappy introspective writing, I run through every emotional gauntlet that has happened to me, and all the brewing emotions ready to burst from my ears like a cartoon character has steam come from his ears. The trick is to be completely alone and have minimal to no contact with family, friends or girls – and just let my Beta fly with no conditions and no judgements. It’s like closing the blinds and dancing naked, if I was the type of person to do such a thing.

I can usually feel this time coming when the beta starts to creep into my dreams, then into my thoughts… when my alphaness starts to wane and the beta David Banner starts to try and come out – when this happens I know I need to lock myself into a room in order to protect the world from the reverse hulking that is about to go on. I am alpha, beta and omega, I am everything. The omega doesn’t get much time, cuz he doesn’t need any – but the beta needs to be vented and released so I can get back to my proper equilibrium. It’s how I manage my betaness and how I keep him under control. It’s why in LTR’s he resurfaces, due to the lack of time alone – and when I’ve gotten out of this quarterly release than the beta starts to wreak havoc with my state and frame – only vanquished with one of these strange ethereal nights.

This allows me to keep both sides of myself under control. It is a delicate balance that I relish to keep – it is a tried and proven method for myself – and I would recommend anyone in similar positions to find their way to vent the beta.

6 thoughts on “Vent The Beta

  1. I identify very much with this. Well done, and interesting concept to do that day of unabashed venting.

  2. Excellent stuff man. I totally relate to this, as a writer and musician there are certain aspects of personality and psychology that are totally useful in a lot of ways, and that have to be dealt with in their own way. I think this is great advice for men, and I do very similar things. Playing an instrument regularly is a great release and keeps me grounded. On the one hand it provides a little of the beta smoke tent ceremony and on the other hand it can be a building up of confidence, as you’re getting better at something. Same for writing. So it’s a win win. But sometimes you just have to hole yourself up and go inward to the full-on smoke tent (great metaphor). I do this with music and films, writing, playing music. Right on Donlak.

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  4. Its like yin and yang – theres a little beta in every alpha and a little alpha in every beta.

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