Re-conditioning Stints

There are two main reasons why I don’t think it’s good for a man’s game to only go after 8’s and above’s unless for that man, those are below his standards. But more importantly I’m talking about average men, and upper average men that are after better game and better girls.

The first reason is obvious and used quite often, and that is to get off a cold streak. Pussy attracts more pussy, and the other pussy only smells other pussy, not the quality of that pussy you had. It also relaxes you from dealing with that cold streak cloud hanging over their head, and leads to more frustration, and a negative feedback loop when going after girls and they reject you because your frustrations seep out of your pores. Getting the cold streak over is important, and not as important as your precious standards. Besides lower status girls need a little action too. And who am I but a humanitarian at heart.

The second reason, usually shunned by white knighters and guys frustrated with not getting the type of girls he actually wants – the same guys that say they wouldn’t even touch anything below a 7 ever – and that reason is, when you are  interacting with a girl who has strong attraction for you, you begin to see how natural and easy it is to hit her triggers, to talk to her, to not worry about how you are coming off, and it provides you the sense of flow you need to do with all girls – when you get the attraction signals from a girl, you can get used to keeping it going and escalating towards a bang, and no, higher value girls do not work differently. All girls are essentially the same when they are attracted to a guy, and with a guy that they want.

Being with a girl a bit below your standards who you are still attracted enough to sleep with her, gives you the exact frame you need to be with all girls. So if you are a guy struggling with frame for whatever reasons out there, be it new to game, or coming out of an LTR, then using this practice method will help you reach that frame and be comfortable with it. I look it as a minor league stint to get your game back up to the big leagues level. Like in sports, being on your game is essentially just being in the zone, and learning how to play consistent. Spending time in the minors can help you improve your game and your future conquests.

March on soldiers


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