The More You Know

Having many interests can be beneficial for your game, not only because it gives you something to talk about with a girl, but it also helps you maintain your frame, or more importantly, not fall into her frame because you have run out of things to discuss with a girl, because perhaps you don’t share in any of her interests. Ah good player is able to talk about many different topics with a masked illusionary mastery over such topics. You don’t need to be an expert, but an educated or experience in different interests and fields will make you someone a girl can look up to, it will also serve as conversation starters, restarts, or frame changes. The more interests you have, the better suited you are to bed many different types of girls.

There are many things that having a lot of interests does to trigger attraction in a girl, one I stated above, a girl will have something to look up to you for, right away, when you seem knowledgeable, hip, experienced, wise, etc about a lot of different things in the world, and looking up to a man is one of the key traits a man must bring out in a girl. At the same time, it raises your value of someone of mystery and intrigue, also someone who is passionate about life, and has had many adventures. Again all things that make a girl start to fantasize about what kind of guy you really are, and your mysterious past and present starts to meander in her head as her hamster spins to make you into some magic man she cannot help but submit too. Girls don’t ever lead interesting lives, they think going snowboarding, or going to the beach is interesting in itself, it really isn’t – any interesting person knows that it is never an event itself that is interesting, but what happens when you are there, the trip up, the experience of doing things with people, of anything out of the ordinary that happens.

One of the many tricks in order for a girl to start feeling comfortable around you and for her to start to feel a connection with you, is to get her to talk, and she really should be doing most of the talking. The more interests you have, and the more experiences you have can and will open you to a wider variety of girls. The more you know, the more you do, the more you are interested in, will allow you free flowing easy conversation with any girl, and conversation is lube for your escalation.

And for the most part, you don’t even have to get too involved with anything to be able to fumble around confidently with any topic. Let’s even take travelling for example, you are with a girl who loves travelling, she’s been a bunch of places you haven’t – you could either just tell her you haven’t travelled all that much, like a dweeb and watch your value plummet, or you can tell an interesting story about a place you did go, or sometimes even better, you can make up some near future plans on going somewhere, it can  be made up, but pick something and someplace you are actually interested in going, and say it like you really have a date in mind, and a length of trip, but talk about all the things you want to see, and you want to do. Focusing on those details will help her relate to you, even if you haven’t travelled very much and she has. And thus she will feel more comfortable with you.

It also has the added benefit of spending your time, when you aren’t with girls, or picking up girls, to do somethings that interest you, and to grow as a person.  One thing I’ve noticed in life, is with day to day routines, and the more things take up our lives (even girls) we seem to lack the ambition to try and learn new things and grow. Especially if things are working smoothly for you. It can help you immensely stand out from the crowd. If you limit your life, then you limit your opportunities. If you work out and focus just on your looks, you will get a certain amount of pussy, however, looks fade, even for guys, and even going up against an equal or better looking dude, don’t you want to have as many advantages over them as you can?

Of course the more things you do and the more you learn, the more your social circle can expand as well, which will also help in landing more poon. The trick is, to do things sometimes that are indirectly ways to land more babes. I mean everything we do in life as men is indirectly or directly related to picking up chicks, so doing more, can only help you. And for me personally, I need some away time from girls, I always need a break. I have had long term relationships that was very much like marriage, and I almost went crazy. I honestly don’t know how married men do it. I need my away time. And in my away time, I seek adventure and interesting mother fucking things.


3 thoughts on “The More You Know

  1. The things that always worked for me:

    DHV, somehow (expertise, having a woman with you already who’s as hot as the one you’re after: recent experience has shown me that this is as good as solid gold)

    Social context: if you arrive cold, you have no idea how to navigate, and the fallout chance will be higher. If you have social context – regardless how arrive at – you get an automatic in and a clear drop of the bitch shield. A social in is gold. One buddy of mine never once ran game in clubs or anywhere; he hooked up with English students at a language exchange in Boston. German, Chinese, Russian and Korean chicks – and he was genuinely learning German, too. So the context landed him more pussy – including hot Russian women – than he could deal with. The trick was to be not-slimy. Social context.

    – Access. No matter what you do, you need access. Trolling the clubs is stupidville; finding access is smart. Try: Salsa; Yoga (lots of yummy granola chicks); classes and tutoring (tutoring is also gold).

  2. Having many interests also makes you interesting.

    May I suggest: Add some chick crack. BS crap like astrology and tarot cards and the like gets you in the door.

    It’s cool to play with their weak minds, too.

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