I Don’t Want To Use Game

It’s true. Despite my recommending game, and advising men to run game on girls, and how to – I’d rather not have to do it. In fact I know I’d be with more girls if I didn’t need to. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, or claim some feminist victory – this has nothing to do with morals, or anything else other than the fact that I’m just a lazy mother fucker. I don’t like to work for girls, not one bit – I like when they come easy, stay easy, fuck easy, and leave easy. Gaming girls sometimes feels like a waste of my time… Especially when they’re below my standards. Luckily for me, being aloof and indifferent is a natural state of mine, and a major component of game. Sure that part comes easy to me,

No, the part I’m talking about is dealing with the flaking, the asd’s, the game girls run, the plowing through to get her to relinquish and submit – that is the part that I wish was as easy as snapping my fingers. I’ve dropped girls that I may have been able to bang, simply because the effort required for what I was getting (hotness + ease of interactions) in return, just wasn’t worth the effort in my books. I am simple – in the first interactions I want to be fun and flirty, easy going, and easily escalated, with little thinking and effort as possible.

I don’t want to have to run game at all – it’s girls that insist on us running game, in order to sleep with them, and create attraction – I don’t want to be a douchebag, but it’s because of girls and their gatekeeper status of the sexual market that makes me be one. I don’t want to manipulate girls in order to get them to sleep with me, but it’s them who demand it, and then bitch and moan about men who treat them as such, but I’d rather not use game – I’d rather not jump through hoops a girl deems I need to jump through in order to lay her. I’m simply to lazy to keep doing so.

Note: the above article has some major flaws in game, I have written this as so in order for my growing and faithful fan base to comment on this article and point out what is wrong in this article. Bonus points will be awarded for the more complex errors. Comment, I will follow up with a post with the answers and the top comments that get it right…

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Use Game

  1. Theoretical response:

    Running game makes you neither a douchebag or a manipulator. If these things are true, then women are manipulators par excellence and you’re just playing tit for tat.

    You’re delivering what women want; in fact, it makes you both smart, self-interested and also generous.

    Stop hating on yourself .

  2. Dude, women are manipulators. And game is manipulative. Which is not to say that women don’t want to be manipulated, they absolutely do. They just want it done well. You don’t need to justify seduction morally, because it’s what women want.

  3. Quite frankly to me if game is tiring a person out that much and seems to be a total drain of energy then that person either sucks at game or their skills haven’t reached that special level yet. Truthfuuly speaking due to my level of game, aloofness , and indifferent personality I just charge a women to the game if I dont hit first night no questioned asked , just to many women for me to waste time or feel like the above article.

  4. One can’t just sit and wait for things to happen, fun, flirty and easygoing aren’t embedded into overnight, it takes work, a hard one, and time.

    When these traits are incorporated, one don’t have to think about creating these things, it just rise with little effort.

    If one has Game traits incorporated into, then thinking about them isn’t needed, you’re playing the Game inconsciously, Just like bike riding, you don’t think, you just do it.

    When one manipulate girls, they get wet, but, bear in mind, dont look try-hard. She will know it, and in the shor term, the lie mask will fall. Their conscious hamsters don’t like to be manipulated, but their poons tingle when their are object of it. However, don’t using Game, and things that make girls tingle, you’re preventing yourself of getting laid [being beta].

  5. FIRST flaw in your game never bang a chick below your standards. This type of psychological debilitating behavior reinforces negative images to your sub-conscious,Ultimate BETA TRAIT(behaving in a repeated manner expecting different results, or PURPOSELY BELIEVEING IN A LIE WHEN YOU KNOW THE TRUTH) Also if an action gets you the results you want and is highly effective why deviate from them. Modern guy has the right frame of mind when gaming chicks…they want to be seduced and/or manipulated extremely well. The better you manipulate them the more they love you. WOMEN WANT a man that they can WORSHIP and give every ounce of them selves to. I SUGGEST YOU BE THAT GUY. Mackroyal44 has the core requiste for game:aloofness and having an indifference to a woman’s OPINION about YOU. That once tempered by personality, creativity and excellent convo skills, will have many a women competing for you to bath their faces and orifices in pure protein from your man juice…hahaha!

  6. Banging a girl below your standards is neccessary at times, breaking a dry spell for one, getting rid of the desperation vibe that may creep in.

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