There is certain body language that alpha’s and beta’s exhibit every minute of every day, mostly unknown to the person, and largely a mystery to how it affects other people around them, most importantly of which is girls. Body language may be the biggest thing you can work on, change, and will allow a nice transition from possible threat, to easy for a girl to be drawn in. That last sentence is of course a hint at what proper alpha body language should be. Many times a misconception of what an alpha’s body language should be is  out there in the blog-o-sphere… usually giving off the illusion of a ripped roided out man just sitting with his legs open, and his arms by his side. Things are told about not having your hands in your pockets, and keeping your head up. But focusing on little things like that can force an incongruity in one’s behaviour and can be at times more awkward than a normal beta body language. Also thinking about it too much can take you out of your frame, and making sure you’re not leaning in, or your hands are in the proper place. There is of course an easier method of establishing proper body language that will be  congruent with your personality.

Unless you are an omega, and/or a complete sloth of a person, who has absolutely no regard for manners, and your own health, than your natural body language will be displayed when you are in a comfortable place alone, like your own home. It is important to take notice of your natural relaxed state. How do you sit? How do you walk around? How do you lay? How do you do chores, activities when no one is watching. Most people should be at the height of their unaware but ultimately confident self when alone and relaxing (outside of depressed or anxious people). When you are relaxed, you will display relaxed body language. But why do I bring this up? Because this is the body language you want to display out in the world, or if anyone is in your place. Watch a weak person, a beta, a person that submits to a more powerful and more dominant person, even when that person is in his own place. His body language will shift from comfortably relaxed with an ownership of his space, to a more self conscious and tense, some time nervousness state. This is exactly what animals do when an alpha wanders into the pack. This is called submitting. It is verbal or necessarily conscious, but start to be aware of your body and body language when others come near you. You will start to see the change I’m talking about, unless you’re already alpha.

When you are alone and walking around the house, you walk with a certain swagger, a coolness that reflects total dominance over your environment – a lot of people walk around naked, blinds drawn to freely walk around with out feeling the eyes and stares of others, that would shift their internal feeling of freedom and comfort, to conforming and insecurity. Insecurity is really all about how you perceive what others are thinking of you. In our society, in most societies, you are trained to behave in certain ways, think manners, social graces, posture, etc. These were all put into our heads to make us fit in with our peers of certain classes. Acting proper, etc. There of course, with the break down of families and the growing class imbalance, has been a break down of these manners and social norms. But we are still brainwashed to care about what others think of us, from having to get a job, or on how to get a girl, or get noticed for a promotion, or even on sports teams, to exude leadership or confidence for your fellow teammates. The need to display how we want to be perceived is within us since adolescence. Insecurities grow and appear with incongruities of our own internal concept of ourselves, and the visual perception others are seeing. One can worry constantly if people are reacting to themselves properly (congruent with their internal concept). When people react to us that seems peculiar or incongruent, we can become self conscious. We may start to wonder if our clothing is appropriate, or shoe wear, or hair styles, everything that we do to project a certain person we internalize ourselves to be.

But what does all this mean? The only way to be congruent, is to walk around like you really don’t care what others think of you. You want to be fit, because you want to be healthy, you want to be true to you being a man, that means strong, viral, want to fuck, want to hunt, etc. The point is, to do these things because you want to be that way. When you get rid of trying to project something to others, you stop being insecure, you start being relaxed, cool, and confident, and thus, you have a swagger.

My swagger is that of a gunslinger. I walk around like there’s a six shooter on my side, (game) I also think of myself as the quickest shot around, and there’s no need to be brash, showy, or a braggart about my skills with my gun. I know I can draw faster than anyone, and that I have my protection, if someone wanted to mess with me, they’re done for. So this gives me a calm, cool, slow, relaxed demeanour. I know the world is mine, I scan the horizon for possible threats and interests. No one shatters this demeanour. If a AMOG comes up, I react with a smug smirk, and a slow response, almost like I won’t respond at all, but a response which projects, you’re not worth my time, I can even pull my coat aside to show him my pistol. A man should be calm, to the point when out in society he is not tense, he is conserving his energy for any quick and powerful movements that if need be, he can unleash on a combatant. Nothing phases him. Even when killing a foe, he should go right back to conserving energy and walking away with no consequence to his person.

Walk into any bar with a swagger, and you will be noticed. Nothing is a big deal, nothing is fearful, no girl is amazing. Everything is on the cusp of being obliterated by your gun, if you should desire it. The sub communication of this is powerful and mysterious. Put a confident and mysterious man beside a man that’s tense and nervous, which one gets the positive reaction from girls.

Swagger, it’s more than confidence, it’s about being relaxed in any situation. Go out in the world like you’re in your living room alone. And watch the reactions you get. And stop worrying about how you are standing, sitting, where your hands are, or if you’re leaning too much. Because you won’t need to, you won’t be doing any beta needy body language.

Swagger on soldiers

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