Cheating Girlfriend : Reader Mailbag

Every now and then I get a piece of mail from a reader that really plucks at my manly heart strings – it is no easy task confronting reality, and it is even harsher when reality slaps you in the face with enough force one cannot rationalize it away, nor ignore it. Reader known as Silver has come to me for some advice, and when a young man seeks help, who am I to deny them some. He has had a swift dose of reality and is now wandering in a forest with no tracks and no compass… I shall try and steer you in the right path young wayward soul.

Silver writes:

I’ve been following your blog for a while. You seem to have your game together, some good reads there and thanks for sharing them.
Hopefully you can help me with a challenge I’ve been dealing with lately.
 I’m new to most of this and did probably every mistake that can be made with my first and so far only girlfriend. She had her game together and she was also seeing several older men at the time. I was too naive and too much in love to understand this until I accidentally met one of them who was old enough to be my father. So now every time I see an attractive woman I start to think how many men she’s been with. Just thinking of making out with her feels like thinking of a lollipop that some guys in their 50s have licked just this morning. The image in my head is probably more vivid and detailed than it ever needs to be and makes me throw up a little. And I feel that she’s probably not worth getting to know, maybe I’m just better off going back home alone. It’s been almost a year now and even though I sometimes do small talk with interesting women, thinking of oldies doesn’t help. 
How can I deal it? Your ideas would be much appreciated.
Soul killed… young Silver finds his first love was sleeping around on him with older men. Now a small part of me questions any authenticity when someone writes in, but I always prefer to give the benefit of the doubt. To me the question seems valid enough and his pain and his ‘block’ true. Even if it wasn’t, many men have such blocks in dealing with future girls when their true natures are so cruelly revealed to them. Events like these are more poignant motivations to cease being a ‘nice guy’ than anything that I could type here or say to someone in person. There is nothing so powerful than the betrayal of a woman, or being played the fool, the beta chump. No single word or phrases could muster the same effect a girl whom one has feelings for, reveals herself to be nothing more than a seductive cum dumpster for a carousel of cock, be it older men like in Silver’s case, or any age of men. The feelings of a girl being taken in every and any way possible by other men, is biologically infuriating to any man. A girl is our territory, and instinctively we become enraged in our deepest loins at the prospect of another man touching our girl – we become equally disgusted with a girl who has let a lot of other men claim her over and over again. This is the reality to what men feel biologically. Psychologically, in our ‘civilized’ and ‘feminized’ culture we have to come to terms with the reality that this is not only fact, but girls are walking around with their heads held high on how many cocks they’ve let penetrate every hole they have – where as men have two choices to deal with in this day and age. The choices that young Silver here is grappling with… he wants other girls, but he is suffering from his cognitive dissonance – he has not yet come to terms with the clashing of fantasy with reality. And come to terms he must.
First off Silver, let me remind you, that like everything in life, good or bad, there
is always an ending. This repulsion you have at girls nature revealed to you by that cheating slut you called a girl friend, will pass as well. Take some solace in that my young friend.
Secondly you now face a choice, you may either be disgusted with the reality of girls, and decide to go off into a cabin and become a recluse, or stay in your mothers basement and play video games while you get fatter for the rest of your life, never thinking about girls other than the hot babes you see in comics or movies or tv – Or, you can embrace this new found knowledge and use it to your advantage. I’m here to tell you that this is the best thing this girl could have done to you. You are now free from the tyranny of living in a fantasy world that does not exist, where you chase happiness through the illusion of virtue in girls – and you now can be immune to any suffrage a girl can unleash on you. Knowing the way girls are, should not frustrate you, for the only reason you are frustrated is that the reality doesn’t jive with your illusions. No, girls are simply the way they are. There is no hope for you to sit and wait for a virgin princess, because you will most likely be waiting forever and waiting celibate. No, you have now, perhaps forcibly, taken the red pill and are tumbling down the rabbit hole. You have now been awakened to reality. And my friend, it is neither more beautiful or less beautiful than your fantasies. But you must recognize that girls are not the virtuous virginal, sweet natured creatures you were led to believe. They are cold, hypergamous, calculating, killer of boys and beta’s. They want it all and will stop at nothing, to be able to at least rationalize why they should have it. They will settle for nothing but what they want out of life. Etc. But you are now morally free to subject girls to pump and dumps, and cold alpha jerkdom they deserve. You are free to embrace girls self glorified sluttiness, and you are no longer required to give them any more emotional reciprocation that you do not want to give, or necessary to keep her legs open for you.
To more specifically answer your question Silver, on how to deal with this image of old men fucking all the girls you may be interested in, and getting sick over it. You must simply come to terms that they might be. Stop raising a girls worth, assume every girl you are talking to is sleeping with at least 10 other guys on the side, and don’t give a shit. You aren’t and shouldn’t be investing in western women. Only after she proves her fidelity, can you invest a little more. All in all, how to cope with this, if you want to have sex with them, is read this site, get your game straight, and fuck as many as you can. You might find one that you want to stick around with. Do not fall under the illusion that she is perfect, sweet, or innocent. She isn’t.  However, it is important that you should learn to appreciate girls for what they are, and how appealing it is to be with them at times. The only way to get girls to act properly, and be in love with you, and ensure she drops the cock carousel is to be alpha, and to make her obsessively in love with you.
Don’t let the negativity of girls, past or present, cloud your ambitions to be with them. They are after all human, and not unicorns or magic fairy princesses that you can capture in a bottle. They are simply females, waiting to be led by a strong male. They are just easier to fuck these days.

5 thoughts on “Cheating Girlfriend : Reader Mailbag

  1. Trust me Silver, you don’t realize how lucky you are that this happened to you. When I was 17 something similar happened to me and it forced me to take a long hard look at the reality of the situation, where I messed and ultimately face up to it. i knew back then that I was never going to let that happen to me again and in order to make that happen i had to undertake some serious changes. I’m 24 now and 7 years later I’m a much better person for it and my notch count definitely shows it. Now i think of it as one of the best things that ever happened to me because as Donlak says it forces you to face reality. Which ultimately game really is; accepting women for what they and using it to your advantage. I know a lot of guys my age and older who still haven’t faced this reality and some will no doubt have to deal with it when they’re married and have other responsibilities like a mortgage and family. Just be thankful it happened now, while you’re young. Internalize the kind of advice given on this site and put it into action. Trust me, in a few years you’ll look back and be grateful it happened. Good luck.

  2. As the saying goes, the truth shall set you free.

    Facing this reality has not made me love women any less, by the way. It has just made me love them from a completely different perspective. Just like men, a lot of women’s behavior is driven by biology. You can’t hate on them for that, in my opinion…

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