Why Vancouver Is Tougher Than Most Cities

Competition. Look, there is more hotties per capita here than most american cities and Canadian cities put together, but there’s also a competitive group here that makes if more difficult to get the upper echelon girls – and add on the over inflated ego’s of the  7’s and 8’s in our society, they too fall victim of thinking their 9’s and 10’s and demand only the top percentile in the city to go after them – and in this city it has little to do with alpha, and everything to do with looks and status.

In order to explain a little, I’ll give a run down of the local high status males in their 20’s and even into their 30’s – it’s really quite simple, rich kids with all the time in the world to work out in the gym. This is the kind of town that having you’re own apartment and car is nothing if it’s not an apartment above the 20th floor in certain parts of town, or a large house in west Vancouver, or other somewhat hidden area’s of Vancouver which suddenly turn into vast mansions of the rich and not so famous. There is so much money in Vancouver, you’d think we were hollywood – you would think there must be some major industry here churning out all these wealthy people, and they must be all famous. Wrong. We have our share of famous people here, but so do other cities. People move here with money, they rarely make their money here in Vancouver. There is no industry in Vancouver that provides the wealth you see flaunted around at every downtown corner, and ritzy five star hotels. Our biggest industry is tourism, second is probably film – but only movies from hollywood get filmed here, for the most part, so most of the stars spend a few months here max. We also only have one real major league sports team. There is no actual industry in Vancouver. We have mining and things like that based here, but that accounts for only a percentage of wealth that is overbearing in this town, which has miraculously been kept in a bubble with the world economy crumbling around it. Why? Because of the amount of money that is here – where it comes from? Who the F really knows. All everyone knows is with that much money around, and no clear way to determine how anyone makes it, all the girls want a taste of it, and they all seek it wherever they go. They actually expect you to at least own a BMW, if not you’re pretty much nothing. That’s the lowest totum pole car here. It’s like Beverly Hills 90210 on steroids. Literally. The old on, not that new piece of shit they have out now.

Why are girls not as open as in other cities? Because not many girls here are looking for a good time, they take their lives way too seriously, and when dating want that 2 bedroom condo, nice car(s), small dogs, fanciest clothes, and feel like their little heiress’, when they’re not. The top echelon are alpha only because they have had everything they want since highschool, so they can run aloof game as a natural, they have the pick of the litter with every 9 and 10 in this town, and there’s a shit load of them. You think girls can smell money in DC? Girls pretty much fall on their knees with any sign of a roided out wealthy dude. You simply can’t compete in the same room as them if you aren’t in the same category. Game all you want – these guys you’re competing with have an I don’t give a fuck attitude that they aren’t faking, and can get away with any time, to anyone. You want to compete with a guy who can take girls home for an after party to a 3.7 million dollar sky rise condo at the end of the night? Good luck. Unless you happen to be one of those guys. There is also no clear population divide in the sexes – meaning there’s no shortage of these guys to get people under them a sniff at the 10’s or 9’s. Not like a place like Victoria, when I lived there it was 7 girls to every 1 guy. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, the shortage of high quality high status men was massively evident. A normal dude could land a 9 or 10 there with game with ease.

This is unlike Toronto or Montreal, where you have a bigger segregation of competition. You have more hipsters, more artists, more different types of people. Vancouver is too small and insignificant do produce anything of merit, because it really  has no culture, and any culture it had has almost vanished in the past decade. It’s only getting worse for normal people to find a place here.

So that’s pretty much why Vancouver is the most difficult city to game in – it just doesn’t matter about your game with certain girls, they won’t even consider you if you aren’t good looking, ripped, and most importantly a rich kid. It’s also why you find a lot of poser’s dressed in designer clothes spending all their money on bottles and tables at clubs trying to look baller, when they should know that these ‘alpha’s’ of Vancouver don’t actually flaunt it out loud, it’s merely just normal life to them. They would just invite a girl back to their spacious penthouse and assume every guy can get her to strip naked the moment she walks through the door and sees what she could have… if only… if only…. The city is filled with average frustrated chumps that would be alpha’s in other cities.

So why do I live here? Well one, I still love the city, I like the weather over other Canadian cities, and don’t want to live in LA even though it would further my career, at least not at the moment. But the biggest reason is, I don’t buy any of the bullshit I wrote above, because it’s from only a certain perspective – it is true to a very large degree, but if you launch into your day or night with attitude you won’t pull anything. Also the 6’s and 7’s here are like other cities 8’s and 9’s – ain’t nothing wrong with using game to get those girls. Plus you can usually befriend these dudes and use them to pull 10’s you can bang while partying with them just by being around them. Also, there are fewer dogs here, much fewer 5’s and below’s here than other cities. I can walk around Seattle for example and not see a pretty girl for hours, here I can go on my patio and see 5 walk by my apartment in 20 minutes. It’s simply a better selection than anywhere else, the girls flock to Vancouver for the weather like it’s California. We get the tops of the country. So is the competition really any different elsewhere?

There’s always someone better than you, but the point is to get better, do better, not shy away from challenges. Plus once you realize how lonely the girls actually are here, you start to realize the illusions are just that, illusions, and you can start to pull some pretty little things at your want.



6 thoughts on “Why Vancouver Is Tougher Than Most Cities

  1. Fucking Victoria is a Feminatzi nightmare tho man. Every guy I knew there had some false allegation thrown at him . Huge attitude in the bitches too. Lot’s of Bi and Lesbian girls to skew the ratio.

    It’s not a pleasant city to work in , the wymyn are gunning for your job , or a payoff. NOT an exaggeration. I plain didn’t like the girls due to nastiness , and liked running game and then, blowing them off.

    Further, the city has an increasing Cougar population , and some very unhappy ladies .. uh, females, because of it . ( throwing away their youth on “experimenting ” and rejecting ) Karma man.

    Let em rot.

  2. Its been a while since ive been there, but I’m speaking of under 24 girls, and when I was there it was paradise until a US navy ship docked, then the fatties came out in droves. Does that still happen?

  3. Yeah that was my target market also.

    Timeline : mid 90’s to mid 2000’s.

    That whole city is surprisingly filled chock full of unhappy people. Men and women. The guys are just little bitches who go out of their way to backstab anyone they can, and the girls — even the young demographic — well, the best word is nasty and femi-minded.

    Which is strange since it is such a beautiful town and great climate.

    My observation is that it is a very atomized population. Most people only have one or two friends ( once past high school age ) and they never mix. It’s like a hard rule to ignore anyone even if it means one is lonely themselves.

    I had a decent managerial position there, but was always watching my back. Even away from work. When I picked up game around 2000 then the tables turned. My favourite hunting ground was the high end Market on Yates , where they had hot chicks at the multiple checkouts. I don’t know how many got fired over the years from there over inner-fights from applied game.

    Though I miss the climate, I’m happy to be gone from there and do not look back wistfully.

    When were you there?

  4. total nonsense, I lived in vancouver 11 years, it’s not a rich city at all, it’s quite poor because it’s overpriced, overrated, and unimportant in the world stage. And its not filled with hot people. More like a city filled with mediocrity. It’s these delusional articles and perspectives also from the locals were a huge factor in me hating the city and my desire to leave. I have lived in Socal , Sofla, and soon to be Texas. Nothing makes me happier than leaving BC.When you leave BC, you’ll see that virtually no one thinks that way about vancouver .. only in the miss of the insular locals.

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