Strong Women?

There’s few men I have met that love women that are also white knighters, mangina’s and noble defenders of women being independent and strong ‘women’ – most men who love women love femininity and natural girlish behaviour. Sadly in the west and as it seeps into every crevasse, the world, it seems to be a dying trait, or at least it seems to be shifting into men becoming more feminine, with women acting more masculine, much to us lover of women’s chagrin.

This really is due to a great insecurity in our females. Insecurity of their feminine natures, they are programmed and bullied into believing they need to be ‘strong independent women, who don’t need a man to be happy’  bullshit – all the while their basic physiological impulses and biological nature are pushing them to be caring sweet, and friendly, and sexy things they were born to be. The sexual freedom of girls isn’t really a bad thing on the surface, as it provides us guys who can get some, to get more than our forefathers could ever have gotten in their lifetimes – but because it’s infused with this bullshit feminist mantra of behaving like men in order to be sexually free and be proud to be sluts, as they try desperately to shove down our throats the absurd concept that being a slut is the same as being a stud.

The other side of this insecurity is the poor nice girls who got played by alpha’s like me, who were quick to trust, and quick to relinquish their bodies and souls to, only to have the alpha move on to the next available sweet natured beauty, and in turn making her defend her femininity to the point where she is too insecure to let another man see that level of sweetness.  She is insecure with this in order to not get ‘played’ again, so they start to become a little bitchier, and a little meaner and a little more masculine, because they are told to act like men in order to be strong women.

The harder a girl tries to act tough, feminist, independent, bitchy, slutty for empowerment, the more insecure she is in her own femininity. Girls are losing this nature at an alarming rate. The more you go out with girls, the more you interact with them, the more you see it. I can tell by a girls face how ‘independent’ she is trying to be, and won’t even waste my time. Girls shouldn’t be listening to feminists about how to be a strong woman, because they are the most insecure on how to actually be feminine, or a strong woman. A high value man wants a real strong woman, one who isn’t afraid of being sweet, wholesome, slutty, sexy, innocent, naughty, caring, and empathetic, and most importantly motivating. A strong woman actually makes her man a better man, not a person competing for power, a strong woman knows her value, her true value and uses her feminine ways to get what she wants, not going out and to try to be a man.

Remember this post the next time you are with a girl who’s fronting like she’s a ‘strong woman’ – because she is the furthest thing from it. Feminists wouldn’t know what being a woman is if one came and slapped her in the face. The shaming language that is sure to follow is that I’m just a man who is afraid of an independent woman, and in order to cut that senseless argument down before it has a chance to stick its head out of the sand with this: I am not afraid of strong independent women, I’m just not attracted to that. I’m attracted to what I am not. I want a female and every wonderful thing that brings with it.

Oh yeah, and if you want to start infusing shaming language to combat this terrible behaviour in girls, start calling girls that acting masculine, dude, pal, homie, bros… they’ll get the message. A strong insult to a bitchy turn down is, ‘thanks man’ – and walk away.

16 thoughts on “Strong Women?

  1. [...] Women should embrace their femininity and enjoy it. The ones that do already understand how this is a yin/yang thing with a dominant man. There is power there for both, it’s just different. The way a man feels when he’s with a woman he wants who is submissive and gives herself over to him is pretty incredible. I’m assuming it’s the same for a woman on the other side of the coin. [1] I love being called Sir [2] Donlak: Strong Women? [...]

  2. Hello Mr. Donlak,

    I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with this post. It’s these insecurities in both men and women that keep us from playing the roles that we’re meant to play. The problem, I feel again, is the natural balance of things. Don’t count us out now, us women get along just fine without men, but we REALLY do need men, just like you need us. We’re meant to compliment each other, know our strengths and weaknesses and make each other better. Hurt women and men cancel each other out, and it leads to the prolonging of relationships and that should have ended the night they met, and procreation, which leads to their children in the middle of some insecure relationship, which shapes how they view relationships, therefore breeding a new generation of beta babies.

    As far as why women are they way they are now, what are we supposed to do? Cry out in the streets? Throw ourselves to the betas so we don’t have to be alone? TEACH these sorry sons of bitches how to be men? Let life stop because she can’t find someone who really deserves that Alpha male title? We don’t have time for that. We can’t TREAT a man like an Alpha unless he really is one. When we do, it leads to the bitchification of betas. They will NEED us to boost their ego instead of getting those ego boosts the right way, while we really wear the pants in the relationship and feed him his lines. My definition of an Alpha is a man that can stand on his own emotionally, financially, and physically. Like I said, I don’t consider myself to be a feminist, but these men are few and far between. What is supposed to happen in the interim?

    For us women who have taken control of our sexuality, and found other ways to let go and be the feminine creatures we are, it’s very true that we’re possibly avoiding meeting a guy that is an Alpha but who is not relationship minded, or doesn’t plan on sticking around. No one likes to be hurt. We are very emotional creatures, and despite what we say, there is NO such thing as friends with benefits. It’s a double-edged sword to be a woman today. Most really want to be that woman for the right guy. We figure if we roll over and be sexual conquests for men like you, at least we’re getting what we need. But this is a lonely existence. Just listening to you, it sounds like you’re saying ‘Bitches, just give up. Make it easy for us. Let us use you and feel good about that shit too.’ because there is game and truth to some of the things you say in your posts. To be honest, most women have lowered their standards to embody this attitude. These are the ones who make it easy for you.

    But for women like me who don’t make it easy for you, who intentionally try to scare the betas away (I read your effort vs. reward post, and I identify most with #3.) we don’t want to be a conquest. We set out to be an example that all women aren’t the same, and treating us right has it’s reward. As women of virtue that know they are the greatest asset to the right man, how are we supposed to be okay with letting you get to us (and you know what I mean. Real women don’t have to be bitchy and mean to have defenses), cause you know that takes time and effort, and when you finally get your ‘reward’ you bounce? It takes balance for her to see that it is what it is, and to move on emotionally and be emotionally available to another man.

    My question to you is this: how ELSE are we supposed to be with all the betas swimming?

    Again, great post,

  3. Here’s what you are supposed to do as a girl, if you like a guy, flirt, be sweet, be kind, be charming, and sleep with him. I will not even consider a girl for relationship material until she’s given me my basic desire, which is sex, and if doesn’t happen within the 2nd date, then I move on. If you don’t like a guy, don’t sleep with him. Pretty simple actually.

  4. I’m also a woman reading this blog. Thank you Mr. Donlak for sharing your insight as an alpha male, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only woman who has learnt a lot from you.

    I agree with the above poster, Tiffani, that it is really hard to be a feminine and submissive girl in today’s world. In school and college we are taught to be independent and strong feminist women. We are told that we can have a career, multiple relationships and even a family on our own without men. But as I get older, I am starting to learn that this is simply not true. Women need to rely on men, and it may be strange to say this, but men and women are not equal. A man, especially an alpha, will easily have many women willingly submit to him, but not vice versa. Although us women have tried to campaign against inequality and a lot of good came out of it, we are also denying our natural instincts as women.

    Before following your blog, I used to be very defensive towards men, I would compete/argue with them and was constantly disagreeing with them because I wanted to act strong. Of course I knew a lot of times I was wrong, and they were right, but I just didn’t want to ‘lose’ to a man. Eventually a male friend of mine told me off for the way I behaved, this was also about the time I discovered your blog, and somehow it all made sense to me finally. Deep down as a woman, I naturally want to be submissive, sweet, feminine and respectful towards men but we girls are taught to behave in an opposite way. I now know that I behaved wrongly as I was very stubborn, I have since apologized to my male friends for being such a bitch towards them before. Now I am much more respectful and submissive towards men and miraculously men are much nicer towards me too!

    I have some questions remaining, as a girl I want to satisfy the men in my life by being sweet, kind and treating him like a king in bed, but would guys find this slutty? Also I am attracted to alpha males but it seems like they are constantly surrounded by hundreds of other girls desperately trying to get his attention, should I accept this and try to get him to sleep with me or should I just walk away?

  5. Get him to sleep with you. He may not stick around but you won’t get him if you don’t. And every man likes a slutty girl – just not one who is a slut.

  6. Very worth reading. I agree with this fully as well. Nothing is sexier than when a women tests me to see if I am a wuss by being an uber bitch to me and I have to emotionally spank her and stop paying attention to her, so that she’ll apologize for her behavior in a few minutes, and I can then give her the validation she needs and wants. I prove to her that she’s with a strong man who can stick up to her, a good women is the most important thing in a man’s world…if he can stand up to her, he’ll have no problem standing up to the world for her, I then say something like,”Do you love me? When she says, “Yes.” I say, “Give me a hug.” And when I embrace her I I say something like,”You know you’re the most important thing in the world to me, right?” At that point any bitchiness is gone and she just melts for me, and I feel awesome, too.

    Also, I love when a women throws a temper tantrum/ breaks down crying/ flips out from a pms flair up, etc. (SHE GETS EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL) and I can be like,”SHHHH. SHHHH. No, No. Come here,’ as I pull her into my embrace. Then I can say something like,”It’s ok. Let it out. I’m not going anywhere.” BOTOM LINE: Women, not with chemical imbalances, that are emotional are sexy to strong men. Weak men will start to apologize or flip out when their women gets emotional. A strong man is like a rock….doesn’t change, move, and can’t be shaken.

  7. @ Tiff: you modern women CREATED and mothered this current sea of beta males, your bed and baby sorry but you have to lie in it now. where do you think they come from? feminism and sluts. bastards, bastards, bastards. alienating and dominating men in primary education, laws keeping men from their kids, bullshit feminism brainwashing destroying fatherhood and manhood the last 30 years.

    so yea, i love you and i am truly sorry for the lot you women are in, but you all put yourselves there. those shitty excuses for men are what you gals created, literally via sluttiness + social engineering. so ladies, you gotta lay in it, sorry.

  8. This is so stupid. Some girls don’t fight it, they’re just naturally boyish. Plus, feminine females who are really feminine and trusting? They’re usually fucking stupid. No thanks. Me? I hate feminism. I’m just naturally not very feminine, and if some guys (let’s face it, not ALL guys) have a problem with that, they can go suck a dick. Also, I’m never naturally bitchy. I’m tomboyish, and very nice. It’s people like you that piss me off, because you expect females to be your stupid little princess dolls. Welcome to the real world now.

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