Don’t Wanna Use Game Follow Up

As promised, I said I would write a follow up on the post mentioned above, you can read it here, where I carefully selected wording that sounded like it perhaps was a regular game blog full of insight, or observations, then ended it with a challenge for my readers to spot what about it was wrong, in relation to game. We got some comments, and I found the responses, interesting. The person that came the closest was…. drum roll please….

Vitor. Vitor says

One can’t just sit and wait for things to happen, fun, flirty and easygoing aren’t embedded into overnight, it takes work, a hard one, and time.

When these traits are incorporated, one don’t have to think about creating these things, it just rise with little effort.

If one has Game traits incorporated into, then thinking about them isn’t needed, you’re playing the Game inconsciously, Just like bike riding, you don’t think, you just do it.

When one manipulate girls, they get wet, but, bear in mind, dont look try-hard. She will know it, and in the shor term, the lie mask will fall. Their conscious hamsters don’t like to be manipulated, but their poons tingle when their are object of it. However, don’t using Game, and things that make girls tingle, you’re preventing yourself of getting laid [being beta].

He even get’s bonus points for reading under the subtext that working hard can become try hard, which is Beta. The part of the article where I described and laziness or exasperation at game, and it being too much work, is simply not what game is about. In fact, most of the work is done on yourself. Our second place comment hit this on the head as well.

Mackroyal44 Says:

Quite frankly to me if game is tiring a person out that much and seems to be a total drain of energy then that person either sucks at game or their skills haven’t reached that special level yet. Truthfuuly speaking due to my level of game, aloofness , and indifferent personality I just charge a women to the game if I dont hit first night no questioned asked , just to many women for me to waste time or feel like the above article.

Mackroyal is also right, if you are being drained from gaming girls, you are doing something wrong. Again, like I said, game is more about you often times than it is about a girl. Like what our top commenter said, game, when you are good at it, is subconscious, and it becomes second nature to you. But there is a challenge that, as a natural, I have found, that leads to some men becoming frustrated, and there was some hidden wise moments in the piece that I put in there and no one really took the bait in order to touch on it. Some girls require more effort to game or get into her pants. Regardless of how good at game you are, you will find some girls are just not gonna bite on any tricks you throw at them, and the over all key here, the understated point that I was trying to make, that everyone missed out on, is one I actually mentioned in the post… just I worded it surrounded by a frustrated mind set. The  work you put into a girl should have equal value that you are getting out of it, meaning, if you’re working a girl and becomes too much of an effort, and she isn’t that hot to be putting up such a front, it’s best to move on and conserve your energy and more importantly time, with some one hotter, or more receptive.

The overall point I was trying to make was, focusing on why square pegs don’t go into round holes, and stressing and working so hard to make it fit, or find out why it fits, does nothing good for you. It will wear you out. Also, caring why a girl isn’t reacting to you, or if she flakes or not, or if she’s shit testing you, or she’s playing mind games – is actually bad game, and of course it will be draining, you are falling into her frame. It is a subtle thing this framing issue. Great gamesmen, know how to tease about their pride in themselves. They don’t brag, but they tease a girl, they tease about their masculinity and they escalate sexually, they can talk about what they want, and really do what ever they want. But if and when it seems like work with a girl, or girls, it’s best to drop that girl, she’s a waste of time and resources.

Much of game focuses on creating attraction, and how to escalate, and how to be alpha, but I think the time management issues don’t get touched on much. A man with options, and I mean more than just a harem or other girls interested in him, but I mean has a life, will not allow a girl to play these games, or let her affect him in any way. If a girl flakes, he should already have other plans lined up to do what he wants to do anyways, because he has a life, and he has options. It is not always about attracting – game is learning how to build attraction in someone who is relatively open to the idea – if a girl isn’t a little open to being picked up, or into you a little, no amount of game will change that. It is often better to assess situations with girls fast and move on if necessary.

I say this, because many Beta’s cannot tell whether a girl is interested in them or not. They flock to the girl running away from him, rationalizing every little thing on how whatever she does means that she really does like him, or will if he just tries a little harder. An alpha doesn’t waste time with a girl who doesn’t want to hang out with him, and he gives no thoughts to what girls think, do, don’t do, play, try to manipulate, etc. A true player dictates his life. Often it comes down to situations he leaves, more than he stays with. It’s about optimising ones opportunities. An alpha cares not if he’s flaked on, there is a ton of replenishable willing vagina he can split.

Both commentors hit the nail on the head, congratulations.

March on soldiers

3 thoughts on “Don’t Wanna Use Game Follow Up

  1. Excellent Donlak, good points all around. I especially like that you talk about men having a life, not just other girls to put energy towards. This is so important and it’s great you emphasize it. Also think it’s a great idea to move on when a situation isn’t worth it or rewarding. It can be hard to let go of some situations, the ego just won’t drop it, but it’s usually the best bet.

  2. Spot on as always, Donlak.

    I do have one comment about flaking though. It happens to be a pet peeve of mine, and it is very prevalent. Usually (depending on the girl), after receiving two or three flakes somewhat close together from the same girl, I will calmly and firmly let them know that flaking is a pet peeve of mine and if it persists I will no longer make any plans with them. They will usually give me a bs excuse about how some emergency came up, but they will rarely flake again, and I think drawing that line makes them respect me more (which translates into increased attraction).

    Of course, this approach has backfired a few times, but in those cases the girl was probably not worth it anyway (guess I’ll never know…). I’ll still keep doing it because a pet peeve is a pet peeve – it bugs me, so I gotta let them know… I don’t know if this makes me more beta, but I don’t really care either…

  3. It certainly doesn’t make you more beta, no beta is going to tell a girl to stop it – they may stomp their feet and throw a tantrum, but calmly telling a girl to stop, that’s alpha.

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