If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere

Msn.ca compiled a list of cities that hold the most beautiful girls in the world. Guess what fabulous city of Canada made the list. That’s right, good old Vancouver. I have stated before that I believe that Vancouver is the toughest market a man can invest his time and energy into, with the most beautiful girls as his spoils. Let’s look at what they say about Vancouver women and the viability of picking up girls in their day to day lives.

If you want to gaze at gorgeous Asians and freckled Scotch-Irish descendants, it’s hard to beat Vancouver. Nobody rocks bum-hugging yoga pants like a Vancouver lass strutting the seawall. Granted, you’ll never get to meet one. To quote my hot friend Jane, “the sixes here have the attitudes of tens.” Worse, no Vancouver babe will ever say hi in public, possibly because they’re busy pursuing solitary sports (kayaking, jogging, preening) while sporting iPods and oversized sunglasses on cloudy, lonely days. Still…nice bums.

“The sixes here all have attitudes of tens” – we know this is a growing trend across the western world, but I first witnessed it here in Vancouver, where other cities lagged far behind. Welcome to life in Vancouver the rest of the continent. No girl will say hi in public in Vancouver? Not completely true, I’ve had it happen here, again though in my experience in other cities, it happens 99% less frequently. In fact, not only do they not say hi, most girls walk around completely unapproachable, not even counting what the article says of ipods, kayaking etc. They simply walk around on cloudy and rainy days like they just lost their favorite pet. You can forgive one, but all of them. Unlike any other city I’ve been too, the hot babes here, and even the 6’s walk around like they want to pepper spray the first person that looks at them wrong. Vancouver is so anti beta, it oozes from every mediocre girl in the city. The 6’s feel they can compete with 9’s because, well they were 9’s where they came from, and they see the alpha prizes the 9’s get here. What do the 6’s get here? Pump and dumps, and then they walk around gloomy and mopey about why the alpha is such an asshole to her.

In some other cities in the world, a man can get by with little to no game and probably score a decent girl with in his natural pulling range. Game teaches men how to get a bit better than he could have before, or at the very least, more samples. But in Vancouver, if you want to get any girls, game is a must. If you want to fuck a lot of girls, you better be damn good at game. Basically, if you really want to hone your game skills, come to Vancouver. You will be forced to game the girls here. Vancouver is much like Toronto. Toronto wants to be New York, but never will be as hip and culturally significant – and Vancouver wants to be a cross between San Fran and LA. The granola’s and artists act like it’s San Fran, and the yuppies, Douchebags and princesses want it to be LA. It isn’t. But damn they sure think it is. In a sense Vancouver is more LA LA land than LA itself.

The upside though? Vancouver girls aren’t actually as bitchy as they seem to be by their body language and facial expressions. In most cases I think they walk around like that completely oblivious to how they’re being perceived. I’ve had girls, especially foreign girls who visit here, ask me what’s wrong with the men here? They never approach. Girls in the rest of the planet are warmer, smiling, happy, and get approached all the time. But Vancouver, the girls scare the hapless Beta’s away with their outward grumpy looks and failure to smile, the basic civilized greeting to another attractive human being. The girls here also think, that if you are hitting on them all you want is sex from them. Duh. They are so defensive about it, you have to plow through ASD’s from here to Mexico. Of course we know this is because they gave it up too easily to 100’s of alpha’s before her that did just use her for sex. But for an honest kind man, it’s nigh impossible for success. But with all that being said, when you have game, moderate to high looks, and you approach a girl in Vancouver, she’ll be so shocked, and she’ll respond in a coy and submissive demeanour. They are very polite and sweet once you crack this outer defense.

This however does not say that she won’t flake on you. Vancouver girls go after the hottest looking alpha’s like an alligator striking on it’s prey. If you happen to be in the top percentile in looks and wealth in this town, you’ll have more pussy thrown at you then Eddie Murphy in the 80’s.

All in all. If you want game to be easier where you live, come visit Vancouver. When you go back, you’ll think you live in paradise.

5 thoughts on “If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere

  1. Montreal didn’t make that list? I call bullshit. Montreal has the hottest women on the Eastern Seaboard. Less diverse than NYC, but there are fewer fuglies waddling around. The downside is that they’re all batshit thug-chasers and masochists who require the assholiest of asshole game to tame. Think Rio crossed with a white trash trailer park and you get the idea.

    I guess I’ll have to stop by Vancouver one of these days.

  2. I’ve never been to Vancouver, but for some reason I find this very hard to believe. My experience has always been that Canadian girls have been nicer and more open than American girls.

  3. Vancouver is it’s own beast. I can hop over to victoria or outside of Vancouver and pull 10 girls to a Vancouver 1 with ease. The rest of Canada is also much easier. In comparison to Vancouver American girls are far easier, even girls from LA I’ve met were more open. But like I said in my post, it’s mostly outward appearances. Vancouver isn’t as social as other cities. The random talking to strangers is almost void, and people don’t mingle very well here. Go to any bar in town and watch how few approaches there are anywhere you are. There are probably more frustrated men here, and girls, then any where else. Of course you need to experience it to believe it. I’ve approached girls all over, only in Van have I been told to Fuck off, just for saying hi to a girl.

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