Never Trust Girls

Any man throughout history, that has trusted a woman on any level, has been a fool. Females have always been cunning, manipulative, and love secrets and being bad… It is the very basis of our early myths and stories – Eve was not created to keep women under men’s thumb, it was to make men understand that even with no other male competition, the female basic qualities is to deceive – her beauty masks her potential for acting up – an illusion of innocence. It is of course because men value beauty so much, that all girls learn of their true and one power over men – when she starts receiving attention her lust for power over men becomes insatiable, but she also learns that her power moves are best done in secret. Our current climate of girls is no different from the past, it is just that feminism has raised a bunch of sackless wimps who have forgotten why societal restrictions were placed upon girls in the first place. To protect the masses of men who don’t understand this most vital insight into the feminine.

Our current society has not changed females, they have remained the same, true to their nature, they now of course have the freedom to act as they desire with out consequences. It is men who have changed… Stronger and wiser men in the past went willingly into relationships with girls with understanding that she is not to be trusted, and he more virtuous she seems, the more destructive she can be (one positive of the current state of gender relations, is most of them have forgotten this and blurt out their sluttiness like it deserves a trophy). They luckily have relinquished one of their biggest powers, but only because it’s unnecessary. Men these days listen to everything girls say with the valiant white knighting to uphold their reputations that the girls themselves gloat about it’s own tarnish. It is men who have been fooled on an epic level. The rise of beta’s and omega’s shows this, all the while the few alpha’s have little time to do anything of merit because of the constant flow of pussy.

The only time you can trust a girl, is when she is obviously and hopelessly in love with you, when she is obsessed with you – only then can you trust her feelings towards you. In order for girls to get to that point though, you must not trust her, you must not buy her bullshit that she uses to control other and weaker men, you must not be fooled and awestruck by her beauty. All girls are looking for the strongest male, and the strongest male is the one who sees through her ploys, does not get fooled by her beauty, appearance of virtue, or high status gem stoning.

Any time you hear a man publicly defending a girl, be aware that outwardly girls and their feminazi’s will applaud, but underneath this, no girl is turned on by this drivel and hapless beta white knighting. She will position the man as something else, and object outside her attraction and sexual sphere, almost like a brother without the feelings and bonds. Since these men have bought into her (their) grand deception, he holds no sexual attraction, because girls are attracted to power, and the greatest seduction is not falling for her scam.

Game calls some of these effects as one-itis, or pedalastilizing – in reality it is just falling for her coy tricks and lies and beauty. A man who falls under the spell of a woman is doomed to failure. Every girl I’ve been with that has loved me, I saw through her. This is what girls mean by getting them, or know how to treat a woman. It is to subcommunicate and sometimes verbally acknowledge all of her cheap ploys in trying to control and sway you, and bat them aside like she is some amusing play thing – her attempts to sway you are nothing more than a joke to you – she is hopelessly barking up the wrong tree trying to sway you into beleiving her myths.

Having a girl be faithful to you requires you to acknowledge her deviousness and her attempts to control you – and you’re flat out dismissal of these attempts. This is the challenge that all girls are looking for. Shit tests are the simplest forms of this, she is seeing how easily you are to manipulate. If you are not manipulated by anything she says, you are a man she will be attracted to with vigor and intensity. Most teasing should actually derive from this mentality. Tease a girl about how you know she likes to try and manipulate men to get things from them, tease her about how she uses her flirtations to garner things from weak men, watch her protest with a tell tale smirk and giggle, with mock shame as she buries her head and playfully denies this. This will make her attracted to you to no end. Displaying complete acknowledgment on what she is doing and that you will never fall for such ploys, is the best game you can have. It displays dominance and hard to get (manipulate) in all the correct ways. It also prevents hypergamy and infidelity. A girl who is with a man who knows what she’s up to, and is always on to her ploys, is a man she is completely in love with.

March on soldiers

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