The Only Reason To Get Into A LTR

I should denote this by saying  if you’re younger than 23. The only time I would actually recommend one ‘should’ get into a long-term relationship at an early age in their greatest sexual market place value and vigor – is if you are a man who has little sexual experience. A LTR at an early age with someone younger than you, that hasn’t had a lot of experience either (good luck) or at the very least is caring enough about you to bond with her and explore your sexual appetite and techniques with. It is one of the major benefits I had when I was 20, got into a relationship with a great girl, who made me mad with sexual desire, and we spend days and nights fucking like animals… at every chance we got we were fucking, where ever and when ever we can – this lasted for a few years – it was insane, and was the best thing I have ever had, even to date. I have yet to be with a girl who wants to fuck as much as she did, and as long as she did, she was in retrospect a little champion, she also sucked the best cock, which she would do the odd time she didn’t want sex. She was the definition of the perfect girl friend. In many ways I still wish I wouldn’t have broken up with her, but I did.

Being in such a relationship gave me more confidence, more experience, more sexual gratification, and a more relaxed aloof demeanour that I would not have learned or had if I was bangng a few girls during those years. The benefit of young LTR’s is great, neither of you is thinking of marriage or kids, if she is, the expectation of you thinking of that stuff is far down the road and doesn’t even come up. You are simply enjoying everything about each other – young love, there is not a whole lot better than that. The reason I broke up with her was that I was pulling other girls, and wanted to increase my notch count before I even thought of marriage or staying with one girl, and because I honestly did love the girl, I just couldn’t continue on cheating on her like I was doing. Sadly the relationships after failed to measure up. As time went on, expectations grew, and the future was always on the horizon for these girls, sensing my disinterest in staying with them, they’d try and lock me down for good, and pressure me into devoting myself to them… that wasn’t gonna happen.

LTR’s as you get a little older can still have benefits, you can still have consistent sex, avoiding dry spells, but you can also do more damage. Divorce rates are high, but girls ditching you in their remaining high SMV is higher if you aren’t clearly into the long haul with them. If you relax into these LTR’s your game will get weak, and you will suffer intense frustration on trying to get your game back to bang girls again. It’s easier to learn game than it is to re-learn game. If you have to re-learn game, you are coming at the dating market with more baggage and in a physically different spot (you’re older), you may even have let your style go, you may have even stopped flirting or knowing how to escalate – the remnants of your old self escalating dangle in the back recesses of your memory like a distant ornament hanging from a rear view mirror, out of focus. Losing your game is not optional for men. In a LTR it is even more important to game your GF or wife, not only to have her react to you the way you want, and ultimately please her, but when you need to get back out there, your game is still tight. In a LTR it is in your benefit to flirt with other girls, even hook up with them. A girlfriend will not be accepting to this, but who do you think is gonna have an easier time getting sex after you break up, you of her? She will, even if she’s past the wall, there is always some horny undersexed man that she can offer sex to that will put out – even high value men will still need to work to get laid, at least a little, and if you’re just back into the dating market with no game practice, it may be a while before you bang your first girl.

LTR’s are good when you get a little tired of the dating market, and you’re okay with having a girl around that you care about and get affection and sex from, but it is not coming out of the game as most people believe it.

Now LTR in your early 20’s can be beneficial, but you should definitely be gaming and fucking everything you can in your early 20’s, because the girls are, and have. Those years the girls will never come as easy, they will never have such little expectations other than sex and fun. As you get a bit older, it takes a lot more work, and you will see your social circle shrink as your friends get married off and LTR’d off. You have to work to get new friends, new girls, new things. And as you get older, the lure of LTR’s become less and less powerful. I just don’t see what’s in it for me.


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