Are You Too Good For Her?

When you are at a good consistent level of aloofness, mixed with good looks, confidence and social skills, being high value – you will begin to find a certain reaction out of girls that on the surface a man can read as disinterest or a high level of shit testing, seemingly flakiness, or flat out pre-emptive rejection. This seems counter intuitive for men, and at times gets miss-categorized by guys getting this reaction as rejection based on betaness or not being good looking enough. In reality this reaction is based on the girl thinking you are too good for her, too alpha, have too many girls, would not be with her past a pump and dump – a girl can already have such a high value she places on you that you have disqualified yourself from even getting back to her place. She takes on traits of either a frightened girl that getting her to budge out of her awestruck gaze and get her to go anywhere with you, or get her to go out on a date in the future seems like a continuous round about of comforting and re-conning.

Sometimes even when you aren’t actually giving off player traits, hinting at other girls, a girl that places high value on you will assume you have the pick of the litter and therefore would not be interested in her – or you get the mentality that now she has to stand out to win your affections. Her natural defensive state falls back on her programmed play harder to get state that girls think lands them the alpha they are mesmerized with. Little to their little hamster brains, this has the consequence of not getting with said alpha man because he won’t chase a girl, no matter how hot she may be, for the true high value man will be on to the next, more willing lay. A girl may be hot as hell, but there is always a younger hotter version of her out there. But girls are afraid of alpha’s – it is this same fear that also makes them tingle. But for actual good girls – this tingle is overwhelming and she wants to rein him in, and she goes for the safe bet, either he’ll lose interest which she assumes he isn’t that interested anyways, or he’ll show his interest. Again, girls assume that alpha’s play the beta game when he finds a girl he wants to be with, but we don’t. We simply have too much attention and other options to do that. It’s like a hot chick, she has too many options to not go after the alpha’s she desires, it’s the same for high value men.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of girls that will go home with you, that will throw themselves at you, will be DTF with you; but as a high value man you start to see this segment of girls that other men simply do not come across. A genuine cute girl that you’re interested in banging, but perhaps even a short relationship with, and god forbid maybe a longer term because she’s a sweet little thing that is the true essence of femininity. The kind that once you know you bang them, they’ll fall hopelessly in love with you as soon as the magic wand hits the back of her cervix.

You will also find girls over qualifying themselves to the point of absurdity and un-comfortableness – it can turn into awkward conversations because it’s not a fun conversation to constantly have to reassure someone that you are interested in them. Again, it’s like a girl with a beta male. The conversations are difficult to get through because although you can play with her a bit, the insecurity on the girls part becomes something that needs to be managed too much in order to warm her up to later banging. The more aloof you are, the more comfort you need to give, but then when you start to comfort her she starts to know that you are able to do this with any girl you want.

This one insecurity with girls in relation to you as a high value man can be quite off putting, it seems if you act aloof you lose to her safety of not getting attached, and if you comfort she thinks you’re a player, if you escalate, she thinks all you want is sex. A girl who is in awe of you is one of the more difficult to crack, because she assumes, accurately, that you are great with all girls, and her fear of female competition can out way her desire to be with you.

Of course it would be out of character for me to not tell you how to handle this situation properly for your banging advantage. Being able to determine this reaction to you is first and foremost. Learning to differentiate from genuine disinterest is a must. So once you determine this little play is going on, the only way to shift this is to start honing in on her peculiarities or personality traits – you need to shift away from attraction and escalation to start to display some interest in her personality and slyly make it seem to her that you find her more than just the other bangs you are getting. You will need to start to explore her personality a bit here, and make a semi conscious effort to make her think that you think she’s special on some small level – not too much, but just a little bit of interest in something she does will be enough – and you will most likely have to fake it, and probably best if it is faked. But this will allow enough comfort for her to think you aren’t just talking with her to bang her, though you are, and that she feels that you view her as something more than just a pretty girl. As a high value man, your opinion of her actually means something. If she gets a little from you she will feel the desire to relinquish this pent up gush of orgasmic glee on you – because she just wants a reason, one little reason to let it loose on you.

This can be a change up for good looking and/or high value men, because a lot of the lays we get are sexually charged from the beginning where the girl is more than ready to let you ravish her body at your pleasure, and when this resistance or insecurity creeps up, we can become a little confused and off put. It’s like our brains are suddenly telling us, maybe we aren’t as good looking as we thought, I mean I banged a girl in 30 minutes of meeting her the other night, and here’s this girl acting all scared and/or defensive. But it’s not the case, it actually means you are as good looking/high value as you think you are, it’s just that not all girls are going to be as easy as, touch, kiss, bang. Usually my bangs are that, she giggles, I touch, then I kiss, then I bang.

I used to walk away from the types I’m writing about here because well, I generally prefer that touch, kiss, bang girls to the girls that need a little game – well because I knew I could and would meet girls that I could TKB. But it is a good thing to go after these girls, because these are the diamonds in the rough, the good sweet girls that you want to keep around longer, but also the ones that keep your game tight. And of course, once you understand what it is that is required from you to get these girls, it no longer seems like work to do it. The only time being with girls is frustrating or seems like work is when you don’t understand them or what it takes to bang them. Once you understand, you do whatever it takes to bang them. Sincerely or insincerely.




6 thoughts on “Are You Too Good For Her?

  1. Great post Donlak. I’m actually having a girl over tonight who is right in this wheelhouse- always shit testing, defensive etc but clearly into me. Perfect timing for this.

  2. I’ve actually walked away from a lot of these types of girls too. I always knew they were in to me but didn’t really want to put up with their insecurities about me. Funny enough though they’re usually the ones you really want to bang more because they come off as more feminine and less slutty than the ones you can just bang quickly with game.

  3. You are wise Donlak. And this is gold my man:

    “they’ll fall hopelessly in love with you as soon as the magic wand hits the back of her cervix.”

    I know this type well. They confused the shit out of me for far too long. Now I read through it pretty quickly and see the telltale signs of interest behind the insecurities and defenses. Your game plan for how to deal with it is spot on. I sometimes take another route which is to engender some jealousy in them, which can spark their competitiveness, but only with a certain type of girl. For example, talking to her less attractive, but less defensive friend can make her hamster go into overdrive and she’ll forget all the reasons she was behaving that way in the first place. Of course, this can backfire too and she can go the other direction and be even more defensive, withdrawn, or get bitchy. I think in general the disarming approach you talk about is best.

  4. [...] I’m always interested to hear from readers about their experiences. This topic in particular interests me because it seems to be a component experience of becoming good with the ladies, that one naturally starts to be more relaxed, aloof and also to let things go more easily, especially interactions and relations with women, however good, bad or neutral they may have been. [1],_methinks. [2] Donlak’s Are you to good for her? [...]

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