I’ve Changed

A comment from a reader questioned on my previous post, which I stated that once girl is slotted you into the not-sexually-attraced zone, she will never move you out of it.

Brad write:

hey- i like the blog.
i am just wondering though:
i saw this one girl for the first time 6 months before, and i was sick. i didn’t act that normal.

then, i saw her 6 months later, and i had a different hairstyle, looked more muscular (worked out), and had very confident body language.

would what you said in this post apply to this as well? does a big amount of time change how a girl’s attraction is to you?Rathe

Rather than respond in the comment section to you brad, I thought I would dedicate a post to this subject, as I think you touched on a somewhat valid exception to the rule. However, and this is a big however, it still depends on whether she was attracted to you at first and then slotted you into the friend zone because of beta behaviour or not. Remember, chicks don’t even register beta’s,  there still has to be an attraction there from the get go, to slot you into one of those categories, as most men don’t even show up on their radar.

So first off, Brad, you would need to expunge more initial reactions and interactions with her for me to give completely solid advice. But with out this, I can say a few things on the matter. Extrapolating from your question, I am gather that she didn’t even really register you, at least not on a sexually predatory way, which is necessary to get to a sexual place with her – there must be a ‘fear’ of sexual intercourse in her to have her begin to categorize you or put you in one of the two departments I will sleep with him, if he doesn’t fuck up; or he will be fun to lead on and get attention from.

If this is the case, and she really didn’t think anything of you 6 months prior, and there was a separation and ‘freeze out’ during this time, where there was no contact at all, and you showed back up on the scene with a totally different look, more muscle mass, cooler hair cut, better style, more confident aloof manner, than absolutely yes you may finally register on her radar. You will be like the metaphorasized creature that turned from a pauper into a prince, and will create enough mystery of what you have been doing, and who you have been banging during those six months. Little side note, this is one of the reasons to always look your best when you leave the house, and keep in shape, your look and style with confidence will give of subtle cues to girls that you must be banging girls left and right, and girls can’t help but be attracted to men who attract other girls.

Of course in this scenario you better not let your old self and betaness creep in at all, or she’ll remember the initial unregisteredness you once used to be. Girls abhor beta’s. It repulses them like a stinky turd left in the toilet.

Of course, there is no guarantee that she will see you in a different light, but it should be made obvious. Does she initiate conversations with you, does she hang around you, does she brighten up when you are in the room. Girls are terrible at hiding their attractions with someone they know. They also wonder why guys they like can’t pick up on it. Usually because guys with no game have no clue how to tell a girl is turned on or interested in them or not.

There is another warning I will give to you Brad, in relation to this girl. Just the mere fact that you mentioned this girl from six months ago and wondering if  you have a shot with her puts you in a beta frame. It smells suspiciously like one-itis and you should seek medical treatment from a trained ladies man for full eradication. This is just one chick in the sea of many. She isn’t special, and she shouldn’t make you seek validation for yourself by her attraction, or unattraction. She is not a marker on where you are on the attraction phase with girls. They all have types, and they all have things that turn them off that you really can’t know about, and even game can’t land you any girl you want. It just increases your odds with the ones that are attracted to you. Again, you can’t be looking for attraction in a girl, you just have to know when to spot it.

You shouldn’t give a rats ass what this girl thinks about you. If you think she’s hot and want to get with her, talk to her in cocky/funny, aloof manner and tease her brains out. She will either spread her legs or slam them shut, remember, it’s not a loss, just an obstacle to evade.

Hope this helps

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