Emotions: A Game Breaker

Emotions, even for the aloof uncaring super alpha’s are what drive us to make decisions in our lives. Making decisions off emotions is a crap shoot that can both enhance your game, or blow you out of the water, i.e. getting needy because you like a girl, and don’t want to lose her. For the most part though, making decisions based on your emotions is going to hurt you more than help you. It’s also how chicks make their decisions. That last point is as an important insight on how females work, than you will ever receive. Everything they do is based on emotion. Everything. The only things they don’t get emotional with are things like list making, accounting, housework, all the menial chores that men can’t be bothered with. Every other decisions that girls make, even if it’s to text you back or not text you back, is based on her mood, or her emotions at that time. If a girl rejects you, it has everything to do with her emotions about you, and there is nothing you can do to change her emotions about you once then get to a point where’s she’s turned off. This is what game is, tweaking her emotions for your benefit.

I’m going to say something, that may make you think I’ve jumped ship, and forgotten my womanizer ways, but it is important for a man who wants girls or a girl, to understand and grasp. With a girl, it should always be about her emotions, and never about yours. You should always be focusing your attention on her mood, her feelings, and her emotional spectrum, where she is during an interaction. More importantly though, you should be removing yourself from your own emotions. Emotions are going to be there, regardless of whether you focus on them or not. But you must remove your decision making process from emotions, when dealing with girls. It is what makes beta’s beta. It is the single cause for every fuck up you or I have ever made with a girl.

Remember, I did not say do not feel, or show some emotion, you will need to show some in order to not seem like an alien or robot – but the emotions will show themselves, and after you have mastered your emotions, meaning you have power over them and they do not make your decisions for you, then you will be able to pick and choose with a precision that would make watch makers jealous.

I have made countless mistakes with girls, and for all my successes they can be broken down to two components:

1. Failures. Became too emotionally invested, or reacted emotionally. I am a passionate man, I’m an artist, and passion has ruled my life. I have made too many decision based on either my blood boiling, my lust reaching feverish levels, or my jealousy, or my loneliness, or my selfish desires. When these emotions over take me, and cause me to make decisions based off of them, I fail. Every time. Even outside of game, in the other world, with friends. Always. A man that has not mastered his emotions, will never fully win a girl.

2. Successes. Obviously the exact opposite. I am a passionate man, it has ruled my life, but I keep it in check, I know that when I need them, my emotions, lust, etc. will reveal itself at the right times. I do not decide to do anything based on how I feel. I feel because I feel, and I sit back and calmly assess each situation at the speed of light, and like a zen master, respond or act to the best logical way. It allows me to focus on an  interaction with girls and ensure that they are being emotionally fed. I’m playful, there is no fear of failure, there is no emotional reactions to anything she does. In one sense my brain goes on automatic pilot. It becomes very easy for me to do these things. Being alpha is easy for me. Except when I let my emotions make my decisions.

Over the evolutionary road, emotions were necessary for survival, and for developing bonds with another human being to ensure successful child development. As we look around our world, emotions are a hinderance to our success. It is an evolutionary failure to react on your emotions. We do not face the same harms we once did as a species. We face new greater wide spread threats, that require not emotion, but sanity to solve them. The age of reason brought us into the rational state we ‘civilized’ people live under. Now girls, they will never be apart of this rational state, or will be able to reason appropriately, because they still in evolutionary and biological terms, still face the same threats. Rape and violence, being the key factors, but also child rearing (though this is the one area that they don’t need this emotional reaction, but because of the other threats, they still can never become rational creatures). But as men, it will simply hurt us in our successes to become emotional and over react.

Now with that being said, as an alpha, emotional outburst will happen, and we cannot always be in control of our emotions when our passions are ablaze. It is good to have a big fight with your girl every now and then, because she won’t respect you if you don’t. This isn’t what I’m talking about. I am not saying don’t feel and don’t react. But be in control of them. Have the ability to question why you are acting, saying, doing the things you are doing, if something is making you emotional, or you are doing it because of some of the lesser emotions, neediness, loneliness, sadness, desperation, overly horny – then you must have the fortitude to step outside of that emotion and calmly react with rationality. It can and will save you.

Mastering your emotions will not only make you the greatest lady killer you can be, massaging her moods and sexual triggers with ease, it will also free you from the prison that emotions can become. Emotions are very powerful, they can make us do ridiculous things, and think crazy and irrational thoughts. If you do not check your emotions at the door, you are doomed to live by the dual edge of a sword – one time it will work for you, the other it will slay you. Would you rather go through life being a slave to your emotional whims like a girl? Constantly changing moods from sadness to happiness depending on what happened or hasn’t happened? Or would you rather let your emotions run in the background, aware of them of only an enhancement to your life, your game, your successes?

March on soldiers

3 thoughts on “Emotions: A Game Breaker

  1. Excellent points donlak, well put. I can totally relate to the failure/success examples and when I look back, there is almost always some point at which my emotions got the better of me.

    I think it’s also a good point about having some emotion involved. You kind of have to have your blood up a little bit when interacting with a woman, to be enthusiastic and playful, to stimulate her mind and get her going sexually, even with your looks and words. It’s such a delicate balance. I like to think of it like surfing and riding the crest of the wave. The trick is to not get pulled under. Like you said, zen.

  2. “It is good to have a big fight with your girl every now and then, because she won’t respect you if you don’t.”

    No truer words were ever written. Just make sure you always win…then the sweetness comes out of your girl.

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