Sincerely Speaking, Girl’s Get Wet With Insincerity

Some men not born with the teasing player gene simply don’t get how to talk to girls, and get caught up with lines and routines, but really it comes down to how you say things, rather than what you say. If you say everything with a false sense of sincerity, you can say anything you want – you can even say beta comments with this tongue in cheek manner. Think of it as an obvious flirty lie that both you and her know is total horse shit, she’ll giggle like a maniac.

It’s all about how you say things, rather than what you say…. put the right cocky/funny or blatant lie tongue in cheek vibe on any of the following statements while you slightly hold back your cocksure smirk:

You: Oh, come on, I’m a nice guy, I’m all about love and romance. I’m about wining and dining a girl – I just want a girl to feel special and unique.

Her: (giggle) ya right

You: it’s true, i respect women.

Her: (giggle) oh sure you do

You:  yup, I always pay too, I wont even let a girl reach down and touch that over sized purse of hers.

Her: (giggle) you jerk (giggle)

You: Jerk? Me? Never. I won’t even let you kiss me for a month.

Her: (giggle) a month?

You: Yup, I’m a gentleman.

Her: (giggle) you’re bad… (glassy fuck me eyes)

Mocking beta language is  one of my favorite flirtatious games I have with girls. They eat this stuff up like it’s a box of bon bons. They can get enough of it. It serves as a major dhv as this is the same things she hears from beta’s, but sounding actually sincere, you are in tune with her feelings because she mocks these poor bastards in her head and with her girlfriends. You are signalling how much you understand her by saying all the things she wants to believe she wants, but saying in a matter that she actually wants it said to her.

If you can pull off  saying beta things to a girl in the right tone, in the right manner, you can say anything to her. It’s the tone and way you say it that signals lubrication between her thighs. It keeps things on the playful tip, and if you’re making her laugh, you’re in.

It’s how you talk to a girl that gets her wet…




2 thoughts on “Sincerely Speaking, Girl’s Get Wet With Insincerity

  1. So true.. the other day a girl I’m dating said “Be sweet” after a little bit of my teasing. I said, “Oh, you want me to be like those guys on that Bachelorette show you watch?” In a very beta tone I said, “Sweetheart, I think your journey is so important to me. You’re so perfect your poop comes out in little shapes of hearts. I just want to give you the fairy tale.”

    She started laughing and said, “I want sweet, not a cavity!”

    I said, “I can give you a cavity search!” To which she laughingly punched me.

    Keep up the great blogs!

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