“I Want A Nice Man”

I have come to take a girl that doesn’t put out on the first date (rare) as nothing but an insult, or that I was running bad or improper game with her. In my experience a girl that is attracted to me, if I am pushing all the right buttons, will let me slide her panties off within a fairly fast period of time. We have talked many times about the willingness of girls to slut it up for the few alpha’s that are fucking all the girls out there. It is an insult to me, if she protests to sleeping with me, only because she is looking to being a reformed slut and wants to settle down. Chumps and Beta’s fall for that.

At some point in a modern girls cock carouselling will she realize that she cannot coral one of these alpha’s, and she will seek a ‘nice man’. Of course if you’ve been reading this site at all, you know that when a girl says she wants a nice guy, she wants an alpha to be nicer. She still will never see the vastly overwhelming hoards of nice men out there, and will not acknowledge it, even when you show her the evidence.

I tried explaining this to a girl last night, she told me that her and her soriority house of cock carousellers don’t know one decent guy. I told her, it’s because you are attracted to assholes, you don’t register nice guys, because you like the guys who have options, and guys with options tend to be assholes, well because we can. She didn’t beleive me, she actually called nice men unicorns. Even when I said I was friends with a lot of nice guys, the next words out of her mouth exposed her, and her little hamster didn’t even know what was happening. “Are they good looking?”

If you know me, you should know that the date was over right there. I don’t react to those comments, but any girl that even jokes around about whether my friends are good looking, on a first date with me, has shown absolutly no respect for me, and deserves to be treated either as a pump and dump, or in this case, a hasty ejection to the confines of my harem. But it also proves my point. Girls expect good looking men with options to basically act how we want girls to act. Sweet, kind, and not jumping from partner to partner, but more importantly, obiedient. Girls sexuality and sluttiness is now so accepted they are trying to demand the few in demand men to not act on their biological impusles and treat them like ‘ladies’. But why would we?

We all know girls make no cognitive sense, and the hamster wheel spins out of control when confronted with reality, but this one really takes the cake. A girl who’s spent her youth jumping from alpha cock to alpha cock has no business requesting anything but the level of respect that deserves. Nice has a different meaning to girls, nice in her eyes means, treat her like she’s a special snowflake. She wants a guy that she can finally convince  that she’s an innocent and pure girl, when we all know that she’s the farthest thing from it. You can’t tell girls this because they cannot deal with reality. The hamster spins it so she can tolerate whatever comments that come out of your mouth. Oh you’re just a douchebag. For example.

Do girls really expect high value males to ignore their slutty past completely? Or at the very least beleive that by not sleeping with a guy on the first date, somehow makes her virtuous in his eyes? Sorry girls, but this site and others like it have proven that guys no longer are fooled by the thin vaneer of your beautiful lies. Any alpha out there will not see through your facade, and no high value man will ever respect you like you want.

You girls need to realise that you can’t have it both ways, you made your bed now sleep in it. Why would a man give up sex with a lot of younger, hotter, easier women, to go through the obsolete courting phase that the reformed slut desires? It is a clear play on obedience. These girls want to know a guy they’re with won’t sleep around on them. But any man that has options will. Why? Because she has. Because all girls have.

I respect girls, but I respect them on my level. I don’t really mind if a girl has had a bunch of cocks in her before me, I don’t want to hear about it, but I don’t care – because I’m only in it for sex and the company of a sweet and caring girl. We have mutual equality, because we have both slept around, but I will give no more respect other than that which one deserves.

Girls, you want a nice guy? Be a sweet heart to that alpha, submit to him, suck his cock every chance you can get. Do not play any games in order to coral him, do not act bitchy, do not put expectations on him, and he’ll stick around, and treat you nice. Even with all my knowledge of girls, I’m still baffled that they can’t grasp this simple concept.

Girls, if you are hot, be hot, and be nice. You will get the equivelant. Girls you get the men you deserve.

24 thoughts on ““I Want A Nice Man”

  1. I guess we can chalk a lot of girls’ cognitive dissonance today up to feminism. Girls logically want to believe that men and women are the same.

    That’s why they try to have “Game” and act bitchy, play hard-to-get, etc. while not realizing they are shooting themselves in the foot.

    It’s sad to watch. But you said it well; they’d be wise to heed your advice.

  2. Please help me understand something:

    Your last paragraph:

    “Girls, you want a nice guy? Be a sweet heart to that alpha, submit to him, suck his cock every chance you can get. Do not play any games in order to coral him, do not act bitchy, do not put expectations on him, and he’ll stick around, and treat you nice.”

    OK. So let me get this straight:

    As hot women ride the alpha-cock carousel, at every stop they tend to ALSO be corralling and bitchy after X weeks. That’s why the alphas move on and the carousel turns.

    Have I got that right?

  3. Most girls these days think corralling an alpha is to break him… The smart girls are the ones who submit to an alpha. Alphas by nature don’t want to stay with one woman. The less hassle she is the more likely we will stay. She starts getting difficult and we will move on. Girls fail when they act otherwise than submissive by thinking it raises their value, it doesn’t. It lowers it. Feminism lied to them, and they refuse to accept it. So they get treated like shit because of their bad behaviour.

  4. My best guess is that a (theoretically) fully-functioning civilization is where:

    1: Women obey their husbands

    …and also…

    2: Alpha men are publicly called out and punished when they cheat.

    When I think “alpha male” I think of the Don Draper character on Mad Men. Of course Mad Men is fiction, but I think it tells a lot of truth.

    Indeed, Betty Draper submits to Don and gives him children and social respectability, but there’s nothing and no one to punish Don for constantly cheating on her — as alphas of course will always be able and willing to do.

    So a good girl who submits to her alpha… that’s certainly a step in the right direction, but I don’t think sufficient.

    I’m also the biggest AFC the world has ever known, so the fuck do I know.

  5. I’d also appreciate your take on the following, which feels relevant:

    In many cultures where men are dominant, but also where infidelity and divorce are socially and economically punished in various ways (unlike here where women get paid for it with money and cred)…

    …that women with beta husbands, instead of just cheating on them with alphas, instead take the course of “growing their own.” They “alpha-size” the men that they have by pro-actively obeying and supporting him in every way they can. This isn’t done by making demands, but actively and consciously NOT taking the wheel, even when Mr. Beta’s being a pussy and asking her to.

    They’re taught this by their girlfriends, mothers, aunts and grandmothers.

    See… I just keep on getting the impression that (some) foreign women understand what game is and how it works. They’re honest enough with themselves to not fight the truth, and also their fathers are insistent about teaching them. The result is that they can be cooperative and “obey their way” into getting a Game dynamic started.

    Do you ever pick up on this or am I just dreaming?

  6. Well it’s simple. Girls just need to stop fucking alphas, especially taken ones. But they clearely can’t help it. Their attraction to alphas is unrelenting. That’s why society had successfully boxed them into beta provider societal regulations. Now they are free to follow their tingles. It is simply reality, that they are attracted to they are. It’s bs for them to demand us to be the ones who change. They are the ones who say yes, not men. Everyman says yes. Girls hold the power on who the copulate with, not even the super alphas hold as much power as a girl.

  7. You are correct. Women of our grandparents day and previous generations knew how to play things to their advantage. They were the masters of gaming their men in order to get what they want. Funny that now with liberation, girls aren’t as happy as those in previous gen’s and other cultures.

  8. True that true that. Indeed, civilization appears to be a giant “beta union”, where the betas get together to, through the power of numbers, corral alpha success and female promiscuity.

    But you’re absolutely right that the gloves are off now, and the fences are down.

  9. (And Roissy has somewhere a post about how the greatest way to “steal a bitch’s mind” is to abruptly pull out during sex, like nothing had happened. To take that upper hand, WOW.

  10. It can fuck with her head, same as making her orgasm and you not orgasming. It will make her even more insecure, that she can’t satisfy a man that she wants.

  11. If “getting what they want” is simply a man who makes you feel good and a good future past 40 years of age, I’m cool with it.

    Or am I missing something more nefarious?

    (I appreciate your taking the time to reply to these, BTW.)

  12. That’s not what they want. They want the alpha that makes them crazy with passion, and for him to be a provider. Accept at some point most men slip into beta behaviour in long relationships, she will fuck alphas on the side, and she will hypergame u. This is why game exists. Keeping girls on the defensive is the only way to keep them from jumping to another man

  13. Hey there, your post really made me think. I am a girl, and I admit I am attracted to alpha males.
    After reading your post I tried you suggestions, I gave up being a feminist, put down my selfish needs and I started submitting to my boyfriend. And I took your advice and am now sucking my boyfriend’s cock every opportunity I have. I get on my knees when he is watching tv and ask him if I could suck his cock. I also make sure to give him a deep blow job every morning, and I let him know how much I worship his cock. Sometimes I fall asleep with his cock in my mouth, and unlike I used to, now I never say no when he wants sex or me to suck his cock. I have also started swallowing his cum which I used to find difficult.

    And these have worked magic in our relationship! He has become much more confident, calm and in control. He knows that I am his woman and I am secured in the knowledge that he will stay around as I am willing to serve his cock like no other woman can.

    Thank you so much for you advice! It has really changed my outlook as a woman! I hope other girls realize this too, we really can’t be truly happy unless we submit to men, it just feels so natural!

  14. No sir, I was not being sarcastic. (I apologize if I sounded so) My relationship with my boyfriend has really been taken to a new level since I started becoming a more submissive woman. Now we have clearer separation in roles and I really look forward to a day when I can give up my part time job and become a full time housewife.
    Problem these days is that us girls are all taught that we should behave like men and compete with them, when the truth is we aren’t men. Men are given different roles and responsibilities and we women don’t have to carry the heavy burdens men carry. At least that’s how I see it now, and that is why as the protected and weaker sex we should submit to and respect men and respect our differences. It is unnatural and foolish to try to compete with them. We should instead try and make them happy and confident! Thank you so much for your blog it really changed the way I think as a woman. Society needs a lot more alpha males like you and your girlfriends are very lucky indeed. :)

  15. Well in that case, welcome to the blissful state of reality. You sound delightfully enlightened and feminine. Keep it up. You are probably experiencing a joy and fullflment that most women will never enjoy.

  16. This is very true.

    Women from the older generations got it right. They made the right choices and are happy. The women on my family are very traditional and submissive and have found what they’ve wanted in their life. They’re content. Can’t say that about the typical “non traditional Anglo” couples lve seen. Divorced, separated or on the verge of it.

    Pretty sad, but that’s how it works.

  17. “Girls you get the men you deserve.’

    This is one of the best articles on this I have seen as far as explaining clearly why women reap what they sow. Hats off to you…

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