Only The Bang Is King

Gmac had a post about the ‘sure thing‘ and how he let it slip due to logistics, which in turn was only logistics because he thought following her home would be too needy. Now this post isn’t about talking about Gmac’s game at all, or is this in any reference to his specific logistical problems, but it reminded me of a lot of problems many men have asked me about when they get into game, and start reading these blogs. Alpha is king, is not accurate, kind of.

The issue of losing out on a bang because of our own internal critic, is not one discussed at all on the manosphere, at least as far as I can tell, and I will be honest I don’t read all of the posts by all the writers out there, I just don’t have the time. But that’s besides the point. I think a lot of troubles men have with girls has little to do with the girls and more to do with the guys themselves. For one, like in Gmac’s situation, for me, the bang is always king, alpha is unimportant in this regards, only the bang matters. I only want to get between her legs, I don’t need to make her think I’m the greatest guy in the world, unless that’s what it takes to bang her. With logistic problems, your mind should always be angling for options, options and options. Basically things will come up, and it’s usually excuses from the girl, for a plethora of reasons, be it LMR or honest logistics, your mind should always be coming up with whatever option allows you the possibility to get with her one on one, or in some situations, 2 on 1. Always have an option, no matter how ridiculous it is in order to get with her. Is it needy? Maybe, but if you’ve built up attraction where you know she’ll sleep with you when you are alone, or even if you think its a possibility you will, you should be not letting her get off so easily. Girls don’t always give up sex easily, despite the common slut culture that exists. Always have an answer until you have exhausted all attempts and she has essentially shut the door to the opportunity. If you don’t bang the girl, and you get rejected, are you really concerned with how she feels towards you, or is it that you’re inner critic doesn’t want to ‘come off’ as needy or beta? And come off isn’t to her (sure we must be aware of what attracts a girl and learning the tricks to do this is good, but after attraction is built, it is to do anything for the bang) it has more to do with how you are critiquing yourself. After an epic fail you feel miserable, and it isn’t her rejection, it’s that you played it wrong, or you failed somehow, and you know it. Acting beta and losing feels bad, but so does alpha and failure.

This brings up the ever elusive aloofness game blogs write about in terms of attraction to girls – and the trick to aloofness is to get out of your own head. This works both before, during and after any interaction with a girl. Stay out of your own head at all costs. Do not do any analyzing until at least the next day after you have distracted yourself with whatever it is you do to distract yourself from girls. Just let go of judging yourself. This is of course what being self conscious is, and it’s the opposite of aloofness, but it is mis-categorized by being described as caring what others think of you, and it really has nothing to do with others. We are our own worst critic and a lot of AA or escalation anxiety has more to do with us than it does of what a girl may think of you. If she rejects you she isn’t in your world and unless you live in a small hamlet, you won’t cross paths with her again.

Game blogs over-emphasize alpha behaviour – which is ultimately geared towards guys who are struggling with women. If you are getting attraction you do whatever it takes to get between her legs. Learn from the naturals and our forefathers, there is often times where weaseling your way up her skirt is needed. It’s called plowing, just keep plowing until she flat out rejects you or you fuck her.

It’s not that alpha’s don’t care what anyone thinks of us, it’s more that we aren’t concerned with our own inner critic. If you do something needy or beta to get laid because that is what is required to get the bang, than do it. No self-respecting alpha lets a bang go because he had to show some beta traits, or risk looking uncool for a few moments, just to fuck a girl. Game doesn’t end at the tricks and tools given on our sites, it’s more about doing what it takes with specific girls, and if you want a better lay to talk ratio, then do whatever it takes to get her naked and ready. Every girl is different, and every guy here, and reading, have different SMV’s and because of this, all men will need to do things a bit different than me, or someone else to plow through.

It’s like when you tell your friends an embarrassing story about what you were doing to try and bang a girl, what do they always say?

“Well did  you fuck her?”

If the answer is yes, you get respect and you’re the man, if no, then you’re hilarious, beta and your game wasn’t tight, and you will be mocked accordingly. The bang is king.


March on Soldiers



5 thoughts on “Only The Bang Is King

  1. So true.. A couple of weeks ago this hot girl invited me to meet up with her at a certain bar. When I got there, I get a text from her saying that her friends ended up going to a different bar a couple of miles away and that I should meet her there. I thought she was shit testing me and I would look like a total beta if I dropped what I was doing and drove there so I went home instead.

    A couple of days later I find out she wasn’t the one driving and that she ended up having to call a cab to get home because her friends were too drunk. Talk about a missed opportunity!

  2. The problem with shit testing is that guys running game start assuming that everything is a shit test and they need to pass it. It replaces the focus of supplication to focusing on the opposite. Once you are only thinking about the bang, you can put up with anything, because it’s just minor obstacles to avoid to get there. Once there you dont really care about anything she says because you are plowing through all obstacles, which is the confidence, persistence, and aloofness that girls want. It’s how most girls want to be pursued rather than the suitor route. They love the dance.

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