Chameleon Game: A Player Test

As self-proclaimed natural (though it was more observations of others, learning from others, and trial and error that made me that way – I’m a natural by means that I didn’t learn any ‘game’ theories on girls until somewhat recently when what I do naturally fell in line with what I had done most of my adult life) I found that sleeping with girls has a lot to do with being able to play different parts and different roles with them. I have studied acting, and acted in a few films that probably allowed me to do this more naturally, ie getting all method into my role with that specific girl, and determining what it is she was looking for. I for one know that I’ve probably not banged at least two girls for every four that I did bang by using ‘Game’ type styles. But don’t we want better results always? In my pre-game days I probably lost out in other girls that would’ve benefited from knowing game rather than adjusting to what it is that I thought I could manipulate properly to get sex. And sometimes, rare as it was, I was completely off on reading a girl and playing a specific role blew me out.

Okay first of all, what do I mean about playing a role, or being what she is looking for at that moment? It means this: Some girls have had too many alpha’s and are looking for a step down for an alpha, if I approach them with the dominant alpha manner, she probably won’t sleep with me if she’s generally trying to move off from them – women are a stubborn lot – the best strategy of course in this situation is to assume an toned down version, and start feeding her more ‘relationship guy’ game. Meaning you’re not escalating as harshly, you are pretending to listen to her more, you aren’t negging or teasing as much, you aren’t trying to lead as much, you’re more focused on hitting those ‘I’m just a decent cool guy’ rather than an alpha stud that will be banging her in a few hours. Of course hitting the right marks on a girl, you increase your chances that you will be banging her. It is more important to be filling a girls immediate needs or desires, than trying to force feed your alpha dominance down her throat.

Now, 8 times out of 10,  game will work, being alpha will work, and in a way I still believe it’s alpha to do what it takes to get laid with that girl, than it is to be caught up on whether you are acting beta or alpha with a girl. I find that dichotomy to be destructive when dating, and leads to a man being self conscious of one’s behaviour. No I think it’s much more beneficial to be assessing the girl and determining what’s your best way to bang this chick, as soon as possible. Now this is probably darker than some men want to go, or at least they will think so, but know this, you are by following this line, giving the girl what she wants, and never underestimate girls in this regard. As much as they like to lead us to believe that they are easily manipulated, they aren’t that easily manipulated, and they know what they are doing – oh sure the rationalization hamster will start to spin once her actions don’t jive with her beliefs, but she still knows what she’s doing, whether she’ll admit it or not.

So the players test is this: Would you, or are you capable of, allowing yourself to not appear as cool, as dominant, as alpha, and even beta, in order to get laid with a specific girl? Are you willing to forget about such status and psychological tactics to really go deeper and more specific with your target? Are you strong enough to know you’re not beta, even though by acting beta with a specific girl may get you between her legs? This is of course for advanced gamers mostly, because you need a solid inner foundation. Being alpha, is the one who gets the most girls. But acting alpha, and being alpha are two different things, and at times players need to mix up the signals they’re sending to different girls. Are you a true player? Of are you stuck on being alpha or not beta?

The test is, would you do whatever it takes to get laid with specific girls? Or would you let a girl walk because it damages your alpha ego? A real player, a real alpha has only one goal in mind, and that is to bang.

4 thoughts on “Chameleon Game: A Player Test

  1. “A real player, a real alpha has only one goal in mind, and that is to bang.”

    Absolute bullshit. A real man has lots of other things to do, the pussy is just bonus.

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