The Better Looking You Are, The Less Game You Need

I was out with some friends last night, we were at a local trendy bar, the same place I like to take girlfriend’s when their interested is waning, or you’re losing hand. I was chatting up one of the hot hired guns after her shift, she was constantly touching my arm, grooming her long black hair, she giggled a lot. Her co-workers, all girls, would all come around and giggle with her or behind her, I was next to the bar where they mingled. There was apparently another alpha in the house, I never saw him, didn’t care to, but the girls were all talking about him. They were in such a tizzy, all the man had to do was walk up to them and they’d all drop to their knees. The man had to be a walking Adonis. Again I didn’t see him. I just over heard the conversation. I ignored it and kept chatting.

This however brought up an interesting point, not one that I think is a big surprise, but some guys just don’t need game. Or if you will, game is about mimicking those types of alpha’s. The man wasn’t looking around, coming up to seek attention from the girls or anything, he was just minding his own business. The downfall to mimicking these types of alpha’s, is that if you are not good looking, like really good looking, you will not have the same reactions from girls, you will go unnoticed. Like I said, some guys don’t need game. You’re ultimate goal is to get as close to this type as possible, but your youth, buffness, and attractiveness, will be the measuring stick on how alpha you really can become. It is why I place the importance on getting the hottest girls you can get, and not worrying about being an alpha so much. There’s always someone younger, better looking, more alpha, etc. than you.

Again though, it brings up an even more important issue for guys out there learning game. And learning game is as much of learning about you’re own worth, tendencies, behaviours and honest evaluation as it is about understanding how and what triggers girl’s attraction triggers. And you need to have an honest assessment of your sexual marketplace value. Girls won’t always tell you that you’re hot, or how hot you are, if you have any alpha ego, they will think it will go to your head and she’ll have absolutely no hand, although she wants to submit to an alpha, she wants some glimmer of hope to have hand. But some girls will. If a hot girl never said you were hot, or really attractive, or fucking hot, then you most likely aren’t – but again, it depends all on how you are acting. Girls are really the only way you can determine your market place value – you and your friends can only give you so much feedback. The ultimate feedback comes from girls.

If girls get nervous around you, if they look down to the floor when you are near them, or start to unconsciously groom in your presence, if they purposely dodge your eye contact, but awkwardly jump to engagement if you say something to them. If they act very defensive, or run a lot of game on you, and try and act as hard to get as possible – then you most likely are hot. Especially if the sluttier more open girls give you fuck me eyes, or come right up and tell you. If you fall into this category, and it’s really hard to realize this, as  it can seem that girls are ignoring you. Remember, girls only get nervous around attractive alpha males, or creepy child molester types. They are completely relaxed around Beta’s. You can tell how much peripheral girls are attracted to you by their subtle reactions when you walk into their vicinity. A lot of times they won’t look at you when you’re looking, take a glance at them, and their gaze goes downward.

My point is, your level of game required depends greatly on how hot a girl thinks you are, in general how hot girls see you. Really hot, just needs to do his own thing; pretty hot needs a little game – can still have one girl turn into oneitis; kinda hot, more game; average, run game all the time, even in your sleep.

Young girls these days, and really of all time, now being the most open and accepted, girls are attracted to what they think is hot. A lot of game is trying to trick her into thinking you’re high status males – but the sad part, a lot of hot, the top of the food change girls, don’t care about your status, especially if they’re 19-24 age range, they just want someone that’s good looking. It’s basically acting like guys. There is no game that can compete with that. Although, learning game will give you advantages. If you are that super good looking alpha, better to have even more advantage over the other ones in you sub group, and the same for every category. But if you are in the hot alpha category and you run too much game on a girl, you’ll get blown out all the time, because when you are hot, you really don’t need to do anything at all. You can just smile and ask her back to your place.

4 thoughts on “The Better Looking You Are, The Less Game You Need

  1. yeah THIS POST is basically what i was trying to say to u a loooong time ago when u were saying looks werent that important. this post of urs basically boils down my point to a TEE. looks aint the be all end all, but they certainly trump a LOT of other stuff (like game 90% of the time unless ur the smoovest guy on earth). And on that note, i need to hit da GYM… PEACE!

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