Closing Time: Reader Mailbag

I’ve been getting  requests from readers that they would like me to talk about closing the deal with the ladies, the latter part of seduction, or the end game. Sealing the fuck close. Ever since I wrote about how most game padawans biggest hurdle is how to segue into fucking a girl from the other parts of the seduction.

Phil says:

First of all, I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading it for like a month now and have to say that of all the game blogs, you have dropped some of the best wisdom. Anyways, I just got through reading your post about playing to your strengths and working on your weaknesses and I thought it was really great. I’m a 23 year old student and despite being young I’ve always been pretty competent with girls but have really been working hard on my game in the past year or so and have been getting better results

I had been on a bit of a break from school…(redacted) before finals and I was off and on texting a girl who lives in (redacted). Anyways, we had arranged to go out when I got back, I played the texting game well and she was definitely interested. The night I got back I sent her a text saying I was back in town and she immediately asked me to go for drinks that night I did and the date itself went really well. I was on, there was a lot of touching, eye contact and I knew she wanted it. So then when we got up to leave and it was time to close the kiss and go from there I stalled, gave her an awkward hug and left. I got into my car and thought “what the fuck was that Phil?” Obviously I realized i had made a mistake but figured i’d done well enough on the date and passing previous shit tests that I’d just close it next time. We ended up making plans for last night and she flaked on me- I wasn’t really surprised, I blew it with the kiss thing but your article articulates what happened and what I need to work on- late seduction and closing. I really am not hesitant at all in approaching women and building attraction, that has always come pretty easily. And I’m adept at getting girls out on dates and being totally in control and confident in myself but then for some reason right at the end it goes out the window and I start acting like a pussy. I also am really confident sexually and have no problems there. Once i get that kiss out of the way I’m back on track again but clearly there’s a crucial link missing from my game. My methods for it now are basically either saying “fuck it” and lunging in or having a couple drinks right before I go for it to dull the apprehension. Neither of these are sustainable for good game and it seeps into and weakens other parts of it I’m sure  

Sorry “Phil” you never said that you didn’t want this published on any way, and my rules state clearly that you should state that you don’t want me to write about it, however I redacted any incriminating evidence just in case.

Back to the issue at hand, so less of you can go home to just your hand. Closing the deal. It’s such a hard leap to get to it seems for most guys. Let’s first look at what Phil’s example tells us. I’m more than positive that many men reading this will identify with poor Phil.

First off, Phil, you had good build up, sounds like you know how to build attraction properly, so this is all good, but you stumbled. First you need to start asking yourself, which I know you are, why you are stumbling. There is only one reason you stumble with a simple going in for a kiss, at it’s fear. Fear of losing everything you have just invested into putting into this girl. You are thinking somewhere in you, that if you blow it on the kiss, all of this seduction will be a waste of time. You may not agree with this initially, but really think about it. Many beta’s rationalize this fear by saying they don’t want to disrespect a girl, but there is no bigger disrespect to a girl than failing to fuck her when she’s ready to get fucked. So your first step is to lose this fear entirely and realize as you did after, that by not fucking her (which the kiss would have led to) you ended up wasting all that effort anyways, and this time it’s for nothing. Always side on boldness at this stage, better to get shot down, then to disappoint her. Just because a girl says no one night, doesn’t mean you she won’t put out the next. Actually if you get to that point it’s pretty much guaranteed that she will. She will be the one who’s hamster is spinning wondering if you still want her.

Another important lesson I can partake on you potential Cassanova’s out there is how to tell a girl is ready to get fucked. If you are out on a date with a girl, with lots of kino’s, IOI’s and such, or if you are alone, it doesn’t matter where, if she’s responding to you and you know it’s going well, you will be able to tell when she’s ready to get fucked by her actions and behaviours as you leave a venue, or if you’re on her couch say, when she stops talking. When a girl goes silent, she’s ready for action, not talking. Girls love to talk because it keeps her gina in control, from taking over. Sluts don’t talk as much because they love relinquishing control of their pussy to the cock of an alpha. But the not so slutty talk it down. If she isn’t talking, and she’s very submissive. Meaning, if you take her hand and start walking towards a cab, she just lets you guide her, maybe a minor soft question of where we are going, which you can reply, oh let’s just go to my place for a bit. Don’t tell her you want to fuck her in this mode, her ASD will instantly snap on. If on the couch, if you play with her hair a little, and touch her ears or neck, and she looks down and away with a smile, or a sensual look, you can start kissing and escalating. She will also have a glassy look in her eyes, not the glassy look of love, but a more intent look, a look that tells you she wants to fuck. Learn to pick up on this, it’s called the fuck me eyes. Some girls will give it loud and clear, but most will give it demurely, basically she won’t stop looking at you. It’s her wonder if you are going to make your move. Of course if you are noticing this, you are close to waiting too long. If you notice these cue’s you have the green light, if you don’t act, you are done. Like our friend Phil didn’t do.

Closing is the hardest thing to do for noobs. It’s the easiest thing to do for experienced masters. It become harder to get to this point the more you get easier poon, because you have become used to fast escalation. But right before the final escalation, you must be attuned to her body language and signals. If you aren’t really picking up on it, just go in for a kiss and be bold, she’ll let you know if you were right to or not.

Basically, lose the fear of losing her, and you won’t feel this choking up at the right time, it will allow you to go for the kill. You will lose some, because some girls will be in a position to ignore their ‘gina. Usually because they’ve been fucked over by too many guys like me. But you will win more than you lose. Getting a girl alone is the hard part, fucking her is easy.

March on soldiers

2 thoughts on “Closing Time: Reader Mailbag

  1. Thanks for posting this very much appreciated. Good wisdom and breakdown of a simple yet often missed reactions. People tend to ignore things and concentrate on themselves too much and miss whats going on around them.

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