It has been called the very thing that game is. Some argue it cannot be taught, some say it can, some say you’re born with it, while others say it’s something that you get through social exposure and environmental exposure. Whatever the case may actually be, it is something you can lose.

Charismatic men are game changers in the social scene, great charisma can raise your attractiveness that no other trait can, save massive fame – with everything else, you can rise above with charisma. It is of course a tricky thing to comprehend, and too much of it you risk coming off sleazy like a used care salesmen, and too little you come off like an omega nerd who is unable to even think of talking to girls without breaking into hives and sweats.

How does one get charisma? You may ask. Charisma is borne out of attention, attention begets charisma and charisma begets attention (positive social attention) – there is little wonder why good looking guys have charisma, especially if they’ve been cute and therefore charming their entire lives – late bloomers suffer from late blooming in charisma as well. The advantage always goes to the better looking guy who’s been cute since he was an infant. Anyone who tells you that people aren’t hard wired to pay attention to attractive people needs only to be around people with cute and not cute kids – the attention that the cute kids get is significantly different than the non cute kids – even from their parents. They of course all say he’s so cute, and oh what a little charmer… kind of things to cute male kids. At least they used to, I have no idea what they do now. They probably try and put a cute male kid in dresses for all I know of this feminist modern world.

Being a cute kid myself, throughout my whole life, I had gotten attention with doing very little – I have gotten a lot of flirtations from adults when I was a child, from other men, and especially from girls. I pretty much walked around with out a clue as to why I was receiving this attention and was actually self conscious about it for a long time. I was the kid that wanted to be left alone – and again like human nature, the person that wants to be left alone, will never be left alone. What a twisted world we live in – for all those heart twisting beta’s longing for the loving embrace of a woman.

Growing up with this I came to learn that it wasn’t going away – but because of all this attention I had such a vast array of human social behaviours that I could replicate upon demand as something that I learned from all this attention received, and thus I was charismatic. I learned how to flirt, I learned how to dominate a conversation, I learned how to push back any self consciousness in an interaction, and I learned how to manipulate people into liking me, for no good reason other than the fact that I could talk my way out and in of every situation. Charisma is powerful.

But, as you learn, and being someone who likes to be left alone at times, even now, I’ve learned that this isn’t something that you can switch on and off on a whim, if you aren’t constantly practicing it. If you take a job where you aren’t able to be charismatic, and interact socially with people on a day to day basis, you can lose this charisma. If you are in a LTR or marriage you can lose this charisma if you aren’t gaming your girlfriend or wife and other girls and people anymore. If you get comfortable and lazy, you will lose the ability to switch on your charisma when you want to.

Charisma is like a muscle, you need to keep working it to make it stronger and to keep it active. It isn’t really the financial ruin and stress of a divorce that really kills men – it’s the sudden transformation of being lazy and uncharismatic from their marriage, to suddenly having to remember how to be charismatic and go out and start dating again. It just seems too daunting. It is to a man’s over all long term well being to constantly practice using his charisma and charm. If you lose it, suddenly you’re just a boring drone, no better than a beta orbiter or an omega ghost. Charisma gives you the edge, gives you power, and gets you girls. Charisma is the great equalizer. Charisma can get you anything you want in life. If someone was asking for my advice to help himself get better at anything, I would say, learn to be charismatic – you will get away with anything.

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