Reality Check: Activism Has Killed America

I use America as a stand in for the west because it was and still is the figure head of western civilization, to say that Canada isn’t a province of the great American Empire is I think naive at best – if people want to believe in the illusion that Canada is an autonomous nation with it’s own distinct culture and policies than go ahead and keep living amongst the fairies and unicorns. We are completely dependant on America for our own economy, and our culture save a few nicer and more relaxed nature is exactly the same as American’s. At best we are all the same and the cultural differences through out North American are more regional than they are because we’re a different country – for example, BC has more in common with Washington State, Oregon and California; Alberta with Texas and Nebraska and Wyoming; The prairies with Minnesota and the Midwest; Ontario with New York and Pittsburgh’s and Philadelphia and Washington DC; Quebec with… well that maybe the one difference ok and the east coast, maybe they’re truly distinct. The point is, it’s more regional than it is a unity of state. It’s the same within America itself, New Yorker’s have little in common with Idahoans as Torontonians do with people in Saskatchewan. We are not all one people under a flag. Our countries are too diverse and large to be all the same.

This posed a major problem that the forefathers couldn’t really foresee, for at the time they had come from a small state that had an empire and colonies across the globe, yet the mother land was still a small little island north of europe, and North America was mostly undiscovered or unsettled. With 100’s of years of expansion and groups settling different area’s you had communities that grew into cities that grew into it’s own cultures because they simply traded and built their land and culture with little influence from the rest of the world. Bring in the new world order and mass communication and mass migration and idea’s like feminism and cultural movements and things get more convoluted and confusing. A culture wants to remain distinct yet we have all been programmed to be loyal and patriotic to the flag first – the country first and to our own regional culture and communities second. This now obvious dangerous and foolish dichotomy destroyed the west, for cunning corporations now exploiting the world’s work force for it’s own profit was found free to shun it’s community ties and go national and then global without having any corporate ethics dispute on it’s hands. The lack of your community above all else, even the flag has led the way to a mass brainwashing the likes that haven’t been seen since Nazism.

Now I’m not saying patriotism isn’t a good thing to have – but one, you’re home should be above your country and your neighbors should be me more important than people across the country, it should be a domino effect, you, your neighbours, the next city, the state, the next state, the next state, all the states, then the country. A country should be there in small way ensuring that there is a national economy, laws, and social net that helps all of its citizens, and little more. But this is not what has happened. With this nationalistic and burgeoning world view, it has become a breeding ground for groups and people’s to infringe itself into all corners of the world and nations. Activism.

I began to have distaste for activism in the late 90’s – I saw countless and seemingly daily protests for a thousand different causes. All of these activists fighting for what they believe is a cause that is of the utmost importance! We must make people aware that this is important. All that it this did was saturate the market with people that seemed to be bitching and moaning about some shit. The people they were trying to reach were tuning out, it was just another protest about some other bleeding heart nonsense. The view of these types of people grew, and they tuned out. Did this stop the activism? Nope. In turn it became a culture. It sometimes gained political clout and politicians started to make these into ethical debates and moral issues that seemed to be important to it’s citizens. Where most of us rational folks sit back and wonder what the fuck is the big deal about Gay Marriage? We don’t give a fuck if they want to get married, just do it, move on, this issue should have been a non televised, two hour bill passing in all of our senates, never to be spoken of again. For 99% of us this would have went un-noticed in our daily lives – well because I live in a place that has legal gay marriage and a lot of gay people in it, and I don’t see it on a day to day basis, in fact I’ve barely seen it at all, except through mass media and activists.

Feminism… oh you feminism you, falls into the same category. I have no problem with the basis of feminism, but it shouldn’t have been a big issue, and it shouldn’t have permeated our culture like it did – I don’t give a rats ass if women work, drive, or vote – I can make arguments all I want why it may be a good idea or a bad idea, but they are human’s and should be treated as such – they’re just not the same as men. But with this feminist bullshit activism being constantly shoved down our throats on a daily basis it trickles down to even the most fairest of the fairer sex and pollutes our culture with more nonsense.

My friends, you have been successfully divided in order to be conquered. How does it feel? Do you feel ashamed? You should. You got played by the most obvious and tried and truest form of conquering. Let them fight amongst themselves. There is only one current main event in our lives that everyone should be together on, and that is corporate greed. They took our money and our jobs and they offered nothing of benefit, and we all sit there and take it up the ass because, well hey Jersey Shore is on and I can still be famous someday. We as westerners are in this denial phase of our phases of loss. We need to get to acceptance in order to fix the real issue.

I’ve been so sick to death about every bit of trivial nonsense that comes out of people’s mouths and especially politicians, that I want to run to an island and live a normal life. That’s all I want, a normal sane life with sane people on it, who aren’t trying to bully or convince me that white cheese is better than orange cheese. I don’t give a fuck. I want a society that works, and I want an economy that allows me to live a good life, and a good life for my friends, my family, my neighbours and my fellow Vancouverites. For now the rest of you can fight for yourselves, we will meet up along the way and shake hands with our commonality being that we look out for ourselves and ours first and see where we can benefit each other. That’s how trade and economics are supposed to work. Not a multi-conglomarate corporation closing up shop to hire foreigners to work for cheap and then try and sell you the shit you were making, and have you buy it like good little servants.

You will hear that in order to support the economy you need to go out and spend. This is true, but only if both sides of the coin are being upheld. That means, that the economy is invested in you. Why the fuck should you help out an economy that doesn’t invest back in you, your community, or your country. They don’t even pay taxes, but I bet you do. This is the issue that will crush the west… and all the while you will hear a bunch of whining and bitching about how unfair it is to be a woman, and every man is a rapist, and that we shouldn’t let gay people get married because it will erode our precious culture. WTF? You all get raped by corporations every day, and you don’t say shit about it. When people bring up an issue like this to me, and I’m not in the mood to placate them, I will deride them and make them feel the fool that they are.

Get with it soldiers.

One thought on “Reality Check: Activism Has Killed America

  1. “I’ve been so sick to death about every bit of trivial nonsense that comes out of people’s mouths and especially politicians, that I want to run to an island and live a normal life. That’s all I want, a normal sane life with sane people on it.”

    yep, I feel ya, same here….. but you know the quote,

    “You can’t ever find a place that’s nice and peaceful, because there isn’t any. You may think there is, but once you get there, when you’re not looking, somebody’ll sneak up and write ‘Fuck you’ right under your nose.”

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