Re-Frame, Re-Frame, Re-Frame

You can get laid one of two ways. Be at a party where girls are getting drunk and sloppy around you, or you can use game. If you’re good looking, you may get a few freebies who just think you’re so hot they’ll jump your cock because she can’t resist you, or she’s so horny and your the nearest sexy man around. But other than these times, you need game. Game is for most men, is tricking girls into thinking they’re high value men. By duplicating the actions and traits that high value men have. One of the traits of an alpha male is to reframe EVERYthing into his own frame.

Many translations of framing get lost into how and when to reframe something on a girl, usually when she is shit testing you. Guys, unless she’s getting it in the mouth, ass, or vagina with your powerful thrusts, or so in love with you she’d bail on her fathers funeral to get banged by you, she is constantly shit testing you. Even when girls are teasing, she’s testing. The whole time she’s with you is a test of whether you are dominant, high value, fun and sexy. Fun and sexy will get you laid some times, but without the dominant and high value frames, she won’t love you. Proper text game and passing shit tests are all elements of how to respond to a girl to trick her into showing you as a high value man. We talk of reframing a lot, but what is it?

A girl will try to pull you into her frame all the time. She really won’t be aware of it always (though I suspect they all know exactly what they are doing) – they do this, in order to test your dominance. Not only that you are dominant, but how you dominate her. If you slam down your fist and tell her no (before you’ve fucked her) then she’ll most likely get up and leave, frightened for her, oh so virtuous reputation. When talking about frames, it’s important to realize that frames should be called her will. She wants to try and see if you will follow her will. If you do, unless she’s a control freak, you’ll be out in the cold with no warmth and gushiness for your magic wand. If you ‘re-frame’ successfully, you will be closer to banging her. Looking and watching for these shit tests is pointless, she’s always doing it. Every question a girl asks you is laced with a possible poison, even if it seems honest and harmless enough. She’ll always want her way, that’s in a girls nature, but she does not actually like getting her way. She is a child that wants to fight for what she wants, because it’s so much sweeter when it’s manipulated from a worthy opponent. And that’s what you are.

In order to get used to re-framing all the time with a girl, you should be practicing re-framing everything in your life. Re-framing by definition is just twisting something to fit your life, your thoughts, and your desires, and yes, even your emotions. Re-framing your own life, sans girl, will teach you not only how to pass these attacks on you by a girl, but how to live a happy and content life. You feeling bummed? Maybe you’ve been on a couple dates and you got blown out, it sucks, but how to you get over it? Re-frame it, those weren’t failures, you should be happy you don’t have to be with those loveless girls, you should realize that you have grown substantially in your game. Hate your job? Re-frame it so it fits into your vision of yourself. If you can’t, get a new one. But Re-framing the job you hate, can still help get a better one, being able to speak positively about your job to a future employer and future dates, will only benefit you.

Think about your bad dates? How many times was it that you somehow lost your frame? Is it not losing your frame what really frustrates you about what happened? It’s really not about not getting sex, because most times you could have, but was it because you lost frame somewhere, some how. The times I fail, is because my frame is off. If I’m in a bad mood, not ‘feeling’ like going out on a date, it will effect my game, no matter how badly I want sex at the same time.

Re-frame everything to suit your own world will help you so much that when with a girl, it will become second nature to you, and you won’t have to look for the times you need to re-frame, because, really, it’s 90% of the time with girls.

2 thoughts on “Re-Frame, Re-Frame, Re-Frame

  1. Excellent points Donlak. It’s so important to be flexible in your mind, to take what might seem like a defeat (getting blown out after 2 dates) and to get perspective on it, learn from it and realize that sometimes one dodge a bullet.

    I’ve left a date that was going poorly, and left kind of pissed to be honest because I didn’t handle my shit correctly with a girl that was pushing my buttons. I realized pretty quickly that how I’d let her get under my skin and push my buttons. Once I thought about it a bit and got some perspective I ended up picking up another girl about 30 minutes after I left while I was on my way home because I’d managed to just let that shit go and enter a new mental frame. It’s amazing the power of one’s perspective, the frame, the context can be everything.

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